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Keto Recipe - Low Carb Tortillas



Published on 3 years ago

Here's some easy low carb tortillas!

Read the full recipe with full nutrition breakdown and step-by-step pictures over at:


1 cup coconut flour
4 Tbsp. psyllium husk powder
1/2 cup softened butter, coconut oil, or grass-fed lard
1/4 tsp. garlic granules (or powder)
1/4 tsp. cumin
1/2 tsp. red chili powder
2 cups hot broth or hot water (I use homemade chicken broth)

Nutrition Summary:
Since the recipe is for 10 tortillas, the macros per tortilla breaks down like this: 140.6 Calories, 11.2g Fat, 9g Carbs, 2.6g Net Carbs, and 1.8g Protein.


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Comments :

Brightpink Pink

Brightpink Pink . 6 days ago

I made them why do they look raw In the inside once i cook them ??
Dan The man

Dan The man . 2 weeks ago

Should it feel wet? I cant flip it without it falling apart. Idk what I'm doing wrong
Gulf Stream Gifts

Gulf Stream Gifts . 2 weeks ago

How long do these last for? Assume they have to be refrigerated?
Simon Xue

Simon Xue . 3 weeks ago

Infinite tacos!
Ban Dar

Ban Dar . 4 weeks ago

The recipe didn't work it turned like an omelette consistency
Alesha Zeigler

Alesha Zeigler . 4 weeks ago

Does it have to be coconut flour ?

Hamza . 1 month ago

Is the anything I can use instead of psyllium husk powder? Thank you.

DeLora . 1 month ago

Wow this looks amazing! Any substitution for the butter by chance ?
Ryan No

Ryan No . 1 month ago

9g of carb......

mach51 . 2 months ago

These are really really good and super easy to make but not very low carb if you are counting total carbs. Good for special occasions but I dont think I would use them every week like I would like to. Has anyone frozen them to see how they hold up?
Tiberius Kirk

Tiberius Kirk . 2 months ago

That actually looks tasty. Anybody here try it yet?
Tabby Sheikh

Tabby Sheikh . 3 months ago

2 cups is tooo much liquid for this recepie mine was like water for long time and i m still waiting for it to become
Esquinita de Lupe

Esquinita de Lupe . 3 months ago

I was out of eggs so this recipe was perfect. They turned out good with added himalayan salt and crushed red pepper. Mine were a little too thick, but when I rolled them out after they were done and when I put them back on the grill they were crispy and tasted like pita bread. Just delicious. I made about 20! They are now in the freezer and will take them out one or two at the time. Thanks!

Dharma227 . 3 months ago

0:16 that looks more like turmeric than cumin, very orange
craig franklin

craig franklin . 3 months ago

Can these be frozen....and do they need to be cooked first or can be uncooked
Chet Roman

Chet Roman . 4 months ago

Great recipe, have tried it and it was good but it wasn't very "doughy". It split on the edges and didn't easily integrate into a moldable dough. Would increasing the amount of butter/oil/lard make it more moldable and not easily split on the edges??? Tks.

Srizzle . 4 months ago

do these store well the fridge?
Renatta Pelaez

Renatta Pelaez . 4 months ago

This is the easiest of all the recipes I have seen. I will certainly be trying it tomorrow Thanks for sharing
Diana Zainal

Diana Zainal . 4 months ago

Made this but didnt like it.. moving on to the next recipe.. looks so appetizing though.. i was quite disappointed but i do like the smell as it smells good..
Amina 048

Amina 048 . 4 months ago

Can I use 1 egg instead of butter or olive oil instead of coconut oil??
Matt Scott

Matt Scott . 4 months ago

Just made them and they is delicious.
An naz

An naz . 5 months ago

Can almond flour be used instead of coconut?
Amanda Michelle

Amanda Michelle . 5 months ago

Can the psyllium husk be substituted with xantham gum?
Manzil Monabber

Manzil Monabber . 5 months ago

What broth did you use ?
Haddy Nough

Haddy Nough . 5 months ago

I can make low carb tacos now, and they are so delicious! All’s right in the world🙂
Wendy Finlayson

Wendy Finlayson . 5 months ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you! At last I have found a replacement for naan bread, one of the things I’ve most missed on Keto. It holds together beautifully. I made mine without the flavourings you listed because I wanted to keep it neutral. Out of the same batch I had a cheese quesadilla and a jam and cream pancake. All within my carb limits. Here’s a heads up, I took one of the portions and cooked it in the microwave for 75 seconds. Result? Quick and easy bread roll. I’m going to have so much fun with this recipe...can’t wait for the next batch! Thanks again.
neo bat

neo bat . 6 months ago

The proportions are incorrect!!

dxtr . 6 months ago

You are very lucky people in the west. I can't afford keto, almond flour is very very expensive here along with coconut flour and all keto ingredients

TobyMcfarland . 6 months ago

Where do you find husk powder?

TobyMcfarland . 6 months ago

What if i have no husk powder??
Rebecca Abrams

Rebecca Abrams . 6 months ago

Subscribed based of this recipe!
Steven Martinez

Steven Martinez . 6 months ago

Interesting.... The only comment I have is it seems to be a lot of butter/fat. I make regular tortillas and for 1 cup not that much fat is needed. I guess I'll need to experiment. Peace!
Mocha K

Mocha K . 6 months ago

Turned out horribly! Wasted my coconut flour👎🏾👎🏾
Maria Guadalupe Garcia Galvan

Maria Guadalupe Garcia Galvan . 7 months ago

Instead of psyllium? It makes me sick...
Sewoon is life and Ongniel is science

Sewoon is life and Ongniel is science . 7 months ago

Can I replace the psyllium with flaxseed meal? It's much cheaper and easier to get in my country 😭
Ankit Balayan

Ankit Balayan . 7 months ago

Any Alternate to broth?
Kayla Webb

Kayla Webb . 7 months ago

Can i make these without psyllium husk?
S. Brown

S. Brown . 7 months ago

Husk powder substitute please?
Josh Kovenc

Josh Kovenc . 7 months ago

Hot broth? What is in that?
Cody Evans

Cody Evans . 7 months ago

Noice! Finally a recipe that doesn't taste like cardboard mixed with powdered hockey pucks!
Heba Hosni

Heba Hosni . 7 months ago

But this is very high in calories, it can cause weight stall if not consumed wisely
Kara Zor-El

Kara Zor-El . 8 months ago

can it be stored? or does it spoil quickly?
Kriss Singhania

Kriss Singhania . 8 months ago

cococnut flour tastes so bad , dry
John Sanchez

John Sanchez . 8 months ago

What brand of psyllium husk?

Nayi . 8 months ago

Does it taste like coconut? 🤔
sheheryar noor

sheheryar noor . 8 months ago

Is it bone broth?

paladimathoz . 8 months ago

How long does the "dough" keep in the fridge uncooked? Tastes great made a couple but still have a good 3/4 of the dough remaining!!
Gloria Lucia Zapata-Elias

Gloria Lucia Zapata-Elias . 8 months ago

Oh shit that looks good!
Chrissy Baines

Chrissy Baines . 8 months ago

Thank you... These turned out great, I used ghee
Bill Bob

Bill Bob . 8 months ago

These are just as unhealthy as tbe flour tortillas from kroger. But neat idea! Maybe for a different type of flavor

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