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Atkins Diet, Low Carb Diets, Juice Fasts



Published on 8 years ago

Just my honest opinion on 'fad' diets vs 'balanced' diets.

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Felisha Martinez

Felisha Martinez . 2 years ago

Its not just a diet. Its a way of life. Like you stated we dont NEED all those carbs.

f*ck google

f*ck google . 2 years ago

low carb works, do your research


Willports . 4 years ago

Problem is your not explaining it correctly. In our bodies we have 2 energy sources, we always have. One for low Glucose and one for high glucose Ie energy from carbs, or energy from Ketones, its that simple. The difference is staying in one long term that works for you. For me doing Keto is about healthy vegetables, fats, protein(just not masses) and i go to gym 4 times a week. Thing is i did this to get where i am now, I juiced(greens/nuts) for 2 weeks, this killed my sugar cravings, then i went into Ketogenic Way of eating, still having tonns of Veg, fish, steaks, cheese, salads, everything i wanted to, just full fat. I dont have the things which made me fat, poptarts, soda, diet drinks, none of that crappy stuff anymore. I have lost 84lbs, am keeping muscle also, part of alot of the weight loss is muscle also. My aim now is lots of Veg, high fat(fish, nuts, eggs, sirlion, avocado,) and lowe levels of protein, enough so that gluconeogenesis does not take my muscle to make carbs. For instance i am on a 20-30% defecit(2-3lbs a week every week exercise or not) 75% from FAT, 20% protein and 5% Carbs. Every 1.5 months or a plateau, i go and do a 5 day green juice week, taking protein on the nights, just enough for the gym next day. The thing i think is this, which ever diet you do, has to be sustainable until you get near a weight your happy with. At that point you need to have in your head that Sugar is not your friend, its not ok to think of things as a reward system that are bad for you. We got fat because we chose wrong foods and didnt exercise enough to compensate. Good luck with what ever the way of eating you decide on, having been there and still on the journey myself i know exactly where you are coming from. I was in the circle of depressed, feeling sorry for myself, eat to feel happy, depressed, stressed, not knowing where to turn for help, i broke that myself and you just have to say no more, no more until you have got alot of the weight off, as fatties we do not know portion control, its not in our minds. This is one reason why i stayed Ketogenic, protein and fat together make you feel satiated, your stomach needs extra time to process protein slo lower intestines slow down to process food, fats stop the insulin response of just having protein alone, more fat(triglycerides)in your system the more your liver produces Ketones, giving you more energy. My wife went on it as i was cooking and she lost 30lbs as well. I am a big guy still 290, however 11 more Lbs and i will be what i was 25yrs ago, then another 42 and that is my weight when i was playing Rugby in my late teens. Its all possible with positive mental attitude and a simple diet that you sustain without thinking, can i reward myself with some sugar...sorry to rant on boogy x


JungleListSoldier . 4 years ago

So did you find your "balanced" diet yet and lost weight?

Justin Stark

Justin Stark . 4 years ago

So you did like ZERO research into what ketosis actually is and what the role of cholesterol is before making this video, didn't you. Shame, shame, shame on you. I also like how you call the diet a failure after, wait for it......you started eating carbs again.


BobbyNiggs . 5 years ago

So how does cooking something add more calories? I don't get it

Lord Fudge Packer Mc Gooberson

Lord Fudge Packer Mc Gooberson . 5 years ago

I was gonna comment but +JasonGarofalo already said everything I was going to say

Steven Weinshel

Steven Weinshel . 5 years ago

Keep up  the good videos!

Brendton R

Brendton R . 5 years ago

I can kinda understand and appreciate the struggles your going through....keep at it boogie


JasonGarofalo . 5 years ago

Not once in your video did I hear you mention the word insulin.  Low-carb diets that work in the long-term are not about ketosis.  A movie that would help you a lot is called "Fat Head". You can find it online for free. I'll give you the short version first, then my ranting diatribe. Eat fewer calories than you burn.  Keep your insulin levels low.  Spike your calories once a week to avoid slowing your metabolism.  How?  There are many formulas for calculating your BMR.  Use one and calculate a number.  Shoot for a 250-500 calorie deficit per day.  Avoid sugar, flour, and most starch to keep your insulin levels low.  Insulin is a storage hormone, if your levels are high, you won't be freeing up fat from your fat cells to burn.  Once a week, have your pop tarts or whatnot to spike your calories and keep your metabolism from thinking you are starving and slowing down.  Your body thinks hanging onto its fat stores is a survival imperative when it thinks you are starving.  Also, it will help you stay happier knowing you can splurge once a week.   Further, while I suggest healthier options like fish and lean beef, animal fat is not your enemy.  The human animal did not evolve to consume large amounts of vegetable fat (corn oil, etc).   You need to have a better understanding of what hominids evolved eating.  Nuts, veg, some fruits, animal protein and fat.  Grains were never part of the picture.  Tubers were probably the only real source of starch.  Carbs are addictive because it WAS to your advantage from a survival standpoint to eat all you can when they are available (season fruits were the main source) and store that as bodyfat.  Finally, from one addict to another, if you really are one, get involved in a 12 Step program.  They work.  If I told myself I would eventually give into my ape brain and shoot smack again, guess what?  I would.  Stop giving yourself permission to fail.  

