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Meal Planning: Low Carb School Lunch Ideas

Cooking Keto with Kristie

Cooking Keto with Kristie

Published on 4 years ago

Most school lunches are full of processed high carb foods. My daughter has taken a low carb lunch for the past two years. Here are some of her favorites and how we manage to keep her on plan.

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Denise Allison Stout

Denise Allison Stout . 5 months ago

That plastic container leaks chemicals into your food...go with aluminum!!!

Terri Leist

Terri Leist . 5 months ago

Such great ideas. I love how involved your whole family is when it comes to eating healthy. So much of these meals and ideals will stay with them throughout adulthood and keep them healthy to avoid physical health problems

Angela LaPlante

Angela LaPlante . 5 months ago

Thanks a bunch! It’s surprisingly very hard to find videos like this. I’m going back to college for my last year and I want to keep it low carb all year. Thanks for the inspiration 💜

melissa thompson

melissa thompson . 8 months ago

I have the same issue with pork rinds, too.... I don't really care for seaweed, though. 😉

Denise Sancan

Denise Sancan . 10 months ago

Your daughter, Grace, is so lovely!! I have really enjoyed seeing the two of you working out meal plans!!!

melissa schmittou

melissa schmittou . 11 months ago

I love your Gracie! She reminds me of my daughter. ❤

pam jacomb

pam jacomb . 11 months ago

Go Grace! Hi from New Zealand. I'm a teacher and I can tell immediately you are going to be a very successful young woman.

Camstonet Salmon

Camstonet Salmon . 12 months ago

Hi Christy having known you since before the hubby and kids I can give true testament to what you’ve been through and your amazing transformation. I’m at the point where I’m ready to make changes fir me and my family I would love the chance to get together and pick your brain in the mean time I’m enjoying your videos.

Graciela Norris

Graciela Norris . 1 year ago

Y’all are adorable! Love 💕 y’alls recipes with great, everyday ingredients; and especially love your kind hearts, sharing your precious time with us! Thank you Kristie and Grace, y’all make a great team! God bless you and your family! 🥰

Teresa Valliere

Teresa Valliere . 1 year ago

Not just kids need these ideas thanks


Janey . 1 year ago

Kristie...I adore Grace!! My granddaughter (started HS as a Freshman this year) & I started our Keto Lifestyle a week ago and your video gave me some additional great ideas for Elizabeth’s lunches. I’d done my homework before we started so I was happy to see that I’ve been on the right track. Thank you for all of your videos. I appreciate each & every one of your delicious recipes!! I found your YouTube page thru High Falutin Low Carb’s page. God bless!! 🌸🌸🌸🌸

Meme Cottrill

Meme Cottrill . 1 year ago

Grace, I make a mess of pork rinds too lol... The food choices look and sound good.


MrsScentsibleT . 2 years ago

This is my favorite lunch Idea video. I’m in construction and on a different jobsite every day. Needless to say I don’t have access to a fridge OR microwave so this is amazing!! The only thing you guys didn’t mention that I currently love is the single serve guacamole. :)

Delaine Wright

Delaine Wright . 2 years ago


K Witsman GSM

K Witsman GSM . 2 years ago

Grace is a doll!!!!! 💜

Sandra Runyon

Sandra Runyon . 2 years ago

How do you calculate the carbs for your daughter?

Tracey Johnson

Tracey Johnson . 2 years ago

I just love Grace and her style.

Christine Jersey

Christine Jersey . 2 years ago

What a journey you and your family have been on!! I'm just another admirer I love all your videos. I did have to say I was kind of bummed to see the whole table covered with packaged food that can be pricey. I know you put your all into smart shopping (love the Aldi's video) in EVERY WAY. Keto used to be so natural and not about packaged foods and that start getting massed produced. I get so excited about all these new recipes everyone is coming out with and then go to make them but see I have to order a bunch of ingredients that are very expensive to make them. Well this diet is a lifestyle and takes planning. I guess due to it's popularity because it is such an amazing plan for living they had to find a way to start making money off of it by making all these low carb processed foods and package them as Keto Natural.....Not much money in natural meat, fat, veggies...etc Sorry for the rant. Do Love the videos Thank You!

Gary W

Gary W . 2 years ago

I like the ole wraps too.

Stacey Price

Stacey Price . 2 years ago

New too channel can you give me the link to order the flavors to order for adding to water.

William Lilien

William Lilien . 2 years ago

Thank you very much for this video. My daughter is going to start school and she needs to pack her own Keto lunch. She is new to Keto.

Davette Brown

Davette Brown . 3 years ago

have you done a video on the homemade gelatin? I have an idea of some using a Crystal light type drink mix to flavor it (I get the ones with stevia), but have no clue how to figure it out. T.I.A.


IdolEyes84 . 3 years ago

I like Bup bars (like quest bars), for morning tea and sometimes breakfast :) Really need more ideas that I don't need to refrigerate/prepare at work/school and some sweet ideas.

