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Krissy Cela

Krissy Cela

Published on 4 months ago

APP DOWNLOAD FOR iOS AND ANDROID: https://toneandsculpt.app/

EMAIL: [email protected]
Instagram: @Krissycela

This video is NOT sponsored! All your love and support Is forever appreciated and it helps me continue to produce as much content as possible to help you and your fitness journey because I love you always and forever! krissy cela x

Comments :

Phil Beattie

Phil Beattie . 1 week ago

Hmmm 🤔
Cornelius Dobeneck

Cornelius Dobeneck . 1 month ago

Arri cam and Cooke lens. There is actually nothing above that quality wise.
Jamie Angelicaa

Jamie Angelicaa . 2 months ago

Krissy I ❤️ U and I’m so proud of your growth it’s soooo cool to see being that I’ve been a supporter for awhile
Roxane IluvmyGSD

Roxane IluvmyGSD . 3 months ago

Do you still have your doggie?
Rekha Vathemurthy

Rekha Vathemurthy . 3 months ago

Dear strong woman I love you
Rebecca Mcconnell

Rebecca Mcconnell . 3 months ago

Were is ur jacket from at the end? The checkered one I love it!!!!
Leah-Marie Moore

Leah-Marie Moore . 3 months ago

You are so INCREDIBLE!!💖
Veggie Vee

Veggie Vee . 3 months ago

Omg love you beauty 😭😭💓. I can't , I also am a youtuber :).
Maria Birkett

Maria Birkett . 3 months ago

Krissy, I have been following your journey for such a long time now and I am so so proud of what you have achieved, especially this year with the launch of your app (of which I love!!!) and everything else that's yet to come! You are honestly one of the most inspiring women in my life and I'm so grateful to learn a lot from you with all the incredible content you put out for us - fitness, nutrition (cooking with Krissy), life and how to fake tan:D I'm loving your LA revamp trip and it was lovely to meet some of the team behind your business in this series - It really feels like family:) Can't wait to see your new work in the new year. 2020 is going to be a great one for you/Tone and Sculpt! I'm super super buzzed!!! Thank you for sharing everything with us and I'll always support you gal xx

Bloom . 3 months ago

So happy for you! Thank you for sharing <3
Emma 83

Emma 83 . 3 months ago

Hi what do you think about body pump classes? cheers 😀
Theresa DiVirgilio

Theresa DiVirgilio . 3 months ago

What happened to your podcast ?!
Micael Reis

Micael Reis . 3 months ago

4:50 literally every girl.
Chris Brit

Chris Brit . 3 months ago

kashinath duduka

kashinath duduka . 3 months ago

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Danielle Jimenez

Danielle Jimenez . 3 months ago

jams Lyfe

jams Lyfe . 3 months ago

I’ve got chills watching this! I’ve been following u since day 1 and I’m so inspired and happy for you!!!! Love u!!!!
Caroline Lapano

Caroline Lapano . 3 months ago

You look so happy, I’m so glad to see it. You deserve the world krissy, love you ❤️
Vanessa Navarrete

Vanessa Navarrete . 3 months ago

Congratulations Krissy🎉 youuuuu are such a sweet and genuine person. May good continue to bless you & keep that hard work going! You rock! Much love ❤️
Ashley Frye

Ashley Frye . 4 months ago

♥️I always look forward to watching your videos, they spark so much joy and inspiration! If you don’t mind me asking, what song is in the intro of the tattoo clip?🤟🏼
Banuelos Roxy

Banuelos Roxy . 4 months ago

Sending you lots of love and positive energy Krissy, you are a super power and so happy you have an amazing team and bestie keeping your spirit lifted through everything! Alsoooo, where is your outfit from? Absolutely adore it ❤️

AMBER HOUGHTON . 4 months ago

Where is your cropped shirt from the one your wearing when u get ur tattoo xxxx p.s. absolutely love u and all ur videos hope ur all good u deserve to be happy xxxx
kristina 321

kristina 321 . 4 months ago

This is so motivational showing that girls do not have to look like victoria‘s secerete Angels to be beautiful in this way😆

Untouchable_Human . 4 months ago

wierd face can stay in la xD
hayley kirton

hayley kirton . 4 months ago

Loving the new videos, the edits are insane! 😍
Cassie Maxwell

Cassie Maxwell . 4 months ago

So happy for you and how far you've come!! Love you <3
lorenzo pederzolli

lorenzo pederzolli . 4 months ago

Go vegan is simple
Jacklin Grey

Jacklin Grey . 4 months ago

Loved this 😭💛

slp619 . 4 months ago

Krissy I am so excited for you girl!! I started your app when you initially launch around the 2nd week of January and I am so proud of You & you inspire hard working women all around the world! Queen krissy killing the game. We need more cooking with Krissy episodes maybe a healthy holiday theme?!
YesHonesty hey

YesHonesty hey . 4 months ago

What kind of bull shit tattoo is that....
Jet K

Jet K . 4 months ago

So many feels watching this 🥰☺️😍❤️

A F . 4 months ago

Steff Jr

Steff Jr . 4 months ago

10:57 I can't stop laughing 🤣🤣

selina04089 . 4 months ago

Love this next level of editing and video well done team!!

noWam . 4 months ago

Looks like so much fun😱😱❤️❤️😍🙏🏻
danelle grobler

danelle grobler . 4 months ago

Wouldve loved to see some sightseeing of LA tbh
Alicia N

Alicia N . 4 months ago

Okay I love the LA vlogs and I dong want them to end!! Krissy you are incredible and I am so so proud of you!! And Sacha amazing editing and filming hun!! 💙💙
Brittany Anne

Brittany Anne . 4 months ago

oddly enough i feel like you’re my big sister, role model!
gina Aldana

gina Aldana . 4 months ago

I want to be just like you one day. Dream goals, dream job, everything!
Johanna Cabrera

Johanna Cabrera . 4 months ago

Love youuuuu!
Cristina Almeida

Cristina Almeida . 4 months ago

Cant wait for 2020 !! Your amazing and we love you xoxo 💙
Daisy Aguilar

Daisy Aguilar . 4 months ago

I FREAKING LOVE YOU! I need you have to have meet up in the states already <33333
phillip jonsgaard

phillip jonsgaard . 4 months ago

Can I tell you something crazy please respond
Niki Papdi

Niki Papdi . 4 months ago

Hey :) I've been watching your videos for a while as I want to build muscle and I've learn a lot from you Krissy, thanks so much! But I haven't found anything on how to put on weight by eating healthy food. It seems impossible for me to gain even a pound. 😐 I feel that this topic is ignored by almost everyone and I'm struggling to find advice on that. It would be fantastic if you could dedicate some time to talk about it too. Thanks in advance!
jack harrington

jack harrington . 4 months ago

Krissy videos keep the doctor away and help my anxiety 😘💜👍🍑😎💗😍💙
Ola Gocaj

Ola Gocaj . 4 months ago

I cannot get over how gorgeous Krissy looks, HOW😍
Brianna Wofford

Brianna Wofford . 4 months ago

Yayyyy so excited to see all of the finished content !!!
Azio Corp

Azio Corp . 4 months ago

Olinda Rosales

Olinda Rosales . 4 months ago

Hey Krissy!! Thanks for uploading another awesome video and for inspiring me to make my own YouTube channel! Your the best! Lots of love from Canada 🇨🇦
Neyka Marie

Neyka Marie . 4 months ago

Again....do you still want to move to LA?! I think it would be beneficial

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