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Straight Pride Parade: Marching for the "Oppressed Majority"



Published on 4 months ago

On August 31st 2019, Boston reluctantly hosted its first Straight Pride parade. The parade’s organizers aimed to raise awareness about the issues impacting America’s heterosexual community -- the “oppressed majority.” While some view the parade as a joke, others see the Straight Pride movement as a significant threat against the LGBTQ+ community.

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Comments :

Blodershade Donald productions

Blodershade Donald productions . 12 minutes ago

Well dont give more rights to the mi ority than the majority *Caugh YEMEN*

Bangtan Bois

Bangtan Bois . 4 hours ago

This actually makes me sick to my stomach😷

shadow demon

shadow demon . 6 hours ago

5:44 like wtf is this shit this is so fucking stupid

Ashley Carnesecchi

Ashley Carnesecchi . 7 hours ago

"there might be more of us, but our belief is a minority"

Sadie beebe

Sadie beebe . 7 hours ago

"He identifys as a shark" omg I know she wanted to just break out laughing lol

Pastel Dunes

Pastel Dunes . 8 hours ago

Wtf they always have to try to make the oppressed lower, For Black lives matter they had to say Blue lives matter and All lives matter, I do agree but they were just trying to say that blacks weren’t treated right so they opposed it, but noooo someone had to go against it , now they have a straight pride? They have a gay pride parade because people who are discriminated against try to celebrate themselves, and here comes the hypocrites saying “ straight pride is great , 😑😑😑😐

ícҽís թհօҽղíx

ícҽís թհօҽղíx . 9 hours ago

Loving this...

Katie Thomas

Katie Thomas . 14 hours ago

thats not right gays dont need to be aressted

Muhammad Rasyid Prabowo

Muhammad Rasyid Prabowo . 16 hours ago

Straight people keeps our species exist. Why can't it be celebrated? If there's too many homosexual people, we'll get closer to extinction. 🤔


Prinxiety . 1 day ago

Ok, heteronormalisation insnt enough for you isnt it?


Odetuber . 1 day ago

I’m going to throw out my brother because his straight now


cloudyyskies . 1 day ago

yeah, but like y'all have rights lmao

Ashlyn Moore

Ashlyn Moore . 1 day ago

If the roles where reversed!!!!!

avalina scalise

avalina scalise . 1 day ago

Why though just why

My fish is lonely

My fish is lonely . 1 day ago

Pride parades are usually such a nice and excepting safe space but this is anything but that. You can tell that many of these people feel threatened and are full of anger.

My fish is lonely

My fish is lonely . 1 day ago

Half the people just wanna piss off people and be trolls and the other half are just straight up homophobes or people who actually think they are being oppressed.


ЛДНР . 1 day ago

i love how all these tolerant left are there strictly to start trouble with people who believe in conventional relations, love liberal hate !


Ark . 1 day ago

I know this out of context but there are people saying if you’re a straight man having sex with a gay man, it doesn’t make you gay...

Jen La Cubana

Jen La Cubana . 2 days ago

As a straight girl, I can tell you right now that I am not oppressed in any shape or form, and this is absolutely fucking stupid.

Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash . 2 days ago

I wish I was there In PROUND Straight LGBT people is CRAZY

Jared Cronin

Jared Cronin . 2 days ago

Shes a shitty vice reporter. Literally the only one I don't like. Way to be unbiased and just report your story. They need to fire her.

Lucifer Vfx

Lucifer Vfx . 2 days ago

the Point was that it’s either both sides show their strive or not at all. It’s to show true equality. I didn’t like the fact they put trump and American themes in this since there are gay conservatives but yes it is very justified.

XxKitsune PotatoxX

XxKitsune PotatoxX . 2 days ago

These people really gonna say “its not okay to be gay” its okay to be whoever you are i dont wanna hate but yall really gonna steal everybody’s freedom that we got fair saying we can be gay, lesbian, bi, trans and we shouldnt stop being ourselves for nobody we should keep expressing ourselves like i said i dont wanna be mean or send hate but to me this is just stupid i support straight but dont yall ever think people KILL themselves because there not accepted EVERYBODY MATTERS but lgbt people arent accepted so there are LGBT PRIDES but straight people are accepted so there shouldn’t be a pride for straight people but this is just my opinion

Flash Crusade

Flash Crusade . 2 days ago

You better cover lobby day in VA

Cole Smith

Cole Smith . 2 days ago

Straight pride is bullshit. Prove me wrong...


