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Low Impact FAT BURNING HIIT Workout // No Jumping Workout!

Heather Robertson

Heather Robertson

Published on 3 months ago

Today's low impact fat burning HIIT workout will target every major muscle group and will get that heart rate up with no jumping - so your joints and your neighbors will be happy :) We have 12 different low impact exercises to power through - 2 rounds of each. So grab some weights and follow along!

Weights I'm using = 10lbs each

Visit: https://www.heatherrobertson.com

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Website: http://www.heatherrobertson.com
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This is my own personal workout and may not be suited for you. It is strongly recommend that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. By engaging in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk.


Thanks for watching!

❤ Heather

Comments :

Berry Tracy

Berry Tracy . 2 days ago

Thanks Heather love the workout good for the day❤️

Pete Buck

Pete Buck . 5 days ago

Loved that workout thanks alot

DudleyMelisa Crossland

DudleyMelisa Crossland . 6 days ago

Loved this workout. It’s fun and simple.

Esther Yim

Esther Yim . 2 weeks ago

Wow! This is such a great workout video including warm up and cool down. I love all your no jumping HIIT videos. You are now my only go-to teacher for workout videos. Thank you for being such an inspirational role model ❤❤❤ Let's start the year STRONG together 💪💪

Maya A

Maya A . 2 weeks ago

love your workouts. quick, simple and effective this was a really good workout, thank you!!!!

amanda jo

amanda jo . 2 weeks ago

I loved this low intensity but full body workout!! More more more! :) Thanks Heather!

Beata Jozwiak

Beata Jozwiak . 2 weeks ago

love your work out videos, they're dynamic and fun to do. actually don't mind the music in these (which is really not my genre) so good job!

Jeanne O'Neill

Jeanne O'Neill . 3 weeks ago

great workout! I am 61 years old and trying to keep my body in shape . Your work outs really help.


SIMPLIDISHED . 3 weeks ago

Hey Heather! Loved this workout got a great burn with this one . Can you included more videos with what you do for warm ups and cool downs for us. Thanks so much for your hard work . Can’t wait to see what else you teach in 2020! See you on Instagram with my kiddos :)

Anupa Shrivastava

Anupa Shrivastava . 4 weeks ago

Love all your workouts. Thanks so much🙏🏻🙏🏻💖


NinjaKittay . 4 weeks ago

wowww, I'm leaking sweat everywhere!! Thank you for this! I live in an apt so this is awesome. I needed to get moving again. I've been pretty depressed and with the upcoming holidays looming without my mom (f**k cancer) and friends going back home, I'm struggling. Hard. Hope you have a happy holiday, anyone reading this. If you are struggling, just wanted to put out some good energy your way. We'll get through this, it may not be pretty, but it doesn't have to be.

Pam Garwood

Pam Garwood . 4 weeks ago

Thank for not rushing the warm up or cool down.

Julie Plyler

Julie Plyler . 1 month ago

Great workout! Thanks and please keep them coming! 😍

Ashen Ringlets

Ashen Ringlets . 1 month ago

I love how her workouts don't have any talking! Just music!

Saira Ali

Saira Ali . 1 month ago

Thanks Heather for another awesome workout. I hooked to your workouts. Thanks again, love the compound movements warm up and cool down. Suggestion - can the music on the be more faster more motivational after the halfway mark? I seem to hold on to the fast paced music while trying to complete the workout. :)

Ingrid Bautista

Ingrid Bautista . 1 month ago

È fantastico!!! Ogni video è perfetto!!!... otrima professionista

C Lucas

C Lucas . 1 month ago

Stepped away from your workout videos for a few months now. So grateful that even though I’m getting back into it I can still follow along without feeling like I can’t keep up. Great for people on all levels of fitness! You are appreciated far beyond you can ever imagine! 🙏🏾💪🏾

Tammy McClain

Tammy McClain . 1 month ago

I discovered your channel a couple of weeks ago and LOVE it! Thank you for having low impact and no jumping for those of us that are not as young and have knee issues as well as hard HIIT workouts for my daughter. You rock and I am excited to work out with you.

Alexandra Sichart

Alexandra Sichart . 1 month ago

That was great. Thanks. Exactly what I needed!