Jimmy Holmes

Jimmy Holmes . 6 years ago

Your body craves carbs not protein . Just eat carbs , low fat , carbs u don't need the protein . Check out durianrider on YouTube u will get your life back on track with his help .

Tammy Flores

Tammy Flores . 6 years ago

Have you found a "balanced" diet yet?  This was over 2 years ago and I am curious.  I watched a lot of Chris Powell interventions with people that have weight issues and as you said in your fat shaming video... there are some other issues to get over before you can even think of making healthier lifestyle choices.  If our comfort food is wine/beer... soda/poptart... drugs or whatever it is we turn to, to escape... it doesn't matter what diet you try you will not be successful because you haven't gotten over yourself.

Jaskaran S

Jaskaran S . 6 years ago

you wont lose the weight. You've been trying for years and have barley made a dent in your fat so just quit 


nubSawace . 6 years ago

if there were as much effort in action as there has been in planning, this would be case closed.


mykymyky002 . 7 years ago

Hi there, have you heard of BellyFATtack yet? Just google it. On there you can get a good free video presentation by an established medical doctor revealing how you can lose extra fat. It made it possible for Andre to burn his tummy fat. Hopefully it will work for you too...


harpybitch . 7 years ago

Actually one should limit their grains as much as they can. If you're eating any processed food they hide them, mostly wheat, in everything, so you're getting them anyway. I know because my daughter has been diagnosed gluten sensitive, and it's in everything in one form or another. If you want whole grains eat some corn on the cob or rice. Those are the least processed of the grains. I've just started your videos and I hope you've made it some.

Shekizhar S

Shekizhar S . 7 years ago

Have you seen Atomic Fat Loss? (Google it) It is a quick way for you to burn off fat fast.

Jake Steel

Jake Steel . 7 years ago

I bet you're eating you're own words now boogie

rima mawar

rima mawar . 7 years ago

If you seriously want to get rid of fat fast, you should search google for "Lean Body Maximizer". That might help you get the body you deserve.

abdur rakib

abdur rakib . 7 years ago

Hello, have you heard of Belly Fat Quencher yet? Just go to this internet site: BellyFatQuencher.com There you can get a helpful free video by a longtime doctor revealing how you can eliminate excess weight. This helped Michele to burn her stomach fat. It might help you out as well...

Dilraj Paudel

Dilraj Paudel . 7 years ago

If you are looking to burn calories fast, you should search google for Cosmos Fat Loss. They can help you get the body you deserve.


chriswww . 7 years ago

I totally agree. When i first started eating healthy i went completely cold turkey, I had REALLY strong cravings for about 2 weeks but after that i didn't want to touch junk food. Then one day my sister offers me some chocolate and the cravings came back 10 fold.

Calinas Rule

Calinas Rule . 7 years ago

I think that part of the reason it is so hard for you to do Atkins is precisely the reason why it works so well for you! (And me!) Binging on carbohydrates after several successful months of Atkins and falling off the wagon to the point where you regain all you've lost, plus 100lbs more than that is not the fault of the diet, but the fault of going off the diet... All or nothing = sink or swim! If you give up on swimming, of course you will drown! Glad you have found the right diet anyway!

Christine DiVietri

Christine DiVietri . 7 years ago

I love Atkins, its your opinion, I have done wonderfully on it.


Nockturnel . 7 years ago

I paused this and went and watched the "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" Video. That was quite an awesome inspirational video. :)


Liam . 7 years ago

Indeed there is. Indeed there is...

A Miah

A Miah . 7 years ago

Just do more exercise and start burning fat. It will be hard now because you stored too much fat. Everybody loves food but you have to burn it off.And forget the atkins diet.


Liam . 7 years ago

That's a rather cold opinion, is it not? He's giving it a damn good shot, and I think he deserves some respect for that. Also, people who are in shape only need to maintain their image/body, whereas over-weight people need to decrease it and then maintain it, whilst fighting cravings born from addiction. I come from the future, two months into the future to be precise, and I can tell your previous comment that he has now lost 50-60lbs. What some may describe "walking the walk", don't you think?


