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2 Ingredient Low Carb Tortillas | Keto

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Keto Connect

Published on 3 years ago

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2 Ingredient Low Carb Tortillas | Keto
**Recipe** http://geni.us/Fia2Bga

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2 Ingredient Low Carb Tortillas | Keto
2 Ingredient Low Carb Tortillas | Keto

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Comments :

Barb Miller

Barb Miller . 1 day ago

I did exactly as she did but mY batter got thick????
Ronald Jones

Ronald Jones . 2 days ago

What do you think of the Mission Carb Balance flour tortillas? They say they are 4g net carbs— reading the nutrition label it says 19g Carbs with 15g Dietary fiber; however, the ingredients list include actual wheat flour. Can you do a video testing these for the glycemic response and whether they kick you out of ketosis? Thanks for the videos you produce! You guys are GREAT!
Lena Dial

Lena Dial . 4 days ago

Cooking in front of camera, your touching you cat & then touch your tortillas. Not sanitary, if u touch ur cat I would suggest washing your hands. Other than that the tortillas look like it would work.
Lena Dial

Lena Dial . 4 days ago

U started saying, I believe u said almond flour, in video cooking tortilla u said coconut flour. Which one is best for keto? Suggestion a 3x5 card with recipe with ingredients & amounts. You said two ingredients, what about spices, you didn't measuring, they count as ingredients? This was so confusing, make recipe off camera first, just a suggestion.
Fasting Diva

Fasting Diva . 5 days ago

I’m super grateful for this recipe. This is going to help me stay on track!
Annie L

Annie L . 6 days ago

The base itself is more than 2 ingredients.. I get there being extra for what she wants to eat... but the base should be 2 ingredients since it is advertised a 2 ingredients...
maccas NZ

maccas NZ . 7 days ago

2 ingredients? Nah its 5

zulaking1050 . 1 week ago

How much water did you add?

yb31980 . 1 week ago

I’ve made these. Super pliable because of the egg whites. Taste is EXACTLY like a coconut egg white omelette. Sweet and super eggy. DOES NOT TASTE like any type of flat bread, tortilla or pita at all.
Soad Ahmed

Soad Ahmed . 1 week ago

I hate coconut flavor what is the alternative?

BenjaminFranklin99 . 1 week ago

I'm thinking lentil and chickpea flour, maybe with some milk and an egg. Haven't tried it yet, though.

Rikk . 1 week ago

All you need is egg whites..... plus these other things that I didn’t mention until now. lol c’mon now
Mercedes Marks

Mercedes Marks . 1 week ago

I am on Atkins diet. Does anyone know if this recipe is induction friendly. I’m not sure because of. The coconut flour. Somone please helppppp I’m tired of eating eggs. And chicken lol
Boa Boy

Boa Boy . 1 week ago

So crepes

Orimai . 1 week ago

Wonder if anyone has tried frying these to make them crispy?

CynthiaBianca2 . 1 week ago

What brand coconut flour do you use?
jen henderson

jen henderson . 2 weeks ago

How much water?
Penelope Pena

Penelope Pena . 2 weeks ago

This is awesome!! Love your cat!!
carol paventi

carol paventi . 2 weeks ago

I stopped watching you a long time ago. I told you why. I want this. And you did exactly the same thing. Well last time you fed the cat. This time you touching food and the cats as well. It. It's disgusting. I know you love your cat, but it's disgusting. .

CLMDADE . 2 weeks ago

That's exactly why I dont eat at peoples houses that own cats!

bunnyball7 . 2 weeks ago

how much water???

