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WORST Foods For Diabetics

Cure Diabetes Type 2

Cure Diabetes Type 2

Published on 4 years ago

The Truth about type 2 Diabetes & How to Reverse it in 3 Weeks: http://bit.ly/2lfbH5I

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Type 2 diabetes is the disease of diet.

It develops within years of eating refined carbohydrates foods and living an inactive lifestyle.

If you plan to control and reverse your diabetes and reclaim your normal life, you have to change your diet.

It doesn’t matter how severe your disease is, the crucial part to reverse and keep diabetes at bay is diet.

A diabetic diet should focus on whole foods that do not skyrocket blood sugar.

Fruits and vegetables are always the first that diabetics are recommended to eat.

But contrary to the common advice, diabetics should NOT eat ALL kinds of fruits & vegetables.

There are certain fruits and vegetables that diabetics should avoid.

Did you know one vegetable can raise blood sugar as fast as pure glucose can?

This video will show you the WORST fruits and vegetables for diabetics that should be AVOIDED.

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Comments :

Cooper Lee

Cooper Lee . 10 months ago

I had been identified as having diabetic issues almost a year ago. I am presently Sixty four years of age. I cannot imagine that I`ve got diabetes and it worries me that I will also endure the same struggles like my dad did. Uncovered this phenomenal information “Vαnοjο Fivu” (Google it). The main test outcomes reveal that my glucose was at 183 and my A1C was 7.3. I just read the plan cautiously for a week and now my A1C dropped to 5.9...

Kannan Shanmugham

Kannan Shanmugham . 11 months ago

Avoid music

Peter Petrov

Peter Petrov . 1 year ago

Bullshit!!! I eat tomatoes every dau, cook with onions and have sometimes some carrots. I lost 12kg and reverted my glucose levels to normal. Agree about white potatoes and bananas.

Sam Mckane

Sam Mckane . 2 years ago


Ejaz Ali

Ejaz Ali . 2 years ago

No dairy, no grains, no fats, no fruits and now no vegetables. There is hardly anything left to eat.

Andrew Hajik

Andrew Hajik . 2 years ago

NO WHITE POTATOES,others are ok

Kaylyn Lybbert

Kaylyn Lybbert . 2 years ago

do not tell me what to eat and not what to eat vidio

Munu Sam

Munu Sam . 3 years ago

Good choice for diabetic control

Ken Sharky

Ken Sharky . 3 years ago



bubbanderson . 3 years ago

This is such a load of bollocks and goes against all of the other videos I've seen on here having recently been diagnosed. Obviously spuds are bad. Point me to peer reviewed scientific paper that backs any of this up. What's next ... double your d**k size in 3 weeks by eating nothing but pumpkins ???

Eileen Alderman

Eileen Alderman . 3 years ago


Bill Blakely

Bill Blakely . 3 years ago

Please cut to the Chase. This is an informational video...not a concert.

13Gladius 2

13Gladius 2 . 3 years ago

I gotta hav a slice o tomato in my once a week burger. Carrots r good for th skin. A good cole slaw needs some grated carrot. Potatoes r good in moderation. Th problem is when ppl eat too much o these things but never say NEVER !

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