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10 Foods to Avoid to Get the Flat Belly You've Dreamed Of



Published on 2 years ago

We all want to have a flat stomach, but even with intensive workouts and dieting belly fat remains the most difficult kind to get rid of. The secret that will help you drop some pounds is avoiding certain foods.
You most likely know it already, but it won’t hurt going over it again: avoid junk food, fried foods, and ice cream. The more you get, the more you want to satisfy your ever-growing craving. If you’re seriously set on getting rid of belly fat, you really do have to kick the habit of drinking pop and store-bought juices. Even diet soda slows down your metabolism and makes your body store more fat. Speaking of drinks, you’ll also have to say no to alcohol. Some alcoholic beverages are loaded with calories, but it’s not just about the caloric content in certain drinks. Alcohol consumption itself increases your appetite and confuses the part of your brain that’s responsible for that full feeling in your stomach.
Along with sugar, salt should also be limited to small amounts, especially if you suffer from high blood pressure. Remember that one tablespoon of mayonnaise has about 100 calories.
Another food to avoid is chewing gum. When you chew gum, your brain and stomach get signals that prepare them for an incoming meal. This means that gum triggers the overproduction of stomach acid, which ends up making you feel hungry.

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Alcoholic drinks 0:38
Soda 1:41
Chewing gum 2:50
Foods high in sodium 3:26
Fast food 4:12
Mayonnaise 5:08
Fried foods 5:37
Ice cream 6:14
Foods that make you bloat 7:14
“Sugar-free” foods 8:23

-Alcohol consumption itself makes you feel hungry, so no matter how full you are, when you go for a bottle of beer, you usually grab a snack too.
-If you’re seriously set on getting rid of belly fat, you really do have to kick the habit of drinking pop and store-bought juices.
-Gum triggers the overproduction of stomach acid, which ends up making you feel hungry, especially for sugary stuff.
-Not only are high-sodium foods harmful to your health, they also make your body retain fluids, resulting in a puffy belly.
-Junk food is a scary mix of fat, sugar, and chemical additives that give it a great taste negatively affect the good bacteria in your gut, and that leads to obesity.
-If you’re a big fan of mayonnaise, then you should know that this condiment contains at least 80% fat.
-Foods fried in oil work like a sponge that absorbs saturated fats that trick your brain and so you just keep shoving food in your mouth without even noticing it.
-The more ice cream you get, the more you want to satisfy your ever-growing craving.
-Dairy, apples, lentils, beans, and artichokes all cause bloating which gives bulging bellies to even the skinniest people.
-Artificial sweeteners in “diet” foods might have no calories in them, but they will make you want to eat more, which only leads to gaining excess weight.

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Comments :


ThankTheLord . 1 day ago

Next time avoid this boring weird music.


Neal . 1 week ago

I want a balance.


Neal . 1 week ago

Ewww . i like healthy food it becomes innaccessible.

shubham gupta

shubham gupta . 1 week ago

100% agree.

Healthy Lifestyle with Jeanne

Healthy Lifestyle with Jeanne . 1 week ago

If you really cannot avoit those foods then practice MOVABA - Moderate, Variety, Balance..

Tugi Fox

Tugi Fox . 2 weeks ago

Apples. Can't imagine life with out apples.


Bailujen . 2 weeks ago

What about if the food was air fried

Shank Adams

Shank Adams . 3 weeks ago

I dont mind a guy with a lil belly as long as he got some junk in the trunk😝🚬

Dee M

Dee M . 3 weeks ago

These comments are so funny. Its not as bad as yall think. Eat more raw foods such as veggies. Eat home-cooked meals vs out. If you eat out find a place that has organic fresh meals. Everything that is fast food is usually frozen food and mostly processed food (including fine dining restaurants) that you can just make at home. Might as well invest in healthier options. Why waist the money. I am vegan and I have found this not to be so bad. I eat a lot of veggies, avocados, nuts, almond milk. Plus a ton of meatless options that I find in different grocery stores such as wholefoods, outposts, pick and save and freshthyme. I feel great ever since I made this switch. Take a look at what you are eating you will be surprised.

Joyce Merrick

Joyce Merrick . 3 weeks ago

Pop & fast food & ice cream

anne dama

anne dama . 1 month ago

Chewing gum lol

Sanjenbam Vvek

Sanjenbam Vvek . 1 month ago

Want to punch this animated man

Liana Benks

Liana Benks . 1 month ago

Basically go raw food vegan.

