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Learn How Many Carbs Per Day To Lose Weight. I discuss How Many Carbs, What Type Of Carbs, and What Time You Should Eat Your Carbs.

As a bonus, at the very end I share a strategy that will help you accelerate your results. :)

In this video, I cover three very important components as it relates to how many carbs you should eat per day. Don't just focus on how many carbs you should eat, also be mindful of what type of carbs and what time you're consuming those carbs.

Carbohydrates get a bad reputation. You should not be afraid of carbs. Carbs should be viewed as energy. Please understand it’s a certain time that we need to consume that energy if you're trying to lose weight.

Everyone is different in terms of how we metabolize food and the processes of our body. Just like we have different personalities… our chemical processes are different as well. I'm sure you've witnessed a person eat a ton of carbs and not gain any weight but then witnessed someone who eats half of that and gains weight. You have to find out what works for you and then adjust accordingly.

The first thing I want you to do is keep track of what you're eating for a week. you may use a food journal where you write down exactly what you're eating or input the information into a fitness app. Whichever method you decide to use, make sure you do it diligently for at least a week. Over the seven days span, I want you to calculate how many carbs you're eating per day.

Everyone is different but a good place to start would be 150 grams of carbohydrates a day. Please consult your physician whenever you are changing your diet or eating habits. Especially if you’re on medications. These are numbers that I’ve used with my clients over the last 10 years.

After you figure out how many carbs you should be eating per day the second important thing is to make sure you're eating the right type of carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are much better for weight loss than simple carbohydrates. Complex carbs have the much needed fiber and other nutrients that your body needs.

(Here’s a video I did on Best Fat Burning Foods) -

The third and important component about eating carbs is understanding the right time to eat them. There are two important times when eating carbohydrates. The first time is in the morning because now you have the ability to burn off the carbohydrates throughout the day. The second time would be around your workout. Consuming carbohydrates after your workout is going to fuel your muscles and allow your body to use the carbohydrates versus storing them as body fat.

So remember, carbs are your friend but you have to make sure you understand the three critical components so you can lose weight and EAT carbs. Daily carb intake is important and find out what works for you.

As a bonus, in the video I talk about an effective strategy I use with clients that yields great results. You have to watch it ‘til the end. :)

Hope you enjoyed this video about how many carbs per day to lose weight. Be patient and comment below if you have any questions.

This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. I won't put anything here that I haven't verified and/or personally used myself.

Comments :

TrainWithMeOnline - CC Matthews

TrainWithMeOnline - CC Matthews . 2 years ago

Question of the day: How many carbs per day are you currently eat?

rick j

rick j . 7 months ago

This video just won't load or play..?


WaqarDepp . 8 months ago

Sir, also about 150 grams of carbs per day to build muscle?

Gary Vale

Gary Vale . 10 months ago

@ Flex...I want to lower my A1C ( it's currently 5.8, pre-diabetic range ) I recently cut way down on my carb intake ..I was 165lbs 5'10", but after 1 month I lost 15 lbs......I have always enjoyed lifting and working problem is I want to lower my A1C without losing more weight....I looked much better at many carbs should I consume a day and what type, and still lower my A1C and maintain my weight...thanks

Xavier Qader

Xavier Qader . 12 months ago

I just got to lose like 5 pounds I have already lost 38 2 years ago but this 5 I can’t get rid of that’s why I am here


SunshineSurfsup1 . 1 year ago

Great advice and guidance! After a series of blunders, I discovered your lessons on my own. May this video help others get to their carb zone sooner (and less painfully).

Harold Stanberry

Harold Stanberry . 1 year ago

I have a very good diet, I'm thinking if I eat oatmeal 2 hours before I work out don't it take 3 days for the complex carbs

No Here Kruger

No Here Kruger . 1 year ago

Fuck carbs, go keto. No need to ever worry about that shit again.

Rayan A

Rayan A . 2 years ago

Mate I wanna ask you almost all people talk about if you work out in the evening, I'm my case, I work out in the morning how can I manage timing

Amazing ME

Amazing ME . 2 years ago

100 to 200 grams which if you are active lifting weights is EXTREMELY LOW. but excellent for leaning out...below 100...thats a fat housewife keto bullshit no weight training diet.

ok alright

ok alright . 2 years ago

Thank you

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