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Radiohead - Lotus Flower



Published on 9 years ago

Video for 'Lotus Flower' from The King of Limbs

Produced and Directed by Garth Jennings
Choreographed by Wayne McGregor
Director of Photography- Nick Wood
Editor- Leila Sarraf

http://www.thekingoflimbs.com | http://www.radiohead.com

Comments :

BlindWillow SleepingWoman

BlindWillow SleepingWoman . 55 minutes ago

This man is free in every way.

Coretan Dinding

Coretan Dinding . 3 hours ago


Xomarah Dickison

Xomarah Dickison . 14 hours ago

I'm here after seeing Fred Armisen's impression on SNL. I get it now.


JoeNathan . 18 hours ago

Thom Yorke is a shaman.

Lucas R

Lucas R . 19 hours ago

4:39 How I think I dance 1:30 How I actually dance

Isaac Clark

Isaac Clark . 24 hours ago

This is male peak performance


SH4D0WN1NJA . 1 day ago

Its 2019 and the comments are still active as ever I mean how beautiful is that

sh peimaei

sh peimaei . 1 day ago

So handsome!

Gabriela Garrido

Gabriela Garrido . 1 day ago

Creo que todos me dicen que baila raro y yo que amo su forma de bailar la verdad esque me hacían dormir con black suad cuando tenía meses y no se como me acuerdo


GG . 2 days ago


69birdboy . 2 days ago

i'm mad me


THE TARGET . 2 days ago

1:26 When you realize you’ve taken 2 Flintstone vitamins instead of 1 and feel the affects kicking in.

n1212na ___

n1212na ___ . 2 days ago

Only radiohead takes 818281 years to actually start the song. *Nice.*

Nathan Franzeim

Nathan Franzeim . 2 days ago

2:44 when you’re trying to get the water out of your ears after swimming

nicole xue

nicole xue . 5 days ago

My boyfriend introduce me to Raidohead, I never thought I could be a huge fan!

Perla Troiani

Perla Troiani . 5 days ago

Es la... voz!!! Desde siempre , el mejor

Beatriz Souza

Beatriz Souza . 6 days ago

ele canta com a alma, e dança com a alma. eu me pergunto a profundidade desse homem

Paul Smith

Paul Smith . 6 days ago

as an autistic dude I really feel this that is just how I move most of the time

Никита Федотов

Никита Федотов . 6 days ago

hello, I'm Thom Yorke and I'm your freestyle dance teacher

Michele Carey

Michele Carey . 6 days ago

A piece of shit.

kaleb vera

kaleb vera . 7 days ago

ever noticed at 3.48 how drums imitate pigeons flapping wings , cause thom says something about bird flying into the room

Matias maturana araya

Matias maturana araya . 7 days ago


Angelica Arias

Angelica Arias . 1 week ago

Uff in my gym ever

Ben Hajioff

Ben Hajioff . 1 week ago

never thought fox cabbage would be so popular, this is radioheads biggst success!!!

Tyler Black

Tyler Black . 1 week ago

Joaquin Phoenix: "Where can I draw inspiration to create Arthur Fleck . . . oh!"

Vandit Panvelkar

Vandit Panvelkar . 1 week ago

Only Joaquin Phoenix and Thom Yorke can pull off an unchoreographed dance :)


Pepperjack57 . 1 week ago

2:33 When your mom opens the blinds

cak sontong

cak sontong . 1 week ago

To me this is the best song of Radiohead

Tomy Ospin

Tomy Ospin . 1 week ago

This sounds like the song of My death if i don't find a better one foe the deed

Hitachi Slim

Hitachi Slim . 1 week ago

Are we really gonna ignore the artistry in his dancing? Look at certain moves he makes when he sings certain parts, they tell a story.


SocratesRR . 1 week ago

Lol wtf were we doing in 2011?

Night Healer

Night Healer . 1 week ago

Omg love comments 😂👍

Jennifer Gallant

Jennifer Gallant . 2 weeks ago

Disheveled but sexy, still


sdow . 2 weeks ago

3:22 is anyone apreciating the claps there? that tempo must be really hard to do wow

Samrudh Dixit

Samrudh Dixit . 2 weeks ago

Morning joint articulation routine


brizint . 2 weeks ago

3:51 When your bullied classmate says: "Please God forgive me about the horrible things I'm going to do."

Nazli Duruk

Nazli Duruk . 2 weeks ago

this is my ex boyfriend's favorite song and he put it him playlist sometimes this song would play when we made love and whenever I listen it this make me melancholic,peaceful,sad

Ben Hajioff

Ben Hajioff . 2 weeks ago

1:95 childs

Ben Hajioff

Ben Hajioff . 2 weeks ago

this is what murder looks like

Anju Anju

Anju Anju . 2 weeks ago


13thHoneyBadger wrecked by west nile virus

13thHoneyBadger wrecked by west nile virus . 2 weeks ago

We only have 100$ for this music video. Thom : I'll do it for free just let me go to the toilet once. Three bags of methamphetamines later

anonymous 64

anonymous 64 . 2 weeks ago

Putin can really dance and sing.

Audio Maverick

Audio Maverick . 2 weeks ago

I will shape myself into your pocket Invisible Do what you want Do what you want I will shrink and I will disappear I will slip into the groove and cut me off And cut me off There's an empty space inside my heart Where the weeds take root And now I'll set you free I'll set you free There's an empty space inside my heart Where the weeds take root So now I'll set you free I'll set you free Slowly we unfurl As lotus flowers 'Cause all I want is the moon upon a stick Just to see what if Just to see what is I can't kick your habit Just to fill your fast ballooning head Listen to your heart We will shrink and we'll be quiet as mice And while the cat is away Do what we want Do what we want There's an empty space inside my heart Where the weeds take root So now I'll set you free I'll set you free 'Cause all I want is the moon upon a stick Just to see what if Just to see what is The bird lights float into my room Slowly we unfurl As lotus flowers 'Cause all I want is the moon upon a stick I dance around the pit The darkness is beneath I can't kick your habit Just to feed your fast ballooning head Listen to your heart

Joseph Hylton

Joseph Hylton . 2 weeks ago

Just don't mix drugs and go put Weed on top.......never. Cool music

the aging gamer

the aging gamer . 2 weeks ago

i can not count the number of times i have danced to this song with Thom while my dog lay on his bed staring at me with a again? look on his face.


oandersontech . 2 weeks ago

There are some in this world, within whom, the hate runs deep. 10K dislikes. How? Contrarians.

Tim Buraczewski

Tim Buraczewski . 2 weeks ago

White people type freestyle dancing needs to gooooo, mf looks like he ate a script of adderall lmaoo

Lezo brown Frown The guy

Lezo brown Frown The guy . 2 weeks ago

Please Thom take a seat . You’re embarrassing everyone. Stop man just...😐


GEMINI MOON . 2 weeks ago

Why is that hot? Wtf


Isaackizzz . 3 weeks ago

2:37 me when I’m dancing in my room but gotta hold my headphones at the same time

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