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Low Carb & Keto: What about Cholesterol?

What I've Learned

What I've Learned

Published on 2 years ago

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Comments :

wim lammens

wim lammens . 2 days ago

the best advice to follow to stimulate the economy is following ADA guidelines, lot's of doctors visits, lots of stents , lots of hospital visits, lots af pharmaceutical drugs and lots of work for coroners.


YOUSEF KD . 2 days ago

So what should i do ?

off grid prepper

off grid prepper . 2 days ago

your body and brain needs all kinds of fat..................

Yan Dzivinskiy

Yan Dzivinskiy . 3 days ago

It's the meat and dairy

Elle Em

Elle Em . 4 days ago

i lost 7Kg on keto in 2 months :) and i feel great!

Adam Fink

Adam Fink . 6 days ago

damn, I need more vitamin K2 in my diet considering the vast quantity of whole milk I drink (potential calcium buildup in arteries concern... and also reduce excessive milk consumption)

Tom Rich

Tom Rich . 1 week ago

Your body makes ALL the cholesterol it needs without ANY dietary intake of it...period


M B . 2 weeks ago

What great information! Thank you for being better than Medicine Today.

Alicia Ryan

Alicia Ryan . 2 weeks ago

you da best man

Micheal Bee

Micheal Bee . 3 weeks ago

Keep the butter. Leave the cannoli.

Andreas Andersen

Andreas Andersen . 3 weeks ago

I don't think it was mentioned in the video: High cholesterol intake increases the risk of gall stones. These can be very painful and can only be "cured" by surgically removing the gall bladder.

Robert Russell

Robert Russell . 3 weeks ago

For my high cholesterol, I have been applying this specific cholesterol guide “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) . Have been using it for about a number of months and also have noticed my Cholesterol numbers reduced more than enough that I tend not to argue with my own Medical professional. anymore. Stalin seems to have uncomfortable side effects, therefore i have to halt applying it. I look forward to the future blood examination. .


pleiades . 4 weeks ago

Damn smokers. They are the worst.

abhishek k j

abhishek k j . 4 weeks ago

My father has a 1400 tryglyceraids . He is a prediabetic. He eats a lot of carbs. What to do to decrease this ? He is 53


NEKKRON . 4 weeks ago

I starting eating only animal recently like I did when I was younger on the ranch. My erections after a few months are like when I was 18.

Anton Kulish

Anton Kulish . 4 weeks ago

everything i thought was the truth is a lie...


Foodiy . 1 month ago


Spot Me Bro

Spot Me Bro . 1 month ago

Thanks for this explanation that I do not expect ANY DOCTOR IN THE U.S TO BREAK DOWN FOR ME.


BarryEssex . 1 month ago

It's a corporate lie. Much easier and cheaper to grow lots and lots of canola than it is to grow a pig or cow.

Miguelito Migra

Miguelito Migra . 1 month ago

Chronic inflammation. Learn what causes it and avoid it. Don't pay any heed to the statin poppers or the big pharm supporters. The oldest people in history have some of the highest cholesterol levels. If you haven't already, get on the intermittent fasting/Keto train and start feeling better.

Franco Castro

Franco Castro . 1 month ago

I did keto diet for 3 months lost 22kg lowered my blood pressure to normal numbers. My levels are now more stable than ever and I feel very well.

Billy Poppins

Billy Poppins . 1 month ago

Sugar.. Carbohydrate is another word for it. 50kg in 7 months. 40 years old and zero meds.

JoeyNice The Savant

JoeyNice The Savant . 1 month ago

Keto is the way. I've never felt better....all while eating how my momma used to feed me in the 80s.

Multi Hack

Multi Hack . 1 month ago

Watching the butter get choped is so satisfying


Filippo2FM . 1 month ago

Cost-effective and top quality cholesterol tutorial “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it). Due to the tips of my personal physician, I utilized this unique tutorial so I can get my blood cholesterol to go lower. I got it for more than Fourteen days. Without doubt, this helps a whole lot! I sensed less discomfort and also started to be much more lively daily! I am obtaining greater results on my labs. .

Jennifer Kimmy

Jennifer Kimmy . 2 months ago

The French paradox has another explanation. The amount of people who died from heart disease/failure was severely under reported. Death by these causes, in elderly, were seen as "natural deaths" by many French physicians.

Amy Utube

Amy Utube . 2 months ago

Basically humans screwed everything.


joescalon . 2 months ago

This video is aging well.

Kamil Wiśniewski

Kamil Wiśniewski . 2 months ago

Cholesterol or lipoproteins?