Amanda Stewart

Amanda Stewart . 1 month ago

Sugar free and ice cream

Linda Kachur

Linda Kachur . 1 month ago

What about wheat belly? As for fried foods, many Asians are leaner than Caucasians.

Rahul Malik

Rahul Malik . 1 month ago

Agr app bhi weight se preshan h call me fast 8851601292

harry viking

harry viking . 1 month ago

Avoid grains!!!! ....plus all other carbs....


singer2be . 2 months ago

My poor cousin loves ice cream but recently found out she's lactose intolerant. She's allergic to bananas as well so its not even like she has a substitute option.

RichStayFly AtAllTime

RichStayFly AtAllTime . 2 months ago

Its a lot of people in the comments that don't proof read i see.. The more i read the dumber i get😁


MARK FILLERY . 2 months ago

this video is so wrong on most levels

Cendy Mcpeak

Cendy Mcpeak . 2 months ago

I started to work out I going to Zumba class now I just going to watch what I eat and exercise daily that will work for me as well.

Phyllis Kirk

Phyllis Kirk . 2 months ago

French fries are my weakness and responsible for my belly

Peter P

Peter P . 2 months ago

Ice cream is the hardest to give up

Lavanya Chamarthy

Lavanya Chamarthy . 2 months ago



MrPuggi . 2 months ago

Soda isn’t hard to give up. Haven’t drunken soda in 6 months. You should try if you haven’t :)

Danners wheaton

Danners wheaton . 2 months ago

Drink Daiquiri, I didn't know Apples

D’Angelo The Great

D’Angelo The Great . 2 months ago


Dr. killpatient

Dr. killpatient . 2 months ago

In other words don't eat.

Leah Springer

Leah Springer . 2 months ago

#8 Be careful eating bananas if you're on a high blood pressure medication that is high in potassium.


giesolares . 3 months ago

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David Moody

David Moody . 3 months ago

We don't wanna hear the least food we enjoy the most is bad for us.

David Moody

David Moody . 3 months ago

How about mud I heard it has antioxidants and enzymes from the soil.


Damremont18 . 3 months ago

I don't eat or use most of these things. Except for wine. I have two shot glasses of wine each day. I am normal weight for my height and age. I do have a burger and fries every two three months. We do have some ice cream but it's been in the frig about three months and it's getting ice crystals. We eat wonderful food. I love my diet and my life.

Gina Lea

Gina Lea . 3 months ago

I love sweets.

Clarence Mercurio

Clarence Mercurio . 3 months ago

In other words dont eat anything!

Amit Kumar Ghosh

Amit Kumar Ghosh . 3 months ago

Now I envy people from Somalia, Ethiopia. They don't fancy food that are being blamed in this video.

Jack Haynes

Jack Haynes . 3 months ago

Ice cream and pop are my favorites so I must have a ice cream float every night

Luich Erni

Luich Erni . 3 months ago

Ice cream🍦

yanique smith

yanique smith . 4 months ago

Ice cream

Vandana Bellani

Vandana Bellani . 4 months ago

Apple?!?!? Seriously.... Don't misguide people!!!!

Chi Phoenix

Chi Phoenix . 4 months ago

Umm... Some of these items listed are not food just saying lol

Fatou Bah Jarra

Fatou Bah Jarra . 4 months ago

Ok I was like...was when I saw and heard ice cream, fast food...help me with this precious foods with a like

Lori Hale

Lori Hale . 4 months ago

Of course all the good yummy treats..lol...sorry not cutting it out all together..what a bland life if u do..ha😄

shubham tripathi

shubham tripathi . 4 months ago

What about drinking cocunut water

Dutchess Eberline

Dutchess Eberline . 4 months ago

What a time waster

a m

a m . 4 months ago

1.5 playspeed

Raw Financial News

Raw Financial News . 4 months ago

I don't eat any of these foods, with the exception of ice cream. My weight was stable with daily ice cream, it shot up when I had some gelato for a few days; coming off nicely with a diet (though I am very low energy.)

abn channel

abn channel . 4 months ago

Thanks man imagine when you wear a small t shirt and your belly stomach totally comes out and you are feeling disappoint you are missing your some do you agree with me

Dillon Schlee

Dillon Schlee . 4 months ago



solo . 4 months ago

🍎?? That's a big surprise!!

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