Papizion . 2 days ago

boi have can you not love gay peo... ups i typed love by mistake... brb

Fabio 97

Fabio 97 . 2 days ago

This is a the most interesting medieval documentary i ever seen

Zzz Zzz

Zzz Zzz . 2 days ago

Genetic lottery in this parade 🤣🤣


匿名希望 . 2 days ago

Good grief, even though the entire "straight pride" thing is pretty BS, it's their right to be able to hold a march. They did their paperwork beforehand, and they are not screaming violent things. It's also the right of the people to protest against them, but don't start punching each other jeez... People ought to learn to control themselves.

Dante Ferrise

Dante Ferrise . 2 days ago

Anyone who wants to prove they are straight and make fun of gay people wanting equal rights this much probably are just hating themselves for having gay thoughts.

Dante Ferrise

Dante Ferrise . 2 days ago

I am straight hear me roar... AND I ALSO HAVENT GOTTEN ANY PUSSY...like ever

Dante Ferrise

Dante Ferrise . 2 days ago

I couldn’t have said it any better than that girl protesting peacefully!!! AND THE FACT THEY THINK SUPPORTING TRUMP IS PROTECTING THE CONSTITUTION...WOW THATS IRONIC

Just Nick

Just Nick . 2 days ago

Us straight people are nazis now wow do they even know how they were fucking born

Philip Македонски

Philip Македонски . 2 days ago

The left hates national pride and heritage, they hate national flags and everything with it. That's why everybody hates them

Romeo Games

Romeo Games . 3 days ago

This kinda makes me sick that these straight people really believe they need to have this parade people don’t kill them because they’re straight people don’t socially attack them because they are straight. like what is this for???


Trivayoonie . 3 days ago

1:49 you mean... what they get to do everyday

Grim Soul

Grim Soul . 3 days ago

Absurdity appeals to people. And the more people it appeals to the more dangerous it becomes. Brilliant statement. Extremely brilliant statement.

A-Aron 604

A-Aron 604 . 3 days ago

They say they’re the ones being oppressed but then they also say that it’s not okay to be gay, and that homosexuality should be discouraged in schools and media

Lukas Rockell

Lukas Rockell . 3 days ago

OMG. The contribution of straight people to america. That's everyone ever taught to you in history.


Kodachrome45 . 3 days ago

What the fuck do you mean “hysteria” their just a bunch of fucking normal dudes going out there to celebrate being themselves

Griffin Stewart

Griffin Stewart . 3 days ago

fuck this whole thing

Jillan Gill

Jillan Gill . 3 days ago

So what I'm getting at is there scared ppl wont know that there straight, disappointing, Tomas had never seen such bullshit

Tyler Jay

Tyler Jay . 4 days ago

We have pride to feel accepted and to spread positivity straight people aren’t killed for being gay or anything else straight people have way more rights then lgbt people straight people aren’t killed every day and they think they should celebrate when they have noting to celebrate

Matthew Clifford

Matthew Clifford . 4 days ago

“It’s not okay to be gay” oh surprise surprise this is all based on HOMOPHOBIA

Matthew Clifford

Matthew Clifford . 4 days ago

Straight pride was literally just homophobic pride

sam ʕ•̫͡•ʔ

sam ʕ•̫͡•ʔ . 4 days ago

this just goes to show they don’t understand why we have pride parades

헤일리 헤일리

헤일리 헤일리 . 4 days ago

I hate straight pride. They are clearly just making fun of pride. They are already legal in all countries. What more do they want?

Ali Superstar

Ali Superstar . 4 days ago

Im confused are gays and lesbians not american ??? (A confused canadian lesbian)🤔😂


MUIZ . 4 days ago

I don't hate lgbt, I don't like it either Edit: just because they're straight doesn't mean they're Nazis

window ghost

window ghost . 4 days ago

this is fucking disgusting image thinking you are oppressed because you are straight WERE YOU KILLED FOR BEING STRAIGHT NO shut the fuck up and shit down anyone who thinks there should be straight pride is fucking pathetic

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