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How to Make Login Form in PHP and MySQL

OnlineITtuts Tutorials

OnlineITtuts Tutorials

Published on 2 years ago

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Today We Will Learn How to Make Login Form in PHP and MySQL. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make the connection and then we will learn how to match record text boxes with database columns values.

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Comments :

Willian Miraflores

Willian Miraflores . 1 week ago

What software do you used?

calvin yip

calvin yip . 2 weeks ago

help me please Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_select_db() in D:\xampp\htdocs\Deepwave\customerlogin.php:7 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in D:\xampp\htdocs\Deepwave\customerlogin.php on line 7

Harraz Masri

Harraz Masri . 2 weeks ago

thank you my man :) , that works even tho I alter it and also you need to improvise in explaining functions with visual because i dont know what those functions are for

Let's Code With Abdul Rauf

Let's Code With Abdul Rauf . 2 weeks ago

Learn how to design login form in few minutes. Please click on link below for full tutorial. #webdesigner #loginform #html #htmlcoding #css #css3 #code https://youtu.be/SmIpTZKK3Sw

jem castillo

jem castillo . 3 weeks ago

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect()

effort nwikegha

effort nwikegha . 1 month ago

Nice Job Thank you very much

kangkang orboda

kangkang orboda . 1 month ago

first of all you need to show us how to save folder to see that viewer will understand thanks :)

Zombie Slaughter

Zombie Slaughter . 1 month ago

du dreckiger reudiger inder


TicoBytes . 1 month ago

Idiot. I wasted my time.

Cartoon XD

Cartoon XD . 1 month ago

Do not use it. You are using mysql_ to access database which is deprecated. Use mysqli_ instead.

Ido l

Ido l . 1 month ago


Ido l

Ido l . 1 month ago

Your code is realy bad... a lot of errors the source code you give have a lot of mistakes

Dil ne yeh kaha hai Dil se Mohabbat

Dil ne yeh kaha hai Dil se Mohabbat . 2 months ago

Bhai hindi bol lete... Aur jbb sign up krenge to data mysql m kaise store krenge... Wo explain kro

Parviz Fetullayev

Parviz Fetullayev . 2 months ago

style.css source please

Reika Ro

Reika Ro . 2 months ago

its getting unexpected ''if' (T_IF) error.. on line 11 and on that line the code is if (isset $_POST ['username'] ) )

John Juanda

John Juanda . 2 months ago

this guy is a moron

joshua valencia

joshua valencia . 2 months ago

hello sir i just want to ask if you have a tutorial similar to this one but there's a little bit different like , multi log in with different role's for example admin , and user . if the admin enter his account he will redirect to admin page and when user enter his account he will redirect to different page intended for user only . i mean , so that the user cant access the management which can only work for admin only . thank you .

Dream Indian Dream

Dream Indian Dream . 2 months ago

MLM code

Adriano Zanette

Adriano Zanette . 2 months ago



Joshk326 . 3 months ago

This is a simple login in but not secure at all please make sure to store passwords hashed and not as plain text

Mercy Dellola

Mercy Dellola . 3 months ago

when I click login nothing happens why?

abinash shasini

abinash shasini . 3 months ago

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in C:\xampp\htdocs\login\login.php:8 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in C:\xampp\htdocs\login\login.php on line 8 sir this error is showing plz replay s soon s possible


copper . 4 months ago

thats a good way to get your database hacked

Haymanot Solomon

Haymanot Solomon . 4 months ago

how can i use icons the key and person icons in the form? it can not work

Md Niloy

Md Niloy . 4 months ago

thanks sir

subhasish biswas

subhasish biswas . 4 months ago

Great it works, thanks

Rashisam sharma

Rashisam sharma . 4 months ago

I would like to see the all css coding,which is not available in this video about form input field and all!!

Richmond Mingi

Richmond Mingi . 5 months ago

what editor are you using


Z11X22 . 5 months ago

bhosdike hindi mee bnaao aaap

Business info

Business info . 5 months ago

How do I contact you personally for business talk. Via telegram or whatsapp

nishtha pahwa

nishtha pahwa . 5 months ago

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in C:\xampp\htdocs\login.php:9 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in C:\xampp\htdocs\login.php on line 9 ???? kindly suggest

Amit Hasan

Amit Hasan . 6 months ago

SQL injection == true


Shagster . 6 months ago

How is this ran by clicking the button? i'm not sure i get it

Sela Official Song

Sela Official Song . 6 months ago

Very good video, i will learn from sir thanks for your sharing, now subscribed you!


SOLOtheBEST . 6 months ago

ZF Cynaide now makes guides?

Truzz Blogg

Truzz Blogg . 6 months ago

You should not use mysql to connect to your database. It's deprecated! Please, be aware! And thanks me later, before you got hacked!

Arjun Rasith

Arjun Rasith . 6 months ago

Thank You so much sir...Really great sir...genuine code works with out any flaws...best explanation for PHP sqlDB i ever seen

Tech Idiots

Tech Idiots . 6 months ago

u don't reply for any of the comments then y u are posting videos just post your source code linking and shut the f**k up

Stephenne Sheane Randall Albano

Stephenne Sheane Randall Albano . 6 months ago

1st scenario. Lets say I will type a account (random account) will it wave in the database and I can see the account's user name and password in MySql server???? :) thanks

Adam Gliński

Adam Gliński . 6 months ago

When I open up page I can only see source code. Can U help me PLZ

Taniya Kaul

Taniya Kaul . 7 months ago

It showing error mysqli_select_db() expects exactly 2 parameters ,1 given on line mysqli_select_db($db); And when i write $con= mysqli_connect($host,$user,$password); mysqli_select_db($con,$db); It showing black page and in link part above page it showing localhost/php4/check.php?text=admin& password=admin


Nisutec . 7 months ago

don't save the unencripted password in a database.

Aafaan Jii

Aafaan Jii . 7 months ago

Aray asif baie..... Hindi/urdu mai baat kroo na... Taki sab aap koo samjay... ((( warna kya faida.... Jab aap koo samjana na aayai n logu koo samj naa aayai.. (? (? So plxxx... Try to make ur videos in hindi (? (?

BlackZero Rs

BlackZero Rs . 7 months ago

Yeah, but this way with puting username and password direct in your SQl query is highly risk to be hacked from SQL injection! Guys, use PDO method to comunicate with your SQL db, prepare and execute mothod in your query!

Lorenzo Tarquini

Lorenzo Tarquini . 7 months ago

it's everything ok without errors but when i click on "login" nothing happens

Raj Singh

Raj Singh . 7 months ago

it shows Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '$pass' (T_VARIABLE) in C:\xampp\htdocs\project\admin.php on line 5

Technical RV

Technical RV . 7 months ago

Thank You so much sir ho gaya


RaHiL BaBA . 7 months ago

jab english ni a rahi to naa bolo

بهاء الدّين I BAHAA EDDINE

بهاء الدّين I BAHAA EDDINE . 8 months ago

fatal error: uncaught error: call to undefined function mysql_connect()

rock on

rock on . 8 months ago

Empty=एम प टी 2:33 I laugh for 3 hours

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