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Kelsea Ballerini shows up at the Bluebird Cafe and surprises Landon Wall!!!



Published on 3 years ago

Kelsea Ballerini surprises Landon...Shows up at the Bluebird Café during his performance of "Lost Boy"...then sings her smash hit "Peter Pan to Landon and a stunned crowd!!!!!

Comments :

Cagney Ragsdill

Cagney Ragsdill . 2 days ago

That boy need to make that a single..!!

Cagney Ragsdill

Cagney Ragsdill . 2 days ago

Aww that was soOo sweet..!!!

FAS_ KingSpivey

FAS_ KingSpivey . 5 days ago

This is amazing

Valkyrie Customs

Valkyrie Customs . 7 days ago

Good job kid never lose your drive and don’t give your spotlight away again 😉

Scott Calloway

Scott Calloway . 1 week ago

Hello Landon, I commented to someone's "less than complimentary" post a bit ago. I didn't know of you, or her to be honest, but wow what a great moment. Reading through some of the other comments made me realize that this was your personal YouTube page. I figure a direct "Well done!" is deserved here. Keep the spirit young man you never know who is listening and how your music will resonate with them and their lives. Music is a gift, thank you for giving.


MMFC . 2 weeks ago

Great song, bro. Really humble stage presence too! You'll do just fine!

Robin Kirk

Robin Kirk . 2 weeks ago

Awesome...ya'll should record these together💜

Jeffrey Offutt

Jeffrey Offutt . 2 weeks ago

They should record a duet for real!!! Back and Forth... Get it done!!!

Joe Heinemann

Joe Heinemann . 2 weeks ago

Give the kid the f***ing mic back

Johny Uffels

Johny Uffels . 2 weeks ago

still awesome.

Kent Ennik Jr

Kent Ennik Jr . 3 weeks ago

She's right that was a better version of her song.

Tanner Holtzapple

Tanner Holtzapple . 3 weeks ago

I play guitar on YouTube and sing😀

Tanner Holtzapple

Tanner Holtzapple . 3 weeks ago


Jeff deal

Jeff deal . 3 weeks ago

Y'all both did great!!!! I wish both of you the best. You seem like a very respectable young man!!! Keep playin your heart out!!!!

Karen Stepp

Karen Stepp . 3 weeks ago

Very cool !! 👍 😊

Marc Nelson

Marc Nelson . 3 weeks ago

Sounds so pretty she silents the room. Unreal. Kid was great but her voice ..


KatjaGotYa . 3 weeks ago

Omg 😍

Jaena Frye

Jaena Frye . 3 weeks ago

I love the song and I his singing so so much

Jeff olefson

Jeff olefson . 3 weeks ago

I have seen this video many times before, but its always great to come back to it. Kelsea is the real deal.

Bella Mia

Bella Mia . 3 weeks ago

That kid is amazing!

Kristy Bishop

Kristy Bishop . 3 weeks ago

That's awesome!!!! <3 it


*Heidi* . 3 weeks ago

Love her so much

Ian Druckman

Ian Druckman . 4 weeks ago

A very talented woman and an equally talented kid.

Controlled Chaos.

Controlled Chaos. . 4 weeks ago

After getting a kiss he is like umm ughh I need to go to the bathroom lol.

Chris Sudlow

Chris Sudlow . 4 weeks ago

I love his realization at 3:14 that its her and this is actually happening

Corey Hannigan

Corey Hannigan . 4 weeks ago

Nice voice

Domenick Bizzaro

Domenick Bizzaro . 4 weeks ago

Damn she kicked the kid off

DD Yodaman

DD Yodaman . 4 weeks ago

Great little drop in!! Pretty sweet of her to do that!

Tommy Willam

Tommy Willam . 4 weeks ago

He good

Big Toe

Big Toe . 4 weeks ago

Thanks a a big guitar

Remington AK

Remington AK . 4 weeks ago

I've always loved Kelsea and her music,she is the better than the best...From ALASKA

John S.

John S. . 4 weeks ago

So awesome. Would love to see them do this on a big stage at CMA’s.

John K.

John K. . 4 weeks ago

Everything about this is awesome :)

Samuel Starr

Samuel Starr . 1 month ago

this kids awesome.... thanks bro i hope the best future for ya !

Peter Nagel

Peter Nagel . 1 month ago

This is SO cool!!! Love Kelsea and Landon rocked his song!!

Cassandra Gaskins

Cassandra Gaskins . 1 month ago

Awesome! My daughter loves Kelsi Ballerini

Unshaken Resolve

Unshaken Resolve . 1 month ago

Good job kid!

Daniel Kohler

Daniel Kohler . 1 month ago

Kelsea's a sweetheart! Keep performing Landon. Who know's who's next to kiss you lol!

Brooke MacArthur

Brooke MacArthur . 1 month ago

wow hes got so much potential, can definitely see him as a major country star someday! I just did a cover of "Homecoming Queen" by Kelsea Ballerini, would love some feedback :)

Amanda Renee

Amanda Renee . 1 month ago

Hes really talented at such a young age!

Andy Simpson

Andy Simpson . 1 month ago

Those moments, are made in heaven!

ECregs Outdoors

ECregs Outdoors . 1 month ago

Pretty cool stuff!


vegeta420z . 1 month ago

Man that kiss on the cheek at the end he has all the girls in his middle school lining up now.


vegeta420z . 1 month ago

Not being a dick, but who the fuck is Landon?


rthompson6718 . 1 month ago

Staged, first of all. Second, why does she have to use this boy to fuel her failing career?

Hugh Harkin

Hugh Harkin . 2 months ago

She is awesome that is a moment that dude will ever forget 🤠👍

Ryan Wilkie

Ryan Wilkie . 2 months ago

how could 305 people dislike this, this is so awesome and he will remember this forever!

Justin Miller

Justin Miller . 2 months ago

How rude and arrogant of Kelsea to come crashing his set and basically shoving him off stage to sing. Total narcissistic move.


Norman164 . 2 months ago

He's really good!


Megan . 2 months ago

Would love to hear both songs played together more of a duet of a mashed up song 😍

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