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2 Ingredient Low Carb Tortillas | Keto

Keto Connect

Keto Connect

Published on 3 years ago

2 Ingredient Low Carb Tortillas | Keto
**Recipe** http://geni.us/Fia2Bga

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2 Ingredient Low Carb Tortillas | Keto
2 Ingredient Low Carb Tortillas | Keto

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Comments :

Charles Glen Tate

Charles Glen Tate . 4 hours ago

Smells like coconut and tastes like the worse omelette I've ever had.

Rich Baker

Rich Baker . 18 hours ago

that was 4 ingredients liar

Allen Smith

Allen Smith . 1 day ago

Cat on table and bakeware... Ewwww, nasty!

Marina Sanchez

Marina Sanchez . 2 days ago

I love yall for this I've missed homemade Mexican food and tortillas

Has Caines

Has Caines . 2 days ago

Can i replace with almond flour?

Andrea Hayman

Andrea Hayman . 3 days ago

Thanks so much. We are loving your channel here in Australia.

alison norcross

alison norcross . 4 days ago


Rukhsana Khan

Rukhsana Khan . 4 days ago

Omg thank you so much for sharing love ❤️ it ....


Ari GSD . 5 days ago

Stop posting recipes without the calorie count. Low carb is a dumb phrase and means nothing.

Jay Nielsen

Jay Nielsen . 6 days ago



H C . 6 days ago

Would this work with almond flour? adjustments in amount of almond flour?

Adam PX

Adam PX . 7 days ago

That Cat is amazing. Love Tuxedo cats. Super intelligent cats

Dean E.

Dean E. . 2 weeks ago

I love you guys and appreciate your generosity but these are not tortillas. They're keto wraps or something like that. Def not "back in Mexico," no offense.

Quazie Wabbit

Quazie Wabbit . 2 weeks ago

16 — The new 2! Who knew?

Hadi Dadgar

Hadi Dadgar . 2 weeks ago

This was worst tasting tortillas I ever tasted, waste money and effort.!!!! I made it exactly as you said, it became and looked like yours but it did not taste what so ever like flour tortillas they taste like eggs. You so deceptive and unreal. As you said you were right it is good only for the cats.


neosoulwriter . 2 weeks ago

clickbait on the 2 ingredient but they look good.

Lin V

Lin V . 2 weeks ago

Tried making these and it was a total disaster. They came out like eggy pancakes and you can taste the coconut. Awful.

Mindy Steele

Mindy Steele . 2 weeks ago

I love your channel! Thank you!!! ❤️


DingbatToast . 3 weeks ago

As far as I can tell, this is a glue recipe. No matter how low I put my stove they stick to the pan and I have to scrape them into dust to remove them. I must be doing something wrong but who knows.


NEVER AGAIN . 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the recipe. And I love your kitty!

Seven ZeeCal

Seven ZeeCal . 3 weeks ago

The cat near the food is gross.

Sandra Moore

Sandra Moore . 3 weeks ago

I think egg whites makes for a rubbery texture and almond flour ends up making things dry and gritty. I also can't eat any of your spices mentioned. I know you mentioned coconut flour later on, but I thought you mentioned almond flour at the start. I also have a problem with eating eggs and cheese together.


brwn16eyes . 3 weeks ago

CAts in the kitchen.....yuk!


KnightOfTheKing . 3 weeks ago

People are stupid and judgemental. I’d be very happy to eat the tortillas after she touched her pussy. It’s HER kitchen after all!


SKP215 . 3 weeks ago

Use processed egg whites so as not to "waste the yolks" ???? Why would they go to waste? I'd just go ahead and scramble them with a couple more whole eggs for breakfast. Or add them to a smoothie in the afternoon, or a myriad other things that eggs go into. This is a thoroughly modern "health channel" around the keto diet hasn't decided to stop using the microwave and avoid separating eggs all for the sake of convenience. The quest for convenience is what resulted in food companies manufacturing processed food-like substances that have caused our chronic and debilitating diseases. Not to mention the waste of natural resources and your $ for the packaging. Dr. Eric Berg's lessons are more comprehensive when it comes to nutrition and general health.


Gris . 3 weeks ago

2 ingredients?? 🤔🤔


eliz0891 . 3 weeks ago

You did not say how much water you put in.

Micah Watson

Micah Watson . 3 weeks ago

I don't care about her touching her cat....I care about cat laying in the baking sheet on her table! Gross.


Chris . 3 weeks ago

Apart from stroking cats before eating (done with already) if you dont want to eat 15 Tortillas at the same time would you recommend storing the liquid in the fridge or storing the finished article in fridge or freezer ? Or just make a whole lot less ?

Noor B

Noor B . 3 weeks ago

How long do u think it can be stored and how?

jorge castillo

jorge castillo . 4 weeks ago

Can you put this in the fridge for a few days?

Susan Amin

Susan Amin . 4 weeks ago

And it is not 2 ingredients ! !!!!!!!

Susan Amin

Susan Amin . 4 weeks ago

This is omelet .

Andrew James

Andrew James . 4 weeks ago

Nice! Will definitely try.

Bill Bob

Bill Bob . 4 weeks ago

Oh so theyre crepes!


Dan . 4 weeks ago

I really suck at this. This ones didnt come out either :( I just want quesadillas


Gloria . 4 weeks ago

There are two main ingredients, how picky are people. Also she has taken the time to share so be grateful. Anyone who loves animals is a great person. Thank you.

Kris Kuhlman

Kris Kuhlman . 4 weeks ago

Can these be frozen for later and reheated?

April White

April White . 4 weeks ago

Can’t wait to try this


guitardude0909 . 1 month ago

Man tortillas are the one thing that always throws me off keto! How do these behave when you try to make quesadillas with them and throw them back on the pan for that?

Maya Razima

Maya Razima . 1 month ago

Can I use almond flour?

Claudia Pinal

Claudia Pinal . 1 month ago

Por favor baja al gato de la mesa es antihigiénico.


✨SadCat✨ . 1 month ago

So basically I make a pancake without the sugar, without the egg yolk and some spices ?...got it.


JulianTheOwl . 1 month ago

3/4 + 3/4 = 2?

J. Kimberly Walker

J. Kimberly Walker . 1 month ago

You did not just touch the cat and then the food...and eat it 😱😱😱😳😳😳


gerryjtierney . 1 month ago

Do yanks not know the word "quarter"?

Highly Favored

Highly Favored . 1 month ago

Has anyone tried using finely grinded golden flaxseeds mixed with grinded cauliflower to make as a tortilla wrap? I would use hot water to make the grounded seeds pliable. Then use the drained cauliflower and mix it. They have a physelluim husk with cauliflower. They use only 1 tablespoon per cup of cauliflower. Let me know if anyone does this. I will too.

Joe Ibarra

Joe Ibarra . 1 month ago

Could you use almond flour?


yayasis029 . 1 month ago

She sounds drunk like me 😂😂😂😂✌✌✌

Seth Portland

Seth Portland . 1 month ago

For those watching this now. I got the exact brand of egg whites and mine says 1/2c = 4 eggs, not 3/4. SO, if it changes, make sure you watch out.

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