Dude Lebowski

Dude Lebowski . 2 months ago

I've been high fat low carb for 18 months. I dropped 60 lbs of fat, triglycerides dropped in half, HDL doubled, and LDL rose 10%. Basically perfect - HDL to triglycerides ratio was 1:1. Best ever. I then had a coronary calcium scan - EVERYOBE OVER 40 SHOULD GET THIS DONE! I scored a 5 on a scale of 1-1,000. Keri is the best way to live. The cholesterol lie sells stations - a poison! Stop the madness. Eat LCHF get a calcium scan ($80 in Denver) and test your levels to see for yourself

At Creed

At Creed . 2 months ago

A 4 pack a day habit would be more than one cigarette every 15 minutes. (If you were awake for 20 hrs per day, it works out to 4 cigarettes per hour, every single hour, every single day.) that’s a LOT of cigarettes! That’s a beyond serious drug habit, as one wouldn’t begin to feel any drop in nicotine blood levels until possible an hour, maybe 30 minutes for an extremely sensitive person. Smoking causes a certain level of stress, felt as alertness, so 4 packs a day would mean being continually in a high stress mode. It’s no wonder he had a heart attack!

Francisco Santos

Francisco Santos . 2 months ago

All desicess began when they began to use High Fructose corn syrup.


Giabroni1 . 2 months ago

Do you have a references page you can send me? I'm writing a paper about the benefits of the ketogenic diet and there is some great material here for refutation of opposing views. Also I want to tell you that you are one of the most educational sources found anywhere. People like you are keeping intellectualism alive. Keep it up.

Acid Arrow

Acid Arrow . 2 months ago

A big thank you for time and effort put into these videos , researching level is very high , so complicatedly informative and a life saving.


ChrisByBacon . 2 months ago

Don't blame the butter for what the bread and the jam did.

Hoss skul

Hoss skul . 2 months ago

If it comes out of a factory don’t eat it .

Christina Jones-boozer

Christina Jones-boozer . 2 months ago

I don't agree. I'm doing just fine on keto

David Roberts

David Roberts . 2 months ago

When people ask me about starting a low carb diet, and have concerns about cholesterol, I point them to this video. Great work Thanks


scottishangie . 2 months ago

I began to utilize this particular cholesterol guide “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it). This precisely due to the tips created by my personal health care provider therefore I can get my cholesterol reduced. I had taken a single caplet each day for two months before I got my labs. It has decreased my cholesterol level to 30 points. There is no doubt I would highly recommend this one to my loved ones. Of course, I`m going continuously utilize this. .

j blah

j blah . 2 months ago

Deboning fish is just like deboning a chicken. Its just dumb. Lol Bone marrow is good for you. Thats why many westerners are weak and sick all the time. Paying expensive meals in restaurants and such. Paying lots of money to eat poison. Smh Fancy af but sick all the time. Nice


the7thwreck . 2 months ago

Science is so messed up these days, with studies being funded by biased people. Its like that analogy I heard somewhere.... Whenever there is a fire, you will find firemen, therefore firemen are the cause of all fires. Come on!


the7thwreck . 2 months ago

The keto 'diet' is amazing. As someone who has suffered with mental health issues my entire life, going keto, or carnivore based? has done wonders for my mental issues. Its miraculous! plus i've lost 18 lbs in a few months with no exercise and no hunger. I recommend everyone give it a try, especially recommend quitting the sugar/carbs.

Ange Djaou

Ange Djaou . 2 months ago

This is the first time I enjoy each video of a channel on YouTube thanks you (ありがとう)💓🙏🏾


mrshiney2 . 2 months ago

I had an aunt who would eat the fat from everyones steak,,,,she would throw her arms up in the air with a big UMMMM. She lived to be 92 . never stroked out or suffered a heart attack.

Tommy Charles

Tommy Charles . 3 months ago

When a militant vegan watches a video like this, they plug their ears. They are immune to science. On the health side of things, their entire argument is propped up by epidemiological studies. Most of them don't realize that epidemiology is the weakest and least trustworthy form of science.

Raquel M

Raquel M . 3 months ago

stay alive don't have vegetable oils!

Tranel Hawkins

Tranel Hawkins . 3 months ago

Eat fat to be thin!

Olivia McLennan

Olivia McLennan . 3 months ago

Hello everyone, excuse me, i have insulin resistance and am overweight. I tried keto but the keto flu never left and my daily functioning suffered. What can i do to lose weight? Im fasting from 7pm to 11am daily and im avoiding carbs and dairy (lactose intolerance). But i cant lose weight. I exercise more than i ever have. But im also on antidepressants for my social anxiety. Pls help


Heph333 . 3 months ago

The studies have verified repeatedly that serum cholesterol levels have very little to no predictive value for cardiovascular disease. Inflammation markers are.

Samson Martirosyan

Samson Martirosyan . 3 months ago

So, should I continue using corn oil for cooking ?🤷

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