Heph333 . 2 weeks ago

Yeah, cat hair is a condiment in my house too.
Melanie Davenport

Melanie Davenport . 2 weeks ago

I bet they’d be good for lasagna and enchiladas!
Lesley Ann Artiaga

Lesley Ann Artiaga . 2 weeks ago

How much water
Aspiring Anne Vlog

Aspiring Anne Vlog . 2 weeks ago

Thank you for sharing 😀
Justice for All

Justice for All . 2 weeks ago

Either way 3, 4 or 5 ingredients it still looks easy and looks like it taste great so I’m glad for the vid no matter how many ingredients
Shane Carter

Shane Carter . 2 weeks ago

So I’m really disappointed right now. I was totally looking forward to a tortilla consistency and what i got was a thin eggy crêpe. ☹️ I followed the recipe perfect too!
Fativore Lifestyle

Fativore Lifestyle . 2 weeks ago

2 ingredient? Where did you learn to count?
Rodriguez Luis

Rodriguez Luis . 2 weeks ago

love the idea
Johnathan Onoman

Johnathan Onoman . 2 weeks ago

Why only egg whites? Do the yolks make them burn? The yolks would add fat, so it would make them even *more* keto!
Renald Music

Renald Music . 2 weeks ago

Nice omelettes
Stella Blue

Stella Blue . 2 weeks ago

How many carbs per?

cattailsforlunch . 2 weeks ago

There are a lot of uses for egg yolks. Lemon curd can be made low carb.
Scorpion Kitty

Scorpion Kitty . 2 weeks ago

I have an egg intolerance and everything I see asks for eggs. 😖
Denetra Taylor

Denetra Taylor . 2 weeks ago

Sam Morris

Sam Morris . 3 weeks ago

Do you think these could be cut up and fried to make tortilla chips?
David Knox

David Knox . 3 weeks ago

Cat hair in food - nasty
David Knox

David Knox . 3 weeks ago

Panera sucks
Raina Sheppeck

Raina Sheppeck . 3 weeks ago

Thanks for perfecting the recipe
Lori Stutz

Lori Stutz . 3 weeks ago

They look delicious! I'm trying to watch my carbs. Definitely want to make these. Love your videos!
tom schmitt

tom schmitt . 3 weeks ago

The glycemic of egg whites is higher than if you were to use whole (food) eggs. Most vitamins are in the yolks, and doing just those processed egg whites will trigger a bigger insulin response than if you were to use whole eggs....
Dave Holcomb

Dave Holcomb . 3 weeks ago

I love this recipe! Thank you! And I love your channel and all the work you both put into it. But yeah,....., get the cat off the table. I know where those paws have been. I was a hobby farmer and raised beef cattle, goats and sheep, plus a dog and a fiesty outside cat. I loved my animals and was always hands on with them. However, to keep them and me healthy, I learned a lot about their biology, their ailments and what they could handle and what I could. I spent a lot of time with my vet assisting any way I could treating them, sometimes by myself. We always protected ourselves as necessary and alway always, washed and scrubbed hands and even faces due to dust, dirt and dander. If you work all day with the “ herd”, you took a shower before you made dinner and sat down to eat. Now you do whatever you want because it’s your house but I’m telling you, animals on your eating table and petting them while doing food prep not exactly the best idea. Still it’s your home and I know you love your kitty but there actually is basic science on this. Can you get away with it? That depends on you, your system, your allergies and how well that all tolerates whatever kitty want to give you as a present. Do yourself a favor and check out what bacteria is in feline feces. Nothing like a cowpie but not too healthy either. Tell me to be quiet and I will be but just had to give you the lowdown just once. Again, great recipe and the tortillas look beautiful!!!!

A T . 3 weeks ago

Kacie C

Kacie C . 3 weeks ago

yeah this didnt work for me it tasted like a really thin piece of egg. bummer
Michelle Cruz

Michelle Cruz . 3 weeks ago

*8 ingredient
Jill Lee

Jill Lee . 3 weeks ago

Looks really good! Although can I substitute the coconut flour for almond flour?
Nalvinha Tereza

Nalvinha Tereza . 3 weeks ago

Pode congelar e como se faz?

JB . 3 weeks ago

These look so good. But, I can't eat psyllium. Could I just use ground flaxseed as a substitute? Thanks.
Michael Mims

Michael Mims . 3 weeks ago

Nothing like a tortilla. More like a crepe than anything.
Matt H.

Matt H. . 3 weeks ago

Honestly, I just buy Mission brand low carb tortillas, they taste better in my opinion. These are kinda a pain in the neck to master on the pan. They do taste fine though, give it a try and see what you come up with.

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