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9 Strategies to Stop Overeating

Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic

Published on 4 years ago

Dr. Mark Hyman of the Cleveland Clinic discusses 9 strategies to stop overeating.

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Comments :

Redmond Keech

Redmond Keech . 1 day ago

A pal of me that has applied this specific “Kαbοnοz Ydα” (Google it) guide went from 41 inches waistline to THRITY FOUR inches. I have tested out this unique diet regime as well and after having a 7 days, this guideline has provided me an improvement. I have much more energy and also I`ve shed 7 pounds. .


Bailujen . 3 days ago

Can it be bad to over eat fruit and veggies

Gigi Cruz

Gigi Cruz . 3 days ago

I try to not eat as much but then in my mind I’m savoring foods and I go crazy and eat everything

Andrea Espericueta

Andrea Espericueta . 3 days ago

Thank you!!! 🙏🏻♥️


Magpie . 3 days ago


Nutter & Butter The Cow

Nutter & Butter The Cow . 3 days ago

or soda that ture

Tristen Lewis

Tristen Lewis . 3 days ago

I grew up in a bad environment where we couldn’t afford any kind of healthy food and got free unhealthy foods from churches, and growing up with lots of issues, I found comfort and love in food, food feels like the only thing that “hasn’t hurt me” and has only made me happy, so it’s become addicting. I’ve noticed recently I’ve been giving into it. This morning I had two pieces of pumpkin pie for breakfast, leftover thanksgiving food and a coffee from McDonalds for dinner. Things in my life have been so stressful and I don’t know what to do anymore. I love healthy foods too so I just don’t know.


dustington1 . 4 days ago

I will use willpower instead to control my eating habits. I don't need to lose weight but noticed that have more energy when eat less and feel a bit tired when eat more. Tip #1 don't keep ready meals in the refrigerator or anywhere at home

Logan L

Logan L . 4 days ago

Who else is downing everything they see 😂😂😭


JuLeS . 5 days ago

Him: "get sufficient sleep" Me: *looks at clock* 1:33am

Lucy Belle Scott

Lucy Belle Scott . 5 days ago

This does not deal with the issue!!!!! Do you think we don't know what to eat. the point .. the ISSUE is OVEReating. The anxiety seems to be a precursor for me. Loneliness, rejection, underemployed. Must get to the ROOT of any issue.

Aisha Afifuddin

Aisha Afifuddin . 5 days ago

today I eat lots of food because yesterday I went grocery shopping and bought lots of unhealthy food

Md Abir

Md Abir . 7 days ago

2:54 *get sufficient sleep* It’s already 3:17am

Jenny Animations

Jenny Animations . 1 week ago

I'm stressed 24/7 so I struggle so much with excessive fat

Hello Sweetheart

Hello Sweetheart . 2 weeks ago

Fill up on fruits and vegetables and while in the grocery store, stay away from the middle isles, concentrate on the whole perimeter inside where healthy foods are.


Hodgey . 2 weeks ago

I just can’t stop myself snacking. I just need to be eating something I hate it. I workout a lot but I could be in waayy better shape if stopped snacking. Heeeellllp

goduskychris Chris Godusky

goduskychris Chris Godusky . 2 weeks ago

I lost my appetite I barely eat anything

kye kye

kye kye . 2 weeks ago

This is really helpful because I am at a good weight, but I overeat everyday and I would like to stop.


PadawantonGirl . 2 weeks ago

Me watching this while eating

Save the Children

Save the Children . 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the ideas, I’m gonna try to get out of this rut I’m in by - eating breakfast, journaling and exercise.

