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How to wear a Bandana

Kristina Zias

Kristina Zias

Published on 4 years ago

5 Ways to wear a Bandana for men and women!

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Comments :


Asanka123ification . 6 days ago

Fun and effortless and cool hahaha ok I wasn't passing by just wanted to know how to get that ribbon type tie which I think I completely missed 🤣 k adios from West side lol


Asanka123ification . 6 days ago

Omg N don't present quotes when saying the choker way cause that is literally a fucking choker... Ffs I'm literally just passing by later homies 🤣


Asanka123ification . 6 days ago

Also you don't wear the bracelets on top ffs..looks better with it under the bandana. Not on top of it 👍


Asanka123ification . 6 days ago

You should've gotten a guy who could've pulled this off instead of getting a nerd to demonstrate 🤣🤣🤣🙏 jks lmao everyone is special according to npc society hahahaha


Hashirama . 2 weeks ago

This comment section full of gangbangers 😂😂😂😂😂

Calvin Anderson

Calvin Anderson . 2 weeks ago

Gentrification is crazy ..

Hillfiger Drip

Hillfiger Drip . 2 months ago

Blueface baby yeeeaaaahhhh iight!!!!!!!!

Amer Zulkifl # AZ

Amer Zulkifl # AZ . 2 months ago

Thanks it was really help ful

eduardo estrada

eduardo estrada . 2 months ago

I swear I'm bloodied up b's, Never throwing up, c's

Jessica Mayaz

Jessica Mayaz . 3 months ago

Latin Kings ong

Jøhnny !

Jøhnny ! . 3 months ago

Where my bloodies at? Suuwoo

Brad Jones

Brad Jones . 4 months ago

From experience, be careful where and how you wear it in certain locations. If you aren’t careful there will be people that expect you to know secret hand shakes.

Kash Kam

Kash Kam . 5 months ago

i can’t do that where i live

nasir Slaughter

nasir Slaughter . 5 months ago

5 different ways to get shot

Florendo Fiesta

Florendo Fiesta . 6 months ago

Should be red bandana not crip bandanas.

Yxxng Stzzzy

Yxxng Stzzzy . 6 months ago

see a niqqah throw the blue bandana round hi$ neCk, bros gettin popped, on blood .


SydneyChromatic . 6 months ago

Tie it around the base of your J and support your yambag kind of like those hobos with their walking stick with the bag on the end. You know in the movies when they're walking along the train tracks

Deontaye Johnson

Deontaye Johnson . 6 months ago

Suwwoooop 300blocttpckbitach


pumpertube . 6 months ago

Nice vocal fry.


Diquetraysay . 6 months ago

“My bandanna says 100 percent cotton made in China, that’s not something I want to advertise” SMH

the womble

the womble . 7 months ago

Narrower, not thinner. It's thickness is set.


GabeisLove . 7 months ago

why is a woman trying to give men advice. you inferior being

Nick .S

Nick .S . 7 months ago

Her voice makes me want to blow my brains out, it honestly is the most yuppy voice ever.

ilhxn_ xthxr

ilhxn_ xthxr . 7 months ago

Hardcore american accent


Bludyz . 8 months ago

Tip dont were this in Chicago

Perry the memeapus Yo mom

Perry the memeapus Yo mom . 8 months ago

So you a crip


fjellyo32 . 9 months ago

You forgot the ways to wear it around the head :)

California On the license plate

California On the license plate . 11 months ago

Wear mine over my mouth and nose and leave it hangin like the first one 💯💯💯On crip to!!! Haa

Nik Vayda

Nik Vayda . 1 year ago

Did I hear: "Party in the back"?

Nik Vayda

Nik Vayda . 1 year ago

This is bad

Skyy Nguyen

Skyy Nguyen . 1 year ago

3:12 spirit orb doesn't like this style.

منداڵانی کوردستان

منداڵانی کوردستان . 1 year ago

Thank u , u made my college day❤❤

Mrgotbands 1234

Mrgotbands 1234 . 1 year ago

Sorry but she should never use the word "cool" it sounds like a little kid that wants to fit in "man that was so COOL guys! "I just wanted to be cool"


ThecomicalO7 . 1 year ago

This will be my dress code

Your Guide

Your Guide . 1 year ago

Ur so sexy ur husband is so lucky bastard


Sean . 1 year ago

The guy in the thumbnail is wearing it the whitest way possible lol

Benjii H

Benjii H . 1 year ago

i like how you very simply explain the techniques

allen Kuhn

allen Kuhn . 1 year ago

Show tje way trippie red does it

Kevin Galaba

Kevin Galaba . 2 years ago


marcus Ulrich

marcus Ulrich . 2 years ago

I wear my in a headband or the pac style

Dhm Al

Dhm Al . 2 years ago

Can you tell us how to wear a bandana like Clint Eastwood in his movie "the good and the bad,the ugly"

Cody Dayton

Cody Dayton . 2 years ago

More like the cowboy scarf .


getmehookups . 2 years ago

What's wrong with MADE IN CHINA?

Dan Strayer

Dan Strayer . 2 years ago

fucking gay

Husky Siberian

Husky Siberian . 2 years ago

thankyou it help me cover my neck when im wearing dog collar

Music 2017

Music 2017 . 3 years ago

lol I wear that even in winter

Music 2017

Music 2017 . 3 years ago

love this nice work

George Romero

George Romero . 3 years ago

Excellent suggestions! Can't wait to try them all!

Bend Em

Bend Em . 3 years ago

I love you. All the way from Australia 😎👍🏻

CM Rapper

CM Rapper . 3 years ago

You are so hot😍

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