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Madeleine Olivia

Madeleine Olivia

Published on 1 year ago

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Comments :

Madeleine Olivia

Madeleine Olivia . 1 year ago

Thumbs up for a new recipe video :) You may have noticed the little "Join" button above under the video. It's something new YouTube has introduced for you guys to join a member's only subscription for this community! There are some additional perks like getting a copy of my ebook and monthly live streams, so check it out if you're interested and want to help support the channel :) Hope you enjoyed the video, and leave any requests you have below!

Brittany Weir

Brittany Weir . 5 days ago

why did she call it cheating. its not a game its a recipe, you lied you didnt cheat 🤣 2:38

ThatCat Val

ThatCat Val . 4 weeks ago

I really like that you kept the chopping/russling noises in. It keeps my brain interested with all the nice sounds. Gonna try that vegan tuna salad.


Ariana . 1 month ago

The chickpea tuna sandwich 🖤🖤🖤

Susana Stella

Susana Stella . 1 month ago

Could you share with us your mango chutney recipe if you have one? 😍

Succulent Queen

Succulent Queen . 1 month ago

I made the sundried tomato & pasta salad because I already had the ingredients. I used lots of fresh basil and cherry tomatoes from my garden and added olives and parmesan cheese. It was good.


Sascha . 1 month ago

Hi , does anyone know if these meals still taste well if you make them the night before ?? Thanks in advance x

Marko Kos

Marko Kos . 2 months ago

I just made chickpea “tuna” sandwich and it is very delicious, but it is a little bit spicy. I suppose that’s because of one large onion I put in chickpea pasta :D

Tony Maynard

Tony Maynard . 2 months ago

I've seen so many vegan "tuna salad" recipes and almost all of them leave out pickle relish. So confusing, because I've never had REAL tuna salad without pickle relish

Rashawn LaCore

Rashawn LaCore . 2 months ago

I’m sooooo happy that I have found you. You are about to change my life.

Charlotte Mills

Charlotte Mills . 2 months ago

Just made the tuna and it was so good my mom thought it was real tuna

Michael Rauch

Michael Rauch . 2 months ago

I'm doing all this and all of this looks so yummy

The Ayaishere

The Ayaishere . 2 months ago


Alexandre Mello

Alexandre Mello . 2 months ago

The soundtrack is also so great!


MissGlamBAM . 2 months ago

These were so helpful! Forgot I loved chickpeas, that tuna recipe sounds so good

Laura Ellis

Laura Ellis . 2 months ago

When you did your buddha bowl, did you just have your tofu raw?


evie . 2 months ago

the chickpea tuna sandwich looks so good and i can’t wait to try it! i just saved the recipe from you website :p

Famskutch - Larissa R.

Famskutch - Larissa R. . 2 months ago

What kind of vinegar does she use for the first recipe?


atara . 3 months ago

If you’re vegetarian not vegan and can eat cheese, mozzarella cheese balls are really really good for all of this, especially the sandwich, the first wrap, and the pasta. Also most mozzarella cheese balls packages have like oil in the, which you can use in the recipe is as well :)

Yuko Imaizumi

Yuko Imaizumi . 3 months ago

I love all the recipes you shared and would like to try all for my lunch

Kacie Gilbertson

Kacie Gilbertson . 3 months ago

i thought fish wasn’t vegan..?

Chloe Cornwell

Chloe Cornwell . 3 months ago

I’m new to being a vegan & ive been struggling for lunch ideas, so this video is perfect!!!! 🌱🥑🙂

Kacie Kuehn

Kacie Kuehn . 3 months ago

How did you make the tofu?


awas31 . 3 months ago

For a moment I thought the chickpea tuna had tuna (fish) in it, which obvs isn't vegan, so just wondered why it's called that? Btw, can't thank you enough how much your recipes help me, new subscriber here 👍🏼

Coralblue Number5

Coralblue Number5 . 3 months ago

The way she says budda bowl gives me life

Natalia Anio

Natalia Anio . 3 months ago

love the videos but the ingridients switch so quick i cant catch all of them at once so please slow down the editing :)

Marisabel U. Adrianzen

Marisabel U. Adrianzen . 3 months ago



RANIA . 3 months ago

I love that you season your food so well!

Belatrix101 [LTU]

Belatrix101 [LTU] . 3 months ago

I just watched what the health on netflix and I'm dumb founded so here I am...

Hanna Ahn

Hanna Ahn . 3 months ago

Amazing recipes but too much carbohydrates which make you gain weights.

Jonáš F. Soukup

Jonáš F. Soukup . 3 months ago

The chickpea tuna salad is awesome! It's versatile as well, I've made it more liquid and put it into pasta which made a great comfort food. Thank you so much for the idea, I've never tried to mash chickpea like this before, I've been eating it for three days already and I am still not fed up w it :D

Lisa Jong

Lisa Jong . 3 months ago

The ‘tuna’ salad looks amazing! Definitely trying that one soon!


Shaniafan1 . 3 months ago

The vegan tuna is amazing. As a kid I loved tuna patty’s and thanks to the vegan tuna you can buy I can make that again 😍

ah m

ah m . 4 months ago

I love all of your recipe videos!! I personally am not vegan, but tend to not eat meat because I find it gross to cook with, and I’m lactose intolerant so I can’t have dairy! Your recipes are always really helpful and I often use these for my lunches at work :)

Alia Wahed

Alia Wahed . 4 months ago

Hello! What is the type of the bread that you rolled with at 6:49?

Monika G

Monika G . 4 months ago

Off topic but 6:25...omg i thought only Indians have that spice tray😂😂 but the recipes are really delicious and quick in the morning

kill me plz tehe

kill me plz tehe . 4 months ago

in the US mayo that i use is Veganaise

Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean . 4 months ago

Thank you for this video. Great ideas. I want to make the chickpea mush thing, without the tuna. I'm not a vegan but I recently heard an environmental scientist give a ted talk saying if we all did one thing to help the environment it would be to stop eating fish. I was surprised. Apparently the damage fishing trawlers do to the ocean is devasting and if we let the ocean alone it can really help us reverse the effects of climate change. I'm new to this idea but am seriously thinking of stopping eating fish.

mikayla sanchez

mikayla sanchez . 4 months ago

You look like hannah baker from 13 reasons why

Thalita Koumi

Thalita Koumi . 4 months ago

Vegan tuna...where to buy it?

Emily Glover

Emily Glover . 4 months ago

Im a vegetarian watchig this and these look so good, definatly more ideas for lunch next school year😁

Habeba Hosam

Habeba Hosam . 4 months ago

Me watching: 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

Abbie Canedo

Abbie Canedo . 4 months ago

I wish i was your friend in real life so I can try these when u make them bc watching nit makes me want to try it RN

Debra C

Debra C . 4 months ago

No music needed !!


Trevor . 5 months ago

I'm not a vegan but for health reasons my diet is mainly plant based and i could see YOUR recipes being heavily featured just based off this one video ^^


sophia . 5 months ago

my goooooooooddd i don’t have any of these ingredients

Maria Carrera

Maria Carrera . 5 months ago

I was really skeptical about ever trying a vegan recipe, I love watching vegan yourtubers and everyone was raving about your fake tuna and after I tried it myself I think I might just go vegan just for that recipe


S L . 5 months ago

You can put seaweed in the "tuna", in my opinion it tastes very good.

sarah faith

sarah faith . 5 months ago

Can i use a blender instead of food processor?

Milagros Granados

Milagros Granados . 5 months ago

I not vegan but your food looks delicious and so simple to make with very few ingredients. What does chickpeas taste like?

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