Lessons & Love Loraine Gutierrez

Lessons & Love Loraine Gutierrez . 3 years ago

thank you so much for this video!! I don't want my seven-year-old daughter eating bread anymore! It's such the American way and I don't want her to feel like she's deprived yet I want her to live a very healthy strong happy life. These ideas are fantastic! I've already cut out most of her sugar if not 95% and I really really want to get the bread out too. So these ideas for school lunches come at the perfect time! Thank you so much for your help and your willingness to share! Love and joy from Reno


Jamie . 3 years ago

Thank you for sharing!! Do you have any printable shopping lists or meal plans?

Jordan Rivera

Jordan Rivera . 3 years ago

Gracie, you're so fortunate to have a Mom who teaches you all about proper healthy eating. I'm so encouraged and have made many of your recipes.

Dc Foliage

Dc Foliage . 3 years ago

Thanks! great information.


SJ S . 3 years ago

Thanks Mom, but seems Grace has this.

Heya Mejid

Heya Mejid . 3 years ago

Bread and cheese isn't exactly low-carbs?

Rachel Xo

Rachel Xo . 3 years ago

Finally real recipes that I can make😊 your recipes are easy and things I already make but can change to low carb thank you!

Linda Charron

Linda Charron . 3 years ago

If you can't find crème fraise, you can make your own, by adding 3 Tbsp of butter milk into 2 cups of heavy cream. Mix it and leave it on your counter for 24 hours, cover the top with a coffee filter. I also make my own yogurt from kefir.

Kari B Gold

Kari B Gold . 3 years ago

Not crazy about the cleavage. I appreciate your vids minus that.

Carmen Campana

Carmen Campana . 3 years ago

I have been following you for awhile and I loved this video. Ideas for the kids but also for me!

Denny Keller

Denny Keller . 3 years ago

Great job Grace


Ddz5585 . 3 years ago

So sad my mom use to restrict me like this and I've had such a bad relationship with food being an adult.


K . 3 years ago

What's the brand of the full fat yoghurt?

Ocean Bound

Ocean Bound . 3 years ago

Great job, you've inspired me to do more keto with my kids ❤

Charlotte Herring

Charlotte Herring . 3 years ago

This video very helpful to me for quick lunches. I am "3 weeks in" now on Keto plan and feeling so much better already. Give my thanks to your beautiful daughter for posting ideas with you.

Tonya Thompson

Tonya Thompson . 3 years ago

I eat those wraps alot! I like putting them in the taco bowl mold too and baking it and putting my taco in there. So good! Loved the video :)

Tami's Crafty Creations

Tami's Crafty Creations . 3 years ago

Wonderful choices! This helps to give me ideas for things to eat for lunch. The parmesan crisps you can get a big bag of them at Costco. They are called Whisps. I love the seaweed too Grace and you can get that at Costco as well. TFS

Chyna H

Chyna H . 3 years ago

Love the video!

Jean Gene

Jean Gene . 3 years ago

I did get some ideas. Thank you.

Manny De Leon

Manny De Leon . 3 years ago

LOL--I reuse containers to. I food prep, for the week, and I keep the containers when my wife and Daughter go to places like Jersey Mikes and Olive Garden. Nice Video!

Deb Baize

Deb Baize . 3 years ago

you did not mention the brand of wrap you use. I would be interested in knowing that as I don't make my own


Jeepgurl . 3 years ago

Grace has the sweetest personality. If I was in school, I would love to be her friend. Wow, what valuable information to learn from her smart mama. Kristie, you're just a pro. As usual, thanks so much for sharing. I'm using these ideas to pack MY lunch. Many blessings to your family!

meegwun feather

meegwun feather . 4 years ago

Thank you for this video, my daughter is ready to go low carb and was asking about what she will bring for lunch!

Justine Near

Justine Near . 4 years ago

Such a helpful video! I love the idea of the little cup containers. We homeschool but I think it would be great to prep little snacks in those cups for the kids to help themselves too or to take on the go. Thanks for sharing!

Heaven Lee

Heaven Lee . 4 years ago

wow ty for this demo

Shirley Miller

Shirley Miller . 4 years ago

ty...sure helpful ideas...keep them coming please luv from canada

Pearly Q

Pearly Q . 4 years ago

p.s.-- as a diabetic, the Quest Bars spike my blood sugar higher than a regular candy bar. On amazon you can buy NUGO SLIM -- chocolate raspberry are better than the others even though I normally do not like chocolate and raspberry. Those are the only ones I can eat as a diabetic, though I try to stay away altogether because they take me out of ketosis. The Nugo slim use REAL chocolate, 2 grams of real sugar (not artificial which also have delayed glucose spiking). Yes, they are boring, but not much different than the Quest bars -- I have tried all those too really thinking they were low carb, but they are absolutely not. Quest will not take responsibility for their false advertising of low carb. I do love the Quest Bars taste though -- one of the best-tasting out there for sure.

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