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Indigo Airlines Customer Service

Deepesh K Tiwari

Deepesh K Tiwari

Published on 3 years ago

Indigo Flight number 6E 5409 from Indore to Delhi on 01st Dec 2016 was delayed by 4hrs. There were absolutely no announcements and the ground staff was so unprofessional and abusive. Mr Vaibhav told me "jo ukahdna hai ukahd le"

and never knew that there are paid pimps of Indigo airlines using filthy language and commenting on videos

Comments :

Mrinal Goswami

Mrinal Goswami . 8 hours ago

Mc passenger, churiyap kr rha h bkl

manish kumar

manish kumar . 3 months ago

Totally rubbish behavior by the customer, despicable...hattttt

Rohit Rao

Rohit Rao . 4 months ago

My name is rohit panga lena hai i m alwz ready men deepash tiwarri ji.sasta flight pe jana hai or itna rutwa ji wa acha hai itna kujli jai to paisa karcha karke hifi flight pe ja sab rutwa nikal.jayega

Rohit Rao

Rohit Rao . 4 months ago

Abe bosdi ke itna english mai rutwa kyu chod raha hai uske jaga pe rake dak then u will know ok blady passenger .attitude kisi or ko dika flight delay hai samaj nahi ata ha written u want ha bosdi ke toda english janliya bas bada choudary samajta hai give respect to anyone.

Vicky Gupta

Vicky Gupta . 4 months ago

You are disgusting. You must have been treated in the same way


M S . 5 months ago

Bhosadika passenger

Animesh Mazumder

Animesh Mazumder . 5 months ago

Educated fools passenger

PP94 Pp

PP94 Pp . 5 months ago

Lol!!! Man you are funny!! What an educate illiterate you are. The staff is being so humble. Can you ask a neurosurgeon to do a cardiac operation?? No right? They are different job roles. Similarly staff at the airport staff can’t do much other than assist people with information. If you require anything more like what you Are asking for “in writing” there is a grievance cell and nodal officer whom You can write to and they will send you whatever “in writing” you Want. Understand the basics of flying first!

Afreen Naz

Afreen Naz . 6 months ago

Ka yaar is he physco the passenger is literally behaving like an idiot how can he ask for a written proof .idiot

Kuldeep Thakur

Kuldeep Thakur . 7 months ago

It's wrong

Ahmed Shahbaz

Ahmed Shahbaz . 7 months ago

First of all understand flights dont delay there service without any particular reason because it will cost them more than the amount you paid for traveling !

Ahmed Shahbaz

Ahmed Shahbaz . 7 months ago

This traveller is a bullshit person.

Thiru1982 Thiru

Thiru1982 Thiru . 7 months ago

The passenger did very good... If anyone need ask questions come my in box I explain what happened on that day.

Mr.Vikash Singh

Mr.Vikash Singh . 8 months ago

Pgla customer.....chutiya...

Ore No Na Wa Jeff

Ore No Na Wa Jeff . 8 months ago

ignorant dumb passengers.. video banane wale ko lagao koi kaan k niche .. maa ka bhosra

Travel And Enjoy

Travel And Enjoy . 9 months ago

Because of ur this kind of behaviour india is not developing...did u ever learn how to respect? If the person is saying he doesn't know why u are asking for a nonsense in writing..if u really need something go to airport manager and ask to that person .to be show ur power and richness u r making a bullshit vid ..for me u r a brainless person..here I'm saying this thing about the passenger who is recording...

aman chougule

aman chougule . 9 months ago

Sir then why are you flying with indigo ........... just because sasta fare milta hai

Malsawmt Luangi

Malsawmt Luangi . 9 months ago

🖕 if u have any problem so why u didnot talk to officer fuck a bad passenger

prince kumar

prince kumar . 10 months ago

Rude passangers.. the flight is delay so then what can CSA do..? and he's asking for a written format since it is not allowed to airport..

bishal chhetri

bishal chhetri . 11 months ago

this man is mantel hahaha

arunima chakraborty

arunima chakraborty . 11 months ago

Such a rude person you are they serve us that doesn't meet we have the right to treat them in this way ....he is a security officer how will he know about the flight delaying reason...such an insane 😐

Bhupender yadav

Bhupender yadav . 11 months ago

bhai agar flight late h to usme csa ki ky galti or video banane ka itna hi shok h to manager ki bana

blez bb

blez bb . 1 year ago

That’s an extremely annoying passenger. He’s already mentioned that he can’t give in writing and only customer service department can. He expects him to run and get a paper and give it in writing like he owns the airline or controls the weather or whatever

Simran. aviation

Simran. aviation . 1 year ago

Why these rude passenger dnt understand tht...whatever airline staff doing is only for passengers only. This is not way tht this rude bulshit dragging him. If he's saying there's traffic conjuction then it's nt his fault. You need to have some manners...

Adarsh Jaiswal

Adarsh Jaiswal . 1 year ago

Dude seriously. ..... do you even know how an aircraft operates ? Money can be earned but once you die you die ... grow up man

Mathew Litty

Mathew Litty . 1 year ago

Hay deepesh you handled him well. you were rough and tough . I am too like you at times . But that poor thing that just relay the message that they get from the engineers team. So what happened finally? You cant get anything in writing thats the airline protocol whether we like it or not.

smart Shanmugam

smart Shanmugam . 1 year ago

even aven mairaa pudunga poraan.epadi flight deleynu complete pandran.baadu

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