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Easy High Protein Breakfast (52 GRAMS!!)

Fraser Wilson

Fraser Wilson

Published on 1 year ago

Try this healthy, protein-packed breakfast idea for a nutritious start to your day,!
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Comments :

Sonte Lena

Sonte Lena . 1 day ago

Love the music at the end by the way!!

Sonte Lena

Sonte Lena . 1 day ago

That oatmeal looks delicious!! And the Sriracha!! My man!!!

Sonic Cruz

Sonic Cruz . 4 days ago

I’m all twirled our 😆 Good video bro 💪🏼


noobmaster420 . 4 days ago

*T W I R L*

Cesar Arraño

Cesar Arraño . 4 days ago

Why blueberries?


godzgift503 . 1 week ago

That twirl though lmao aahahha🤦🏾‍♂️😂

Fuad Khabbaz

Fuad Khabbaz . 1 week ago

0:28 sum people can’t afford that shit😤

Joshua Olivier

Joshua Olivier . 1 week ago

That’s legit what I eat for breskfast


NJA2k8 . 1 week ago

Your editing makes you seem more obnoxious than you already are

Zavier Cadorin

Zavier Cadorin . 1 week ago

Of course he used whey :( I thought it would only be food.

Branden Russell

Branden Russell . 2 weeks ago

Mate mate mate mate I want everyone that sees this comment is to look up flea on YouTube this is the double clone 🤨🧐

Ant Hulse

Ant Hulse . 2 weeks ago

Count how many times he says “guys”

Neil Manuel

Neil Manuel . 2 weeks ago

just a beginner's question, why use the whites only for the three eggs? TIA

Drake Aamold

Drake Aamold . 2 weeks ago

God is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John 316


alonso . 2 weeks ago

It's called fuckin ketchup mate

Don’t At Me

Don’t At Me . 3 weeks ago

This video could’ve been 20 seconds

GR Noob Gaming

GR Noob Gaming . 4 weeks ago

Bro veg diet indian

The boiling Croissant

The boiling Croissant . 1 month ago

4:20 When your so active your scrambled eggs are burning fat

for you

for you . 2 months ago

I watched the video 5 times in 2 hours😅

Set Rojas

Set Rojas . 2 months ago

Ramsey will slap you if he sees your scrambled egg😅

Lorenzo Sumang

Lorenzo Sumang . 2 months ago

Dude!! I was laughing the entire video HAHAHA

abdo maroc

abdo maroc . 2 months ago

what different can make 2 white eggs or whole egg?

Darth Nox

Darth Nox . 2 months ago

Next video: Easy High Protein Breakfast (53 GRAMS, NO TWIRL, NO EQUIPMENT!)

Tran Khang DANG

Tran Khang DANG . 2 months ago


Name21 R34

Name21 R34 . 2 months ago

Subscribed bc of editing😂🤙

Sir Brxxklyn

Sir Brxxklyn . 2 months ago

his arms look like my cock buldge


Dumi . 2 months ago

Boom shaka laka malaca :)))))))



I can’t Handel myself eating/drinking fatty stuff and I need to train for boxing and I subbed to you so hopefully I stop eating/drinking my fats and gain bare muscles

ryan webb

ryan webb . 3 months ago

If you found the wrong spelling in the thumbnail. My OC symptoms kicks in.

Tuấn Hoàng

Tuấn Hoàng . 3 months ago

no offence fraser or chris heria??

Matthew Navia

Matthew Navia . 3 months ago

I wish this was written down lol he speaks to fast to follow😂

Laura Vandzura

Laura Vandzura . 3 months ago

This video could have been like 3 minutes. Lol gotta reach that 10 minute mark

Gerardo Almeida

Gerardo Almeida . 3 months ago

Oooooobnoxious dumbell head!!!

Senzo Reaper

Senzo Reaper . 3 months ago

Is this breakfast helpful to lose fat and help me with muscle growth as well? Would appreciate if anyone got back with a reply also does adding salt and pepper to the scrambled egg reduce the benefits of the egg or should I keep it plain scrambled like how you did


MrMe4u2nv . 3 months ago

Heres a tip to get the yolk out... Put them all in to the bowl.. then get an empty plastic bottle... squash a bit of air out while the bottle is open... while there is no air... hover it over the yolk.. and the yolk should pop right in!!!!!

Pero Djetlić

Pero Djetlić . 3 months ago

You throw out some of the yolks, then add peanut butter. Makes no sense.

raajveer99 veer

raajveer99 veer . 3 months ago

I god u didn’t wash the spinach


Spilly . 3 months ago

Twirl 🤣

Dylan C

Dylan C . 3 months ago

i hate those headphones so much

Kim Zhang

Kim Zhang . 4 months ago

I think u meant the champion of breakfast

Avgustin Simeonov

Avgustin Simeonov . 4 months ago

Nice job Fraser keep doing what you want! 💪😉

Jacky Che

Jacky Che . 4 months ago

I don’t even care about the breakfast anymore but what preworkout did you take before filming this??

Luca Rebsamen

Luca Rebsamen . 4 months ago

why is he that motivated?

Outinspace420 -

Outinspace420 - . 4 months ago

Great video bud, idk how I would take this if this was me but bro your neck is long, no offense it just makes your body look bigger compared to your head and neck 😂

Kim Heang

Kim Heang . 4 months ago


John Doe

John Doe . 4 months ago

5 minutes go by on the 6th minute of the video

Jesus Garcia

Jesus Garcia . 4 months ago

Wow fraser....buen desalluno.usualmente yo desalluno mi Quaker oats todos los días y en la tarde mi delicioso atún de aceite.SALUDOS y que bueno que seas amante de el ☕

Jimmy A

Jimmy A . 4 months ago

Dude thinks his adlibs are great. It's freakin annoying man tone down less editing you're making it a freakin circus. Stopped at 2:40 damn too much

Inderpal Singh

Inderpal Singh . 4 months ago

Sir full day fat burning diet please video

Ari San Toso

Ari San Toso . 4 months ago

i can't eat that

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