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How Water Helps You Lose Weight & Belly Fat! Weight Loss Tips, Clear Skin, Energy, Health

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Corrina Rachel, explains how drinking water can help you achieve your health and weight loss goals!! Many thanks to our sponsor for this video:

Part 2: Using the Water Testing Kits

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PsycheTruth . 3 years ago

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Aiyana Mikayla

Aiyana Mikayla . 5 days ago

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Dallas Brendan

Dallas Brendan . 5 days ago

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Hiker That got chased by Bigfoot

Hiker That got chased by Bigfoot . 6 days ago

I gave this video 900 likes.


Abhilasha . 6 days ago

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Ernest Mallory

Ernest Mallory . 3 weeks ago

Anybody tested out the Fenoboci Diet Plan (just google it)? I've heard many amazing things about this popular weight loss diet plan.

Redvelbeth Adventure

Redvelbeth Adventure . 4 weeks ago

I always prefer drinking water than the other drinks but how comes I didn't lose any weight? 😂


AJHAY? IS THAT YOU? . 1 month ago

This had me drink out of a big bottle


madTurk . 1 month ago

To much talk

xAesthetic •

xAesthetic • . 1 month ago

-Drinks all the water in the pool-

A Haldar

A Haldar . 2 months ago

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Patricia Tembo

Patricia Tembo . 2 months ago

Wow... this is wonderful I like it

Esteban Reynoso

Esteban Reynoso . 2 months ago

Love the video and she’s hot

U Rita

U Rita . 2 months ago

😛😛.. there's no woraah in Kenya..just water.😝

christiano wai

christiano wai . 4 months ago

Phantom Frivolity

Phantom Frivolity . 5 months ago

Clickbait! I didn't get to see her wear that sexy yellow dress. 😔

Honokiti Natsume

Honokiti Natsume . 5 months ago

Im 12 years old and i have never drinked water because i hate how it tastes. I know... im unhealthy XD


pewyoutuber . 5 months ago

So i am in this diet, and i am on my first day. And i am really starving, I'm talking starving. What do i do? Please someone reply.

Unholy Devourer Of All Worlds

Unholy Devourer Of All Worlds . 5 months ago

"Put it in my veins!"

Mohd Yunus Mohd Yusof

Mohd Yunus Mohd Yusof . 5 months ago

Try this 21 day "Flat Belly Fix" >>


ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn . 5 months ago

Hey I’m having a poop right now 🚽


LIFE RENU . 5 months ago

It's amazing

Ray Moundo

Ray Moundo . 5 months ago

Damn u got some nice titties


K.M. JOKER . 6 months ago

the uneven decor behind her gives me OCD

Celes Joseph

Celes Joseph . 6 months ago

Benefits start at 3:15

Jacob Patrick

Jacob Patrick . 1 year ago

"at the end of this video I'm actually going to do this water test." = LIE (There's a box to click, that at the moment, can't be clicked)

MuzikWithout Frontiers

MuzikWithout Frontiers . 2 years ago

I feel like the water testing thing is barely irrelevant to the main point of the vid.....

Christy Blake

Christy Blake . 3 years ago

I actually took the guidance of a friend and looked up “lyly amazing guide” on Google. It has given fantastic results to people and worked incredibly well for me. Within a week, I’ve already decreased 10 pounds.

Rosemarie French

Rosemarie French . 3 years ago

I have been dropping weight such as never before, using the diet plan “lyly amazing guide” (Google it). It’s been the most successful strategy I’ve ever implemented. Do a Google search and read up on it.

Loretta Roberson

Loretta Roberson . 3 years ago

Knew I had to lose around 9 lbs, but every weight loss program and technique I tried out, let me down. I merely never received any considerable results. But the diet “lyly amazing guide” (Google it) proved to be the program for me. In only one week, seven days, I actually lost 8 lbs.

Jasmine Y

Jasmine Y . 3 years ago

Why do you not mention fluoride? The WHO even came out in 2011 stating that it's a neurotoxin. It was documented to promote complacency in POWs during WW2 as well. I wish people would educate themselves and each other more!

Sky Miller

Sky Miller . 3 years ago

You try to speak authoritatively, as if you personally know what you are speaking is true, accurate and proven as fact. But the truth is that ALL you know is what someone has TOLD you, or what you have read somewhere and assumed was factual. People lie all the time and are extremely deceitful, especially when MONEY is involved. I suggest that if you would like to continue to enjoy your credibility, and all the things that go along with it, you not speak about things you are not absolutely sure about.


deware12 . 3 years ago

Corrina, what kind of liver cleanse do you recommend? Could you do a video on liver cleanses?

Confidential Male

Confidential Male . 3 years ago

Super video…! Do you have a video on doing a liver cleanse…? Thanks, Rob

Vimbai Mukusha

Vimbai Mukusha . 3 years ago

why hasn't there been new live chats in the live chat playlist. just curious


sinestar10 . 3 years ago

Corrina you're so MILK.


KnightInShiningASMR . 3 years ago

Corrina,i need your advice as a muso for a sound-system i want.I've blown up four Yamaha home stereo amps in two years.Drum and Bass needs more power than most music genres,and p.a and dj gear seems to be the go.I recently found a pair of Peavey speakers with two 15's and a horn in each box.I want to use a powered Yamaha mixer to drive them,but will i need a small pre-amplifier to boost the computer/ipod signal to the mixer? On-topic,these are great videos to watch.Could you explain the true meaning of the old saying "You are what you eat"? Freshly picked fruit and vegetables have a life-force."You are what you eat" actually means "You are alive,because what you eat is also alive"."You are what you drink" means the same thing too.If you could find some research proving the presence of life-force in fresh food and water,and the lack of it in processed foods and most bottled water,maybe more people would be inspired to take up a healthier lifestyle.


phypah . 3 years ago

Great video as usual, Corrina. Are there any disadvantages to drinking carbonated water over still water?

Elijah Murray

Elijah Murray . 3 years ago

Corrina for President

Jacob Franco

Jacob Franco . 3 years ago

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MegaBeautifulTruth . 3 years ago

I hate the way coconut water taste. I tried different ones. I could barely swallow it, without the urge to throw up.


S S . 3 years ago

plastic bottles are scourge upon the earth. get a glass bottle and distill your own.

Elise !

Elise ! . 3 years ago

Is sparkling water less healthier than filtered water?

Md. Habib

Md. Habib . 3 years ago

Corrina mam,plz do a vedio about teeneger calorie needs,what to eat to growing height, and be a healthy person..thanks...

Leo ForReal

Leo ForReal . 3 years ago

Corrina, thank you so much for sharing these vital insights with us! You are helping a lot of people live happier healthier lives.

Carrie Domitin

Carrie Domitin . 3 years ago

Hi Corrina! I drink a lot of water, but I don't have access to filtered water very often. I boil it instead and let it cool. Is this okay and a healthy alternative to filtered?

Mister Llama

Mister Llama . 3 years ago

My girl Corrina <3

Jason Ross

Jason Ross . 3 years ago

Gin and seltzer with a slice of lime does the trick, too. Zero calories.


holistic79 . 3 years ago

This had made me go and drink a glass of water.

Elizabeth Guerrero

Elizabeth Guerrero . 3 years ago

I'm not a fan of water I hate drinking it how can I change that

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