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Sam Smith - How Do You Sleep? (Lyrics)

Win Sum

Win Sum

Published on 5 months ago

Sam Smith Official Video:https://mp3download.xyz/watch/PmYypVozQb4

‘ How do you sleep ?’ By Sam Smith. The lyrics to “How Do You Sleep?” talk about Sam Smith’s feelings after going through a breakup. He promises himself that he will do everything possible not to cry himself to sleep again over a lover who did not love him back. At least we know one reason why their relationship did not last–Sam Smith’s partner seems to be a pathological liar.

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Comments :

Win Sum

Win Sum . 5 months ago

Sam Smith - How Do You Sleep . Hope u like it ! ❤️ ( wow, 2million Views) Subscribe to support me ! Edit lyrics : looking through yr phone

Yassier Green

Yassier Green . 22 hours ago

I don’t want my heart to break 🙁

Princess Gamer

Princess Gamer . 1 day ago


Kattie Bennett

Kattie Bennett . 2 days ago

love dis song

Chris Allen

Chris Allen . 2 days ago

he's getting sexier and sexier compared to when he first started.

Elaine Mcivor

Elaine Mcivor . 2 days ago


Marc Joseph

Marc Joseph . 2 days ago

I've listened to this song so many time and its still good i don't know really know why 🤷‍♂️

Jcmario45 100

Jcmario45 100 . 3 days ago


Troy Mendoza

Troy Mendoza . 3 days ago

May pagka jhon Mark saga Yung voice nya

Jammie-Jean Lawrence

Jammie-Jean Lawrence . 3 days ago

I ❤️ how do you sleep 😃😍

Laureen A

Laureen A . 3 days ago

Mmmm Very Sensual....

q Caselin

q Caselin . 3 days ago

Like 👍👍


LoaiJeries . 4 days ago


Denise Dyke

Denise Dyke . 4 days ago

Good night...my sweetprince..see u in my dreams...💓🐉🔮

Linda Youtube

Linda Youtube . 4 days ago

when you move like that i just wanna stay LOVE TO YOU IS JUST A GAME look what u have done ( values ) i won’t want my heart to break ( already. late ) how do you sleep when you lie to me ?( you are happy ?! ) shame.. all that danger fear and pressure how did i manage to lose me ? i’m not this desperate not this crazy ( i don’t know anymore now. i’ve been so obsessed for nothing. and i lost control. for once i let me go cause i trusted. i’m feeling desperate and crazy now because of you ) there is no way i’m sticking around to find out ( i will keep digging.. with all my « force » ) I WON’T LOSE LIKE THAT ( cause you cheated in this game ) i won’t lose myself ( hell no neither )

Ibaa _m_

Ibaa _m_ . 5 days ago

In love this song

Faki AZer

Faki AZer . 6 days ago

I love this song😍🔥👍👌

Alex Autin

Alex Autin . 6 days ago

adresses such commonality

Ani Nurbani

Ani Nurbani . 6 days ago

I'm very2 like vidios sama Smith how do you sleep

Sherralyn Neuman

Sherralyn Neuman . 6 days ago

I'm berly in love with that

Leslie Gonato

Leslie Gonato . 1 week ago

How do you sleep when lie to 🌈 ?

Siama Darlong

Siama Darlong . 1 week ago

I recommended this song to my ex and she came Back.

Mika Viandy

Mika Viandy . 1 week ago

Hah Gaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


nicktk . 1 week ago

that`s better than official Video :)

Grande Horan

Grande Horan . 1 week ago

Another How Do You Sleep? Lyrics video https://youtu.be/6W5pZzk_478

Hazel Heart Dominguez

Hazel Heart Dominguez . 1 week ago

i like that song

Putinae Putinae

Putinae Putinae . 2 weeks ago

The Best artist Sam Smith!!

tjlove princess

tjlove princess . 2 weeks ago

Nice song. My bf likes this song ....brings back his past memories lol and he forgets to love me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣love is in the air

Music Love

Music Love . 2 weeks ago


AriBoo CantDoYou

AriBoo CantDoYou . 2 weeks ago

I love your channel ❤️💛💚💙💜💘💗💕💖💞

Luke Firdauzi

Luke Firdauzi . 2 weeks ago

I was having a hard time analyzing the lyrics, luckily i found this video it is really helpful. Made my experience of enjoying sam smith’s song better. Thx Win Sum!!! ;)

Elise Lady E

Elise Lady E . 2 weeks ago


t j

t j . 2 weeks ago

Love his voice 😍

asnath pascal

asnath pascal . 2 weeks ago

Love the song

Pretty Niquey

Pretty Niquey . 2 weeks ago

🌺A lot of love going out to you Sam keep making great music it takes me to that special place in my mind everytime and I can relate my life to all your songs as well keep pressing on .🌺

Lauren Playz

Lauren Playz . 2 weeks ago

:3 it!

Patrick Dwyer

Patrick Dwyer . 2 weeks ago

Pretty god damn good

Harpal Kaur

Harpal Kaur . 2 weeks ago

I love this song especially wen someone lies to u 😢

Sarah Simons

Sarah Simons . 2 weeks ago

This is better than Sam Smith''s own music video. He wasted an opportunity to have an amazing video, totally wrecked it. Song is great, lyrics are fire, video of his is awful.

Gra Nastas

Gra Nastas . 2 weeks ago

One of the best singers with the best songs all the time! The perfect lyrics for my heart...

world of Natalie

world of Natalie . 2 weeks ago

My fave song.


Angel HACKETT . 2 weeks ago

I LOVE this song💖

jumar delacruz

jumar delacruz . 2 weeks ago

This song is legit

Crystal Stevens

Crystal Stevens . 2 weeks ago



B.O.Y_YT . 2 weeks ago

So amazing to hear.

Operia Varcianna

Operia Varcianna . 2 weeks ago

This song is so beautiful💔

Vision tech

Vision tech . 2 weeks ago



Melina . 2 weeks ago

Omg this song legit reminds me of my cat 😢 they meowed to me all of the time mewing how they love me more than anything. But then they left me for Paul and didn't tell me until they were pregnant. Once I knew they cheated I wondered how they slept and then I found this song... It was fate 😢😢

Dena Lowe

Dena Lowe . 2 weeks ago

why are you soggy

Aashy kimmy

Aashy kimmy . 2 weeks ago

i sing for shalmar

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