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Dollar Tree Weight Loss Pills 2 Week Weigh In



Published on 3 years ago

Hey guys sorry for the late post. This is week 1 and 2 weigh in of using the dollar tree bran of green tea slim and weight control pills. I hope you enjoy.

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nara salgado lopes

nara salgado lopes . 1 week ago

Eu queria q fosse em portuges

CeeCee Brown

CeeCee Brown . 5 months ago

I went to dollar tree I didn’t see them pills

Ktln Stoddard

Ktln Stoddard . 6 months ago

You literally lost 1 pound

Baby DW

Baby DW . 7 months ago

Is it me... or when I take those vitamins it makes my acid reflux get worse because of the apple cider vinegar since it has acid ?? I’m on day two


PIXART Gaming . 1 year ago

I completely feel ya on the back issues. I myself am limited on certain activities. I myself do fasted cardio for about an hour, walking or running in place. I intermittent fast. Only supplement I use is Apple cider vinegar from dollar tree, supress my appetite till my fast is over. People call me crazy because I use dollar tree stuff for weight loss, but it most definitely works even their green tea.

Alexus King

Alexus King . 2 years ago

How many u take a day and how much weight u lost in one week

Alexus King

Alexus King . 2 years ago

Do u take them together or separate

Bernadette Simone Webb

Bernadette Simone Webb . 2 years ago

I started taking weight control on April 6th 2018. I'm taking 3 a day has directed. It's been a while since I weighed myself, last time I did I was 160 lbs. My goal is to get to 150 lbs and maintain from there. I have noticed that my portions sizes are smaller. I purchased 6 bottles which is a 3 month supply, we'll see what happens. I'm feeling pretty good about these pills.

Shiny Poipole

Shiny Poipole . 2 years ago

It works, trust me

Ashley Booker

Ashley Booker . 2 years ago


christa evans

christa evans . 2 years ago

hmm...so watching what you eat and moderate exercise is the real reason you lost weight?

Adriana Marroquin

Adriana Marroquin . 3 years ago

How's it going?!

Kimberly Thomas

Kimberly Thomas . 3 years ago

I'm going to go buy them today and try it

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