Jingjia Luo

Jingjia Luo . 1 month ago

Absolutely love it ! Thanks for your hard work!

S.C. S.I.

S.C. S.I. . 1 month ago

Great Saturday morning workout thx

mickey chong

mickey chong . 1 month ago

I love this low impact workout esp when i am not keen to workout butneed to overcome my guilty. It still make me sweat like crazy...thanks 😍

Luisa Villada

Luisa Villada . 2 months ago

Genial heather thanks😌💪

Sejal Mehta

Sejal Mehta . 2 months ago

I’m drenched in sweat. Low impact does not mean low intensity. Thank you Heather another brilliant workout

Ra Vincent

Ra Vincent . 2 months ago

Why are walking planks so hard!? Love this, thank you!

Carolyn Ingrasci

Carolyn Ingrasci . 2 months ago

Absolutely amazing !!! What a joy to have this with music and no taking you can really get in the zone !!! Amazing stuff !!!!!!!

Ксения Федосеева

Ксения Федосеева . 2 months ago

Perfect as always 🥳

Nazia Tingay

Nazia Tingay . 2 months ago

What a great fat burning workout with weights! Great length too. Thank you, Heather! Xx


Littleme . 2 months ago

Omg! That was awesome! So fun and so hard I’m sweating like crazy! The music definitely helped for me not to get bored and stay focused ♥️


Littleme . 2 months ago

Its a Monday morning and I’ll try this out today... I hope it goes well!

Yana Tam

Yana Tam . 2 months ago

as always GREAT workout

Lisa Urbytes

Lisa Urbytes . 2 months ago


Silvanna Veltri

Silvanna Veltri . 2 months ago

Did this workout again this am, absolutely luved luved it, again 🥰🏋️🏋️

Monetski Jose

Monetski Jose . 2 months ago

I love workouts that has a dedicated warm-up and cool down. Thank you!


MISCHA HAYNES . 2 months ago

Good grief!! That as a good one. I'm going to resign my PT. 😄

Ella Kale

Ella Kale . 2 months ago

Love these workouts


Stardust999 . 2 months ago

I love your clip very much. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🌹❤️ Just it’s a bit too quick for me for changing each posture. 😅😅

Safa Rehman

Safa Rehman . 2 months ago

Thanks ❤️

Communicate with Angels

Communicate with Angels . 2 months ago


Adrianne Lee

Adrianne Lee . 2 months ago

WOW... I love that you included warm up and cool down in your video. You add some yoga relaxing movement in your video is such a great idea. Amazing workout. SUPPORT!!!!!!!! I have knees problem, no jumping is just perfect workout for me.

Monica Pederson

Monica Pederson . 2 months ago

thanks for this! as per usual, I previewed it thinking "that doesn't look too hard" but it was a good challenge even without impact. I appreciate your hard work putting these together for all of our varying needs.

Tiffany Blair

Tiffany Blair . 2 months ago

Loved it.

Dawn-rae Smith

Dawn-rae Smith . 2 months ago

I've decided that i am going to use just Heathers' workouts for my transformation. I enjoy her workouts the most. I believe that i can get the body i want with Heather.


TheLadySomerset . 3 months ago

That was super challenging but really enjoyed it. Loved the tunes too.

Desirae Sifuentez

Desirae Sifuentez . 3 months ago

Thank you! No other influencer I’d love to do these great, focused moves with!😅😅 200+ cals I really enjoyed burning!😄👍🏼👍🏼

Amy Chen

Amy Chen . 3 months ago

Amazing work out! Thank you!


cooltinkerbell . 3 months ago

Omg I’ve sweated so much! Didn’t feel a 100% today so decided to do low impact! Wow feel like I’ve worked just as hard... Thankyou Heather ❤️

Sauda Malcolm

Sauda Malcolm . 3 months ago

Brilliant workout 🙌

Dialyn Roque

Dialyn Roque . 3 months ago

I love your low impact exercises. Good for people who are extremely overweight.

Ruthlin Richardson

Ruthlin Richardson . 3 months ago

Great workout!!! Had me sweating damnnn. Got fooled by the low impact😅😅😅

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