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Intermittent Fasting



Published on 12 months ago

Intermittent fasting has become an immensely popular dieting strategy. Although it may seem like another diet fad, there are several reasons why skipping meals can be so helpful for many of us.

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Comments :

Master Mind G

Master Mind G . 12 hours ago



Viktor . 20 hours ago

Two things. One, illiminate added sugar, processed foods and simple carbohydrates. Second, eat lots of everything else so you can stick to it.

Dreamy Cloud

Dreamy Cloud . 1 day ago

Which fast is quickest for weight loss?


Sunforged . 2 days ago

Fasting is like weight loss on easy mode!

the gator

the gator . 3 days ago

What if the temperature is 22 degrees, hello!

Puggo Poggo

Puggo Poggo . 3 days ago

Hi, Does Swallowing Mucus considered Breaking your fast?


G P . 3 days ago

She looks like she could be katie holmes sister


GKSL . 5 days ago

sleeping includes into the fasting window huh, i guess sleeping at 4am and waking up at 3pm is helping me to lose weight lmao


💞 . 7 days ago

How can i do this if i leave for school at 8:30 and dont come back til 5???


1slogar . 1 week ago

In 3 weeks have lost 17# on Keto but I didn't see this video in the beginning. I've incorporated IF for the last 2 weeks, going 18/6 to 20/4 on a daily basis. I credit the fasting for not plateauing and for losing 5# last week, at one point 1# per day 4 consecutive days. It works!

Min Misty.

Min Misty. . 1 week ago

3-4 hours of walking ?? Is she being serious, what standard person walks that long honestly, I really hate unrealistic advice 🙄

Bryan b

Bryan b . 2 weeks ago

Can I fast everyday?

Grace Reutter

Grace Reutter . 2 weeks ago

There's no way in hell you can tell me you go 19 hours with out eating anything and don't feel super hungry. Sounds like anorexia to me. Eat when you are hungry that's how the body works best. Our body will ask us for food when it wants it.

Peter Oldroyd

Peter Oldroyd . 2 weeks ago

mct oil will break the fast !!!!!


KenDBerryMD . 2 weeks ago

Fasting is an incredibly powerful health hack that can literally save your life!

Linda Easley

Linda Easley . 2 weeks ago

My family members are big fans of Keto , but I prefer IF 18/6 because you don't have to restrict carb intake . I eat healthy foods and include meat but I can also eat things like apples and bananas . So far I have lost 21 pounds since October . I need to lose 39 more

DK Creative

DK Creative . 2 weeks ago

weight loss plateau? It's called drinking gin and tonics without cheeseburgers. That takes discipline.

Bex Monster

Bex Monster . 2 weeks ago

I just don't have food😂


Paulie . 3 weeks ago

During the fast is it water only or is unsweetened green tea or camomile tea OK? Thanks


macsweett . 3 weeks ago

I liked this video until she said take a 3 hour walk


1slogar . 3 weeks ago

I just started the Keto Diet for the first time and lost 8# in 7 days. Yes I know it's mostly water but at least my pants fit better. Now I've hit the dreaded "plateau" and, in the past, that led me to quit dieting. This time I sticking to the Keto Diet but adding IF. Great video, well explained and motivational.

Sirios Star

Sirios Star . 3 weeks ago

Yes ,your right i do have a bone to pick and i unfairly picked you to focus on without giving your video a chance.

Si mon

Si mon . 3 weeks ago

Just through simply fasting for 16 hours everyday without being strict about what u eat will bring a HUGE range of health benefits.

Bryan Odria

Bryan Odria . 4 weeks ago

I have some health problems, so can I take my pills during my fast or no

Don Griffin

Don Griffin . 4 weeks ago

A year ago I did this on top of working out everyday and lost 33 pounds in a month.

Lord Arjhay

Lord Arjhay . 4 weeks ago

I go for IF for 3 months now. and it's worked!!!


eckankar . 1 month ago

can I take my multivitamins daily with a 3 + fast?


GHOST AKUあの . 1 month ago

Fasting might be the cheapest way to stay healthy

intersting chatter

intersting chatter . 1 month ago

I haven't lost weight, mindless snackin is my issue IF has helped me with my stomach issues I am not bloated, and this forces me to make good food decisions I eat a good lunch and dinner and honestly I eat a childs plate each time after which time I cant eat anything else because i feel sooo full that sometimes I eat one big meal because my stomach issues can only handle One big meal... I dont think its a weight loss long term cure but for those of us who deal.with IBS, Cholitis, and gastritis it really does help ..

Not my Problem

Not my Problem . 1 month ago

Her: “There are new methods of fasting” Me: purging.anorexia.bulimia (No hate🤰🏼)


LilTomboy . 1 month ago

I used to do 18/6 and I plan on doing 20/4. The fasting lasted for 3 months and I lost 5kg. Yeah I have really stubborn fat. I am 75kg and 170.5cm.

Tamera Shields

Tamera Shields . 1 month ago

I thought my hour and a half walks were loong..sorry..I won't be doing a 3 to 4 hours walk..my shorter ones seem to be working

Alexxx JK

Alexxx JK . 1 month ago

Could I substitute the walk for a trip to the gym. I usually go 5 times a week and spend about 1 hour 30 minutes. Should i still go for the walk? Could i go for like a 30 minute 5km run?

Geraldine Granado

Geraldine Granado . 1 month ago

Hoping for new tips

Azlan Shah A Shafiuddin

Azlan Shah A Shafiuddin . 1 month ago

Can you drink water during intermittent fasting?

M Dubz

M Dubz . 1 month ago

Video starts @1:20

John Veca

John Veca . 1 month ago

What a joke this is? Who on earth has time to walk for 3-4 hours? Utopian I.F.

FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin

FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin . 1 month ago

Fasting should make your grow actually obviously you need eat enough


stormy.aliterate . 1 month ago

Not trying to fast, just limit the food I eat and what I eat.

Madison Moore

Madison Moore . 2 months ago

so if you skipped breakfast and lunch what time would you start your fasting?

E.S. Slc

E.S. Slc . 2 months ago

I have tried both IF and Keto for over a year with very poor results.

Bee Seevilai

Bee Seevilai . 2 months ago

can i drink black offee during my fasting time?

Carla Javellana

Carla Javellana . 2 months ago

What is the best time to fasting? Day or night?

Eoin Kelleher

Eoin Kelleher . 2 months ago

I’d be interested in this but WOW that’s effort ... I don’t think I can physically STARVE myself


DOCBAR . 2 months ago

Omad for life! No longer a diabetic after taking useless diabetic medications for years. I no longer trust most doctors as most don't know a damn thing!

william beaumont

william beaumont . 2 months ago

Great video. You are living proof that keto is good for you.

Fatima gul

Fatima gul . 2 months ago

Can I take bpc after my window timing


OutThere2017 . 2 months ago

I try to get most of my calories in by 4:00pm (at the latest) and, after that, it is mint or chamomile tea. I find that by capping it all by a certain hour, I can eat more calories without gaining weight.

Brandon Santiago

Brandon Santiago . 2 months ago

keto and if is hell of you don’t have meals you don’t like but I know the results will be worth it

Harsh Thapa

Harsh Thapa . 2 months ago

I just eat at 4 pm and remain hungry from 5 pm till 9am next morning 16/8 is it fine i am 80 kg weight

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