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Clearing Up the Carb Confusion

Michigan Medicine

Michigan Medicine

Published on 6 years ago

Are you getting mixed messages about carbohydrates in your diet? University of Michigan Registered Dietitian Susan Ryskamp clears the air as she explains how high-quality carbohydrates — fruit, dairy products, starchy vegetables and beans — are essential for good health. She also discusses unhealthy carbs found in such foods as white rice, white bread and white pasta, which have been stripped of their fiber and nutrients.

Comments :

Stephen Desrosiers

Stephen Desrosiers . 2 weeks ago

Did she just say her last name is “RICE”camp?

Yasam Farooq

Yasam Farooq . 1 month ago

Balance people balance


GenTech05 . 1 month ago

where's dr eric berg, bring him on hahahah


Ozey . 2 months ago

Me eating sushi while watching this


zero101 . 2 months ago

100 carbs a day..good enough stay active. .moderate meals. .with protein and red meat..some veggies

Classical Fandom

Classical Fandom . 5 months ago

stupid women reading off a manuscript no explanation only saying eat carbs such as blah blah blah

Tommy Harris

Tommy Harris . 6 months ago

Why is she overweight


mweb1 . 6 months ago

NO carbs is essential to HEALTH.

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