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Firstly, I’m not sure what to call this. A keto quiche or a keto pie? You let me know! A keto pie would usually have a pastry crust (in my mind) so I’m leaning towards keto quiche. No matter what you call this keto recipe, it is a low carb quiche recipe / lwo carb chicken pie that is easy to makem tastes great and is fantastic for keto meal prep. This keto quiche recipe / keto pie recipe is going to be a family winner. There’s not much to not like about this keto quiche / keto pie. You have wonderful lemon infused chicken for the filling off this keto pie recipe, combined with fried mushrooms, onions and spinach. Then you top this low carb chicken pie / low carb quiche recipe was wonderful cheese to form a rich crust, a wondeful accompaniment to the rest of this keto quiche flavours. This keto pie recipe / keto quiche recipe makes a TON of food, so it is great for keto meal prep! The macros for this low carb quiche recipe / low carb chicken pie recipe are keto, banting and LCHF friendly too.

This keto recipe came from my mother-in-law’s mother! It has been passed down and it just so happens to be keto, banting and LCHF friendly! Who would have thought! I am all for keto receipes that help out with keto meal prep. As a husband, father of a two-year-old and a full time job, having keto recipes that work for keto meal prep that I can make at the start of the week and eat throughout the week are always a winner! And this chicken and mushroom keto quiche / keto pie ticks all of those boxes!

You could also scale this keto quiche up and down as you need – just multiply or divide the ingredients list for this low carb quiche (which is included below). You’d likely need to adjust cooking times either way if you adjusted this chicken and mushroom keto quiche.

Regardless of whether you call this a chicken and mushroom keto quiche, a keto pie, a low carb quiche or even a low carb chicken pie, just know that you will love this, the whole family will be pleased, and you’ll be keeping it keto along the way.

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Ingredients for the Keto Quiche:
4 – 6 Chicken Breasts 2 Lemons 1 Onion 300g (10.5oz) Mushrooms 250g Cheese (8.8oz) 200g Spinach (7oz) 3 Eggs 250g Cottage Cheese (8.8oz)
Salt&Pepper to taste

Macros for entire Keto Quiche
Calories: 2275 cal
Fat: 102g
Carbs: 32g Net Carbs (38g total carbs – 6g fibre)
Protein: 304g

Macros per slice of Keto Yeast Bread (assuming 10 slices):
Calories: 228 cal
Fat: 10g
Carbs: 3.2g Net Carbs (3.8g total carbs – 0.6g fibre)
Protein: 30g

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Comments :

Anita De Clerck

Anita De Clerck . 1 week ago

Hallo, I am making this tonight... thanks for sharing. Love from beautiful Cape Town!

Anita De Clerck

Anita De Clerck . 1 week ago

Hallo, I am making this tonight... thanks for sharing. Love from beautiful Cape Town!

Big Bertha

Big Bertha . 1 month ago

Ricotta or a blend of cream cheese and ricotta may give you that smooth cottage cheese assimilation.

Pascale Devalet

Pascale Devalet . 3 months ago

Does cream cheese would work? Thanks you.

Big Bertha

Big Bertha . 4 months ago

Oh my soul, looks so yummy! Quick tip I learned a few years back....fry mushrooms first until crispy take out of pan and then fry onions and combine separately. Crispy mushrooms are so so so good...and naturally salty. Love your recipes as usual.

Gorgo 500

Gorgo 500 . 5 months ago

No cottage cheese, try ricotta

Ms. Sturry

Ms. Sturry . 5 months ago

Looks good..can't wait to try it...btw, new to the channel.

Joan Hamilton

Joan Hamilton . 6 months ago

I don’t call it Keto pie or Keto Quiche…I call it delicious !


daisy3690 . 6 months ago


Diane Montgomery

Diane Montgomery . 6 months ago

Amazing. One of the best Keto friendly recipes I’ve found. Very easy to make too. Thanks so much!

Cam Allen

Cam Allen . 7 months ago

Made this last night. Absolutely delicious, simple, filling and with leftovers for days! Awesome work!

Becky Manning

Becky Manning . 7 months ago

So are the macros for the casserole the same per serving as the keto yeast bread is per slice?

ms A Jack

ms A Jack . 8 months ago

Not a quiche Not a pie

Christel Webb

Christel Webb . 8 months ago

Thank you for sharing your great recipes but you’re putting unnecessary work into it. Why don’t you measure your ingredients straight into you vitamix/stand mixer? You’d save a lot of energy, washing up liquid and time and your videos would be shorter. You could make your own cottage cheese by curdling your milk with lemon or vinegar and let the whey drain out, then work it with a stick blender or whisk until it is as smooth as you want it.

Noor Noor

Noor Noor . 9 months ago

رائع .. شكرا لك

nourouz kb

nourouz kb . 9 months ago

Am gonna do this dish for sure YUMMY 😋 thank you

Beth Meadows

Beth Meadows . 9 months ago

I will be making this casserole this week. It looks so yummy.

