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Survival Bandana : 40 Uses



Published on 6 years ago

Sensible Prepper Presents: "Survival Bandana : 40 Uses" The Bandana is a necessary item for any survival kit and the uses are endless.

Going Gear Website: http://goinggear.com/

40 Additional Uses:
Coffee / Tea Filter
Water Debris filter
Under-hat neck protector
Improvised weapon with wrapped Rock
Sack for Wild Berries
Char Cloth
Wrap around rock with rope tied to throw over limbs
Cordage using strips
Camp Pillow
Clean Glasses
Ear Muffs
Noise Reducer
Catch minnows & Crawfish
Cover for foul odors
Cover Food from insects
Fly Swatter
Padding for a hot spot
Open Jars
Sling for hunting or self defense
Ear Muffs
Eye Cover for daytime nap
Face Cover for Camouflage
Pouch for small objects
Swat insects away from face
Sun Shade
Tool Grip
Camp Markers
Pet Neckerchief
Friend Identifier
Ice pack
Wrap Hot Rocks to keep feet warm in your Sleeping bag
Gas cap
Noise Reducer

Thanks for watching~ Sootch00

Comments :

Berislav adzemovic

Berislav adzemovic . 2 months ago

a very good video, my friend, maybe it could be used to filter dirty water, then boil it before using it for drinks

Patricia Schneider

Patricia Schneider . 4 months ago

Makeshift sail tie (Sailing).

Adventurous Allison

Adventurous Allison . 5 months ago

In today's society bandanas are used more fashion or accessory pieces and we have seem to forgotten the very simple yet survival purposes they're actually meant and useful for. This video is amazingly helpful and intelligent!! Thank you for sharing!

the commenter

the commenter . 5 months ago

1.Sewing kit + bandana = method to patch up clothing. 2. Can be used as to patch holes in tent. 3. Can be used to carry and wring out water. 4. Can be used to protect your hand when breaking fragile glass =if wrap tightly with layers. 5. a marker for location if you know how to build a pole. 6.Lastly a flag

BackCountry Runaway

BackCountry Runaway . 5 months ago

Cody lundin said in his book that its the multi use item no gang banger should be without lol


X_SL4DE_X . 6 months ago

I use my bandana to hide my big ass forehead

Senior Whoopy IRL

Senior Whoopy IRL . 6 months ago

Question. Where do I buy that map bandanna? Please and thank you 🤙🏻 good video.

The Washington Post

The Washington Post . 8 months ago

He hopes he never has to use a bandana?

Natty Light

Natty Light . 9 months ago

Anyone who uses bandana or shemaghs needs to go to hobohanky.com right now. They sell bandanas that are the size of shemaghs, about 4x bigger than regular bandanas. I use mine almost every day.

Tim Busby

Tim Busby . 9 months ago

Making char cloth for firestarter, get fine lint off it that can be ignited by the spark from an empty bic lighter. Pot holder for cooking or for transferring hot rocks to boil water or warm your bed and body in cold situations. Use them to cover your ears in cold weather to minimize frostbite. Use as a flap hanging down from your cap to prevent sunburn like the old French Foreign Legion in north Africa. Use as the string for a bow drill. Bandanas are a real survival tool!

Chaos gamer 107

Chaos gamer 107 . 10 months ago

Rob 🏦 bro

punkrock survivlist

punkrock survivlist . 10 months ago

Bandana + a good size lock = improvised melee weapon

WhiskeyTango Sierra

WhiskeyTango Sierra . 10 months ago

Those survival bayonets are important. Bandannas really become essential when you don't have one. Always have a couple and a shemaugh. And some coffee filters. And coffee.


johnny6148 . 10 months ago

cool. funny guy


johnny6148 . 10 months ago

grammarly a scam submit your credit card and ....bye bye $$$$

Don Pence

Don Pence . 10 months ago

I always have a bandanna on me.


Xerø . 11 months ago

What boots do you wear.. And what's the biggest size they go up to ?

Howard Hoover

Howard Hoover . 11 months ago


Rodney Reynolds

Rodney Reynolds . 12 months ago

Use it as snow glasses or sun glasses... cut narrow slits for your eyes and tie around face at eye level. Cuts down the amount of light. Prevents snow blindness.

Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson . 1 year ago

Female backpackers use bandanas for pee rags.

Average lad

Average lad . 1 year ago

Remember that a tourniquet is not for emergency use immediately it's only if you are able to get to a hospital right after because you will not be able to keep your arm if you use tourniquet while in a situation to where you know you're going to be there for more than a few hours. It's a last resort.

Ahmed Ibrahim

Ahmed Ibrahim . 1 year ago


Physcotic teen

Physcotic teen . 1 year ago

Another use is to collect them. Not really a survival technice, but to be it's fun.

noble grand42

noble grand42 . 1 year ago

Makes lightweight & compact washcloths, that also dries quickly. :.

The Hand Turkey

The Hand Turkey . 1 year ago

I also double carry edc these

Rico Garza

Rico Garza . 2 years ago

You crack me up every video, keep it up my dude

Seth Kursel

Seth Kursel . 2 years ago

Hilarious and helpful

thomas corbett

thomas corbett . 2 years ago

That's sootch isn't it .?? Long liive America God bless the republic .lol We love your channel thank you ! T.C

Philip Davis

Philip Davis . 2 years ago

Me thinks you need one more swig, moonshine that is

Doug Johnson bushcraft and BJJ

Doug Johnson bushcraft and BJJ . 2 years ago

Is this a troll video?

Bethany Zamora

Bethany Zamora . 2 years ago



M J . 2 years ago

Clean up your 6 after a number 2

Philip Davis

Philip Davis . 2 years ago

I've been carrying one for over 50 years, like my leatherman , ya never know when you'll need it, or what you'll end up using it for

Shane Chitwood

Shane Chitwood . 2 years ago

About 20. Lol

The Good Mod

The Good Mod . 2 years ago

You can make char-cloth if you have a tin or cup of some sort

David Brown

David Brown . 2 years ago

Also used by bloods and crips

Nancy M-R

Nancy M-R . 2 years ago

I like to wear mine under my hat to protect my neck and face from the sun -- and mosquitoes and other bugs. (Love your posh ascot accent.)

Anguinus Vir

Anguinus Vir . 2 years ago

Basically it's a rag. You can wipe your butt with it, you can wipe your face, you wipe your arm...I couldn't take any more of the repetitive stupidity to describe what a rag is used for.

Philip Davis

Philip Davis . 2 years ago

Aaaah heck dude, take one more swig (hick*)

Kay Jay

Kay Jay . 2 years ago

yes I picked up a couple. a good water filter as well...hilarious video I love them all very educatIonal.

Christyne Long

Christyne Long . 2 years ago

fold it up and stick in on the inside of your boots to prevent chafing and blisters.


Lonetholsskia . 2 years ago

how do I clean a bandana?

William Swing

William Swing . 2 years ago

Also, if you suffer a deep cut on your arm or leg, you can tie the bandana around the wound to stop the bleeding. Very handy while in the wilderness and far away from medical attention.

Elizabeth Becker

Elizabeth Becker . 2 years ago

Grew up on a farm. . . .When we were clearing land we used them wrapped around our heads for sweat and we had to actually wring them out so many times a day. Everyday we put one on in order to muck the stalls or clean the chicken coop as birds are SUPER dusty. I feel really bad though because no one around here wears them and we get made fun of a lot and told we are "old fashioned".


SATYRICAL . 2 years ago

2:27 he looks like Rorke from Call of duty Ghosts


grouch314 . 2 years ago

don't forget that at a protest that has the potential to turn into a riot, it can cover your face, not so much so the cops can't ID you but some neo-nazi groups like to post your personal information online. Also it can help guard against pepper spray or tear gas

HLC2266 13

HLC2266 13 . 3 years ago

could I wrap it around my wrist

ascended fashy

ascended fashy . 3 years ago


Puerto Rican Prepper

Puerto Rican Prepper . 3 years ago

Good video!

Eye Everything

Eye Everything . 3 years ago

did anybody else read this as "Survival Banana" at first? because I did XD

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