Liam . 7 years ago



RunningSD . 7 years ago

i did the juice fast and lost 30 pounds in a week its great but you really gotta be mentally ready and have strong will power to do this.


ArrowNin . 7 years ago



freddynz . 7 years ago

Yes you're correct about 20g carb threshold to Ketosis.. I have seen ppl try the atkiens with limited success and the reason tends to be the mindset "how many carbs can i get away with"... My approach was the opposite... "how can i cut even more carbs out" ! Hence the zero carb goal. Another secret to success was this... I've seen so many people do the atkiens, loose a heap of weight then put it back on again once they've stopped. The answer is as simple as it is obvious, don't leave the diet !!


freddynz . 7 years ago

Hmmm not very accurate on the Atkiens diet here, i've done/am doing the diet, have lost all my weight and now maintain a lowish carb intake (zero carbs is only for the first few weeks). As a man it is by far the easiest diet simply because you're not hungry and have heaps of energy for work, but you're right about it being a lifestyle, a common mistake is once the weight is gone to go stupid and max out on carbs.... regaining all the lost weight often also with interest !

The Arabic Student

The Arabic Student . 7 years ago

I'm glad to see someone overweight know what he's talking about when it comes to dieting and what you should eat, etc. Lots of in shape people think that if you're overweight you know nothing about weight loss and that that's why you're fat. It's usually the fat people who know the most about what to do to lose weight. They just can't do it.

Brian Marto

Brian Marto . 7 years ago

I am struggling too, in your mid 40's the nasty weight gain hits you, moderation is the key, and eating loads of fruits and vegs, meat we all need the protein , but maybe marking down days you can eat meat it is never easy loosing weight is it

Shakhawat Hossain

Shakhawat Hossain . 7 years ago

Sup, have you heard of the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (do a google search). My mate insists it helps people lose weight with little effort.


Doct0rAquafresh . 7 years ago

thats what i did with soda and now i just dont crave soda at all. been over a month now and i feel no need to drink soda or very sugary things in general


head2fiststyle12345 . 7 years ago

dont listen to anyone who comments on youtube about dieting


santa6688 . 7 years ago

Black looks really good on him.

Mungo Tolkien

Mungo Tolkien . 8 years ago

i want to let you know that you are all in my thoughts and i hope wish you all the best chance to succeed in your weight loss goals try not to break your diet today and your a winner in my eyes


augginator123 . 8 years ago

To everyone who's saying that ketosis and diets like it are healthy, you should be aware that the American Heart Association, the National Cholesterol Education Program, and the American Cancer Society all advise against them. Yeah, he did make some false claims due to being misinformed, but he was right about it being an extreme dietary option.


Iconoclast444 . 8 years ago



biggurs . 8 years ago

eat sensibly, everything in moderation and DO SOME BLOODY EXERCISE!! You cant go wrong!


MahoganyConsulting . 8 years ago

Read the Atkins book before you talk about Ketosis in the future. You are totally incorrect.


Iconoclast444 . 8 years ago

Stu Mittleman.

Kevin Lineback

Kevin Lineback . 8 years ago

You're all idiots, stfu with your retarded weight loss opinions. Calories in calories out. Eat at a 500 calorie deficit, get enough protein and fats and you will lose fat. It really is as simple as that. Don't complicate things by listening to retards on Youtube.


Michael87CN . 8 years ago

One last comment... fruit can be healthy but they are a 'treat' food, high in sugar which basically becomes fat. So only eat fruit for vitamin c occasionally.


Michael87CN . 8 years ago

Cut out the sugar and the breads. Eat things like celery, broccoli, onions, peppers, lettuce, cucumber, etc. There are people out there starving (not starving for yummy food, starving for anything) who would sell their homes for some veggies. I'm sorry you had a bad childhood (who hasn't?) but you need to stop having so many excuses. Its your life, yeah, but you'll be a lot happier when you're thin and can eat in moderate, all the things you love without worry...


Michael87CN . 8 years ago

Well, I heard your reasons. but from my position I see you as a very fortunate individual... I have wanted to be able to eat healthy for a long time now, but poverty and poor living conditions have kept me unable. At least you have a choice. You need to exercise willpower. Even if can't control your appetite, what' keeping you from exercising? You look like a guy that can afford a treadmill. Get one dude... I would trade my right arm for the $130 needed so I could buy myself a workout machine...

Brennan Bourne

Brennan Bourne . 8 years ago

Uh, sorry to burst your bubble, but the body's preferred source of fuel is carbohydrates, not fat. Keep eating a high fat diet and your body will eventually shut down. It's terrible for your organs.

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