Mazinger and Minerva

Mazinger and Minerva . 2 weeks ago

Write feelings down instead of eating them 😢

Chris Swollenballs

Chris Swollenballs . 2 weeks ago

0:58 lol you just said that if you don't eat breakfast you'll also keep the weight off? wtf am i missing something here 0:55 - 1:05. Research; 3000 people who lost an average of 70 pounds and kept it off for 6 years ate breakfast everyday, and 4% of those didn't eat breakfast but kept the weight off? hmm

Юлия Мороз

Юлия Мороз . 2 weeks ago

Ok, now I ate 5 oranges and 10 apples in one day, ‘cause they are tasty


JJ . 3 weeks ago

Eating breakfast is bullshit


nanaskin6 . 3 weeks ago

What's wrong with his neck?

Rayan Bari

Rayan Bari . 3 weeks ago

"Eating while we're stressed, makes us fat" Me: ...Oops

Mohanned Abdulaziz

Mohanned Abdulaziz . 3 weeks ago



sheshea . 3 weeks ago

my trigger food is chips... once i just SEE it i can't stop myself from grabbing it and eating the whole bag... i need to stop omg

David Nasr

David Nasr . 3 weeks ago

What i found easy was to go for a walk when i get stressed, and only take 2 dollars for water, cuz when i get stressed i eat, so if i walk i am losing calories and stepping away from food, and the 2 dollars is to keep me from buying food, then drinking water everyday, 4 or 5 bottles to be exact

Fatima B

Fatima B . 3 weeks ago

"No man has ever filled a vessel worse than his stomach. It is sufficient for the son of Adam to eat few morsels to keep his back straight. If he must, he should fill 1/3rd of his stomach with food, 1/3 with water and leave 1/3 for air"- Prophet Muhammad pbuh.

Jean Copeland

Jean Copeland . 3 weeks ago

Great ideas 👍

La J

La J . 3 weeks ago

I still don’t eat breakfast

Al Harley

Al Harley . 3 weeks ago

I needed this video


Afra . 4 weeks ago

I just ate a few baked potatoes and a slice of brown bread 😭

mrdetroitnews gary

mrdetroitnews gary . 4 weeks ago

I try again starting now

mrdetroitnews gary

mrdetroitnews gary . 4 weeks ago

its all about will and its hard to keep the will long enough for most people ,especially for me,i have lost 40 pounds 250 times in my life sad that this is my life for 55 years!!!!!!!!

lex 123

lex 123 . 4 weeks ago

I just eat because there's food

lucy loo

lucy loo . 4 weeks ago

he is very tan

Peter Glenn

Peter Glenn . 4 weeks ago

I had a big challenge from my Medical professional to have my cholesterol level decrease to under 200 or else he desired me to have a statin. No way did I like one more med to use. And tried using this specific cholesterol guidebook “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) . To my shock, it gets results. It’s decreased to 200. I have fended off the taste of supplements that are undesirable. .

Timmy Shea

Timmy Shea . 4 weeks ago

drink more water....

Sheryl Almeida

Sheryl Almeida . 1 month ago


Angelina Mendonca

Angelina Mendonca . 1 month ago

This isn't helping. I eat even when I'm not hungry...

Chriz Roman

Chriz Roman . 1 month ago

I dont think we're made to crave sugar. I think we only start craving it when we're already accustomed to it


HEIDI MENDOZA . 1 month ago

I was curious because my friend had lost weight and I wished to know how. They will suggested that I visit https://t.co/iqHBclbolv . Once I listened to their advice, I lost 16 and a half pounds.?

Baran H

Baran H . 1 month ago

I loved your tips..thank u so much for your amazing speech...

max marrero

max marrero . 1 month ago

The only way to loose weight is eating less , no other way. we must learn to be hungry to be adapted.


Diamondman911 . 1 month ago

It’s not just sugar. It’s literally everything!

Anu Madaan

Anu Madaan . 1 month ago

Rice is my trigger food

`ArxsvZ *

`ArxsvZ * . 1 month ago

What kind of room are you in. Looks like a boss battle ready to commence.

icdab ty

icdab ty . 1 month ago

A homeless man walked up to a well-dressed woman shopping in San Francisco, California and told her, "I haven't eaten anything for days." She looked at him and said, "God, I wish I had your will power."

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