A Lai

A Lai . 9 months ago

Yummy delicious tasty Keto Quiche! I will try 👍😋

Tony Vernon

Tony Vernon . 9 months ago

Eating it now. ABSOLUTELY delicious. Having it with a side of cauliflower rijst....Great recipe. Thank you.

KimmyKay Natural

KimmyKay Natural . 9 months ago

Looks yummy


147DegreesWest . 9 months ago

Ricotta- your “smooth cottage cheese” is called ricotta. This is neither a pie or a quiche- this is lasagne w/o the noodles.

maria s

maria s . 9 months ago

I will definitely be making this! Here in north west Ohio we'd just call it a casserole. 😊

ana hernandez

ana hernandez . 9 months ago

Looks yummy!!! Will try for sure☺☺☺


Leon . 9 months ago

Sorry to say Cottage Cheese is actually not Keto as explained by Dr Berg: https://youtu.be/kuUTAT5N24k?t=260. But I guess small amount is ok. However, what best alternative can I use for this recipe?


CINDY REUDTER . 9 months ago

Looks yummy


MacAttack . 9 months ago

What would be a good substitute for cottage cheese? I really want to make this recipe but I hate cottage cheese Thanks! Love the channel

Val Nightlily

Val Nightlily . 9 months ago

Stores with Jewish groceries may have uncreamed cottage cheese.

Alex Greene

Alex Greene . 9 months ago

I can’t get smooth cottage cheese in Newfoundland

Crafty Stash

Crafty Stash . 9 months ago

Delightful 😁


yagomangodomo . 9 months ago

Is your accent typical Canadian? It sounds rather Australian or South African somehow . BTW love your channel and all those nice repices.


RandomTorok . 9 months ago

I've grown up in Canada and I've never heard of smooth cottage cheese. I'm not far from Vancouver. About 90 minutes driving and a 90 minute ferry ride.


Jessica . 9 months ago

Oh my goodness, thank you!! Saved this to my low carb/keto playlist ♡

Luis Ubillus

Luis Ubillus . 9 months ago

I did but mine was watery on the bottom of the Pyrex


Harrrgh . 9 months ago

Awesome looking quiche casserole. Thanks for sharing!

Linda Charron

Linda Charron . 9 months ago

Looks really yummy. But I wouldn't call it a quiche nor a pie. Not enough eggs in it for a crustless quiche. Oven bake or casserole would work best. What ever you call it, it looks good.

Aurora Kardashian

Aurora Kardashian . 9 months ago

I’d probably just call it a casserole not that it matters lol 😂 Looks delicious! Saving it to my #KetoSundayDinner file!

Fativore Lifestyle

Fativore Lifestyle . 9 months ago

I thought you said easy in the ritle. Anything but.

carmen Fernandez

carmen Fernandez . 9 months ago

Looks good 👍

gayle crisp

gayle crisp . 9 months ago

Looks yummy. Can you substitute thighs for the breasts? Also is your wife /family eating keto as well?

Tracy DiPalma

Tracy DiPalma . 9 months ago

Whoah this looks amazing, on my radar for this week

Anne Soper

Anne Soper . 9 months ago

That would be a great dish for a crowd or party.

Aloha Corvera

Aloha Corvera . 9 months ago

How do you store this for later? What's the shelf life? Thanks

Shem Believer

Shem Believer . 9 months ago

Thanks for your wonderful yummy crustless quiche! Often used to make the traditional recipe years ago when wasn't on keto. The taste is all that matters and I will be baking it soon, a crowd pleaser for sure and great cold school lunchbox pack! Btw so lovely to read you are from RSA!! (was suspecting from Banting boss branding and the accent!). Brings back so many great memories of my foreign university student days in Durbs. Keep up the great health journey and being a top keto chef!

Arlyne Lauro

Arlyne Lauro . 9 months ago

I never heard of smooth cottage cheese. Maybe you can substitute cream cheese? Will be trying today.


SuperBullies1 . 9 months ago

Angioplasty pie

Ginarryl Properties

Ginarryl Properties . 9 months ago

Definitely a casserole.


TMB247 . 9 months ago

I am doing this tonight

Susan M

Susan M . 9 months ago

Dude... We just had this for dinner. You didn't say what kind of cheese you used we just could tell it was some type of a white cheese. We decided to use shredded mozzarella and Parmigiano-Reggiano on top, that was a good combination! Your keto quiche Awesome! Thanks!

Awaz Sulaiman

Awaz Sulaiman . 9 months ago

Looks 😋😋😋😋😋👌but we don’t have cottage cheese here can I use heavy cream? Thank you 😊

Jamie Mccallum

Jamie Mccallum . 9 months ago

Thanks for another great recipe! Can't wait to make this for my self and the family! Keep giving us more keto recipes!

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