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Sam Hunt - Break Up In A Small Town



Published on 4 years ago

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Music video by Sam Hunt performing Break Up In A Small Town. (C) 2015 MCA Nashville, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Comments :

Sara Webster

Sara Webster . 14 hours ago

I cry every time I her this song like if you do to 😭😭😭


NGOC PHUONG . 1 day ago

▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一█▬█ █ ▀█▀

Britney Boyd

Britney Boyd . 1 day ago

Omg he is so fine

Claudia Franco

Claudia Franco . 2 days ago

Bendecido sea jehova

Claudia Franco

Claudia Franco . 2 days ago

Jehova lo sabe todo . Nadie puede contra el.

Caleb Bibb

Caleb Bibb . 3 days ago

Makes me think of my exs

Lisa Hatton

Lisa Hatton . 4 days ago

Still jamming out to this in December 2019 from a very small town!!!

Loren Loren

Loren Loren . 4 days ago

He is so hot though...

12345 Zays

12345 Zays . 4 days ago

2020 counting

Ridge George

Ridge George . 4 days ago

When this song comes on my mind I’m in the groove

liberty k huchu

liberty k huchu . 4 days ago

Damn the Art in this song ..... So much love from Zimbabwe

DK Outdoors

DK Outdoors . 5 days ago

Didnt mean much to me when this song come out but damn this hits hard now 4 years later

Stevie Watkins

Stevie Watkins . 5 days ago

Been here. Small town... Him on one side and me on the other! He kept coming on my side riding by... Eventually we got back together


マコミウム . 5 days ago


cagejen swift

cagejen swift . 6 days ago

Sam hunt, first song of the country style basis that i have liked! 🤔 props, hope you write more songs in this manner. Might have my first favorite country singer.

Kyle Williams

Kyle Williams . 6 days ago

I'm in 7th grade and my ex left me and is now dating my best friend

Isaiah Armstrong

Isaiah Armstrong . 6 days ago

4 year old song still the best song ever

Jonathan Mambiar

Jonathan Mambiar . 6 days ago

that is my favorite song awesome song!

kat gram

kat gram . 7 days ago

When u break up on the rez

Aaron Vlogs

Aaron Vlogs . 7 days ago

Oh comon... i came here to laugh at comments about his awful rapping but i guess people like this?

Vincent Ybarra

Vincent Ybarra . 7 days ago

Love him like his style

Tran David

Tran David . 1 week ago

Có ai nguoi VN hok?

user 3 anonymous

user 3 anonymous . 1 week ago

2:49 1:53

joy and justiss bellas sister

joy and justiss bellas sister . 1 week ago

I love your videos ♥️💚 💚💚 💚💚 💚💚 💚

Mike M

Mike M . 1 week ago

been there , take care , it will get better.


Mask . 1 week ago

I'm more focused on the line he has going down his shirt more than the song.

Aaron George

Aaron George . 1 week ago

That's the same thing that happen to my house go burned down

Susan Loughlin

Susan Loughlin . 1 week ago

Its a long run to the liquor store ...

Hải Vũ

Hải Vũ . 1 week ago



ZOE BOGLE . 1 week ago

Love this song its the best song!!

Ujustgotslayed D

Ujustgotslayed D . 1 week ago

This just happened to me


Junkdog13 . 1 week ago

Ricki, sam had another damn tantrum!

tori collette

tori collette . 2 weeks ago

😍 2019

Nightmare Wood

Nightmare Wood . 2 weeks ago



Al . 2 weeks ago

It’s the American Sniper 2 sequel.

Harrid Perez

Harrid Perez . 2 weeks ago

Mein I feel this ....it hits hard😍😍😍😍😳

hiệp vũ

hiệp vũ . 2 weeks ago

Tik tok đưa mình tới đây

Emma Swann

Emma Swann . 2 weeks ago

when I heard he got taken in of DUI I legit almost cried.

Aron Max

Aron Max . 2 weeks ago

Admire ur song man!


香麻辣 . 2 weeks ago

come for 5:54?

Shan Jiang

Shan Jiang . 2 weeks ago

How come I just heard about this song last Wednesday?!

Aze Tanopo

Aze Tanopo . 2 weeks ago

I found it now yesss♥️

Leslie Seymour

Leslie Seymour . 2 weeks ago

Its when you get out of a breakup,this song describes everything...

Taco man Your mama

Taco man Your mama . 2 weeks ago

This song sucks

Charafeddine Fraiha

Charafeddine Fraiha . 2 weeks ago

This is Charafeddine Moroccan,one of your craziest fans,rewatching this in 2019,november.Love you man.

Pubg God Master

Pubg God Master . 2 weeks ago

Who else googled “When you break up in a small town” ?

Quang Nguyễn

Quang Nguyễn . 2 weeks ago

I love sam hunt I from vietnames


KowboyM . 3 weeks ago

The acoustic version of this song is soo sad I couldn’t believe the change in the feeling of it

Tee Tee O

Tee Tee O . 3 weeks ago

how is this a country song? this sounds like something a boy band would sing.

Hà Lê

Hà Lê . 3 weeks ago

I like your voice, from VIET NAM <3

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