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12 Healthy Smoothies



Published on 2 years ago

Try any of these healthy smoothies to jumpstart your day!

Here is what you'll need!


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Comments :

Saurabh Bhoite

Saurabh Bhoite . 3 days ago

What is difference between smoothie and milkshakes

No Kia

No Kia . 4 days ago

I'm allergic to spinach

Kirei Living

Kirei Living . 5 days ago

I always wonder how they make it so smooth without any hassle. In fact, we never be able to make smoothie without forgeting about some ingredients :D

Luis Perez

Luis Perez . 6 days ago

Someone should try banana,pecan,and cinnamon mix and tell me how it goes I liked and want to hear other people’s opinion of it

Brandon Klinger

Brandon Klinger . 6 days ago

Baby food for adults!

Haryanti Smuts

Haryanti Smuts . 1 week ago

What kind of blender are you using or a brand ?


Velz . 1 week ago

1st one was more like grass juice.

Samantha Godard

Samantha Godard . 2 weeks ago

What is even the point of putting LETTUCE in a smoothie??

Kim Vlog

Kim Vlog . 2 weeks ago

I wish they lined these up in rainbow order at the end

Emma Rodriguez

Emma Rodriguez . 2 weeks ago

Who doesn't have the ingredients, *But* ,when they do they never use them for these recipes

shefin mathew

shefin mathew . 2 weeks ago

Milk + yoghurt is not a good combination according to Ayurveda

Health and longevity

Health and longevity . 2 weeks ago

Great recipes, thanks!

Akbar Sarosa

Akbar Sarosa . 2 weeks ago

Wow..its healthy tasty drink of course..I want to make it soon..thanks

10.000 subs with 0 vids

10.000 subs with 0 vids . 3 weeks ago

I dont eat vegetables but i like fruits. These smoothies are a great way to get sweet drinks that are healthy as well

Mrs aftab Khan

Mrs aftab Khan . 3 weeks ago

Mixer grinder you are using

Buntu Ngcebetsha

Buntu Ngcebetsha . 3 weeks ago

is that Daft Punk playing?


WonderGirl2411 . 3 weeks ago

That’s one hella good blender

Derin Güngör

Derin Güngör . 4 weeks ago

Yogurt belongs to Turks, not Greeks.

Lulu Ognam

Lulu Ognam . 4 weeks ago

I tried the kiwi banana spinach smoothie and it was so gross hahahaha

Nicole Bowers

Nicole Bowers . 4 weeks ago

Can u just use like normal blue top milk😂?

Raghad Ahmad

Raghad Ahmad . 4 weeks ago

I tried one and it tastes so bad😤

Aleena Khan

Aleena Khan . 1 month ago

My stomach is full while seeing this video


林世昇 . 1 month ago


Mehrin Mehbuba Haque

Mehrin Mehbuba Haque . 1 month ago

Why pineapple with milk

Faith Okobaroh

Faith Okobaroh . 1 month ago

1:20 vanilla berry is delicious


KULATheCriticalThinker . 1 month ago

What is that blender call????

I don’t want Subscribers

I don’t want Subscribers . 1 month ago

First one is tooo healthy for me 🤢 Gimme some sweet fruit!

Rani Marjoram

Rani Marjoram . 1 month ago

Thanks so much for the ideas

Funny Animals

Funny Animals . 1 month ago

sub for me and Sign me up and get into funny videos


thatssojayah . 1 month ago

Yes!!! I just found breakfast for the next two weeks!! Save me so much money 😬😬

mea qyrana

mea qyrana . 1 month ago

The second smoothie,can I just use banana and not strawberries?

Entsar Abdaziz

Entsar Abdaziz . 1 month ago

Video is wow

abukiki ek ek ek ek ekek

abukiki ek ek ek ek ekek . 1 month ago


Chef Sanaa

Chef Sanaa . 1 month ago


Mehmet Gülhan

Mehmet Gülhan . 1 month ago

its not greek Yogurt, this is Turkish Yogurt.

pallavi Kamble

pallavi Kamble . 2 months ago


Somisetty Ravali Rao

Somisetty Ravali Rao . 2 months ago

Very nice..... Can u tell me which brand blender u used in this video?

Quirky _T

Quirky _T . 2 months ago

Tasty’s definition of healthy is only 5 cups of sugar and only 5 grams of oil 😂

Kitchen spices by shamseena

Kitchen spices by shamseena . 2 months ago

Pls support me


M G . 2 months ago

The combinations are very unpleasant

hicham MA

hicham MA . 2 months ago

uummm.... are you sure milk juices are healthy?!


Emma PÂMePALAPÂME . 2 months ago

I can't drink milk😭😭😭😭😭

zohaib Raza Butt

zohaib Raza Butt . 2 months ago

Wao yumy

Kitchen With Mehwish19

Kitchen With Mehwish19 . 2 months ago


ammara mughal

ammara mughal . 2 months ago

https://www.digistore24.com/redir/42495/Ammara/ that’s the bestest smoothies recipes

WM_ FrozenPlays

WM_ FrozenPlays . 2 months ago

I call the Kiwi, Banana and Spinach Spanawi

hasnain ahmed

hasnain ahmed . 2 months ago

Whats a smoothie

shamimi iman

shamimi iman . 2 months ago

0:23 & 2:30

Tofik Raja

Tofik Raja . 2 months ago

Good luck recipe

harry nolan

harry nolan . 2 months ago

Mix something with anything

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