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No crunches or sit-ups in this workout to melt away belly fat and build strength in your abs, core and entire body!!
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Bye-Bye Belly Fat Home #Workout! Ultimate #Abs & Core 20 Minute Routine for #Beginners

No crunches or sit-ups in this workout to melt away #bellyfat and build strength in your abs, core and entire body!! Sanela designed this routine for all levels and it is all done standing so it can also have a #Cardio benefit.

Sanela teaches private yoga lessons and classes in Austin.

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Comments :


PsycheTruth . 1 year ago

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Donald Mingo jr.

Donald Mingo jr. . 11 hours ago

Nice natural body. Keep up hard work. 😁

Hamesh Jayawardhana

Hamesh Jayawardhana . 2 days ago

She said 5 times a week yet I'm 12 and do 14

Amani Owen

Amani Owen . 2 days ago

Tysm this rlly helped

Emil Liyana

Emil Liyana . 2 days ago

How many calories are burned with this?

All for dogs

All for dogs . 3 days ago

Thank you soo much!!!

Annie De La Rosa

Annie De La Rosa . 3 days ago

First day it's Thursday, December,12th,2019 it's 2:45am I thought I wasn't going be able get through it but you say keep going it felt like you were talking to me

bhuvana patil

bhuvana patil . 3 days ago

U r not doing perfectly

VyBz Clan

VyBz Clan . 3 days ago

I gave up at 17:30. I feel ashamed 😞

Jaylikethe bird

Jaylikethe bird . 3 days ago

sooo....... there is a bug crawling his way up your into your top 21:22 hope it did not bite :c

Marie Iannacone

Marie Iannacone . 3 days ago

I love how low impact this is she’s so nice I will keep doing this thanks

Sanket Saxena

Sanket Saxena . 5 days ago

I have a better and easy idea. Buy a Versace tshirt/top and you won't have money left to eat for next 3 months. So you end up getting t a Versace and also slimmer body. See that? Now go get yourself a Golden Medusa.


Sophia . 5 days ago

To have belly abs is it necessary to eat specific food or can i eat normal food??

Jasir Reza

Jasir Reza . 5 days ago

Thanks for sharing this video! I'm doing this exercise every morning.

e Rika

e Rika . 5 days ago

After doing the workout, my thighs hurt more than my abs. Couldn't really feel my abs burning. Very very light burn in the abs. The moves were very repetitive. 3 moves are about the same but just modified and you need to do that consecutively. IMHO it would be better if it was switched up rather than a modified version of one "movement" . Also, was looking for standing abs workout because I have lower back pain. My lower back hurt a bit after doing this.


ANIKET DEROY . 6 days ago

#fitness#health It is painful! But with time you will realise the benefits both in terms of physical endurance and mental balance.It helps you to live a stress free life. Take up the 2 week fitness challenge. Visit

Altro gaming Maestro

Altro gaming Maestro . 6 days ago

i lover exersize$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


bobbi . 6 days ago

I'm ded anyone else? 😂

giovana amaral

giovana amaral . 7 days ago

swear the best line out of this whole video is "only 2 more left" amazing vedio I love it I come back to it every day

Mīst Çloūd

Mīst Çloūd . 7 days ago

Her:Wooh! Shake shake shake it off Me: 😑 *cringe* No hate im just not like that lol

Donna Aitken

Donna Aitken . 7 days ago

Am soooooooo sore it my sides

Ganeshh Pethakar

Ganeshh Pethakar . 1 week ago

Very Good Exercises ... I am doing daily really it works. Thanks

Tchnon Dymock

Tchnon Dymock . 1 week ago

I made it to 15:50 I’m pretty proud of myself. I’m a mom, my child is now 1, I’m very self conscious and don’t like my body. I hope this works out, I definitely felt the burn :) I’ll try to come back and post an update. 12•7•19 186 lbs. •The next day, I feel a little sore. I can tell that the workout had effect on me and works. Just by sweating and doing physical activity, I had gone down to 185 (It’s only going to get a little tougher) it was more then what I do in a day, and I’m going to 100% make sure I stick to this :)

giovana amaral

giovana amaral . 1 week ago

the worst thing is that on Saturday you go out with your mom eat McDonalds eat ice cream chocolate , Pepsi and gain all the weight you lost wich sucks but I love this workout so I'm back

Blah Bal

Blah Bal . 1 week ago

Ur great!

Kadie Cline

Kadie Cline . 1 week ago

My workout is geting out of the covers in the morning


pinkpanthercv . 1 week ago

She’s so kind and motivating

shona s

shona s . 1 week ago

What is the best time to do this

Robert Ribeiro

Robert Ribeiro . 1 week ago

Hi Sanela! Thank you so much! I would like to know how many times a week should I do this 20 min. abs and core routine? Thanks again for sharing this.

Maithili Desai

Maithili Desai . 1 week ago

You are amazing! I've been putting off working out for months despite the fact that I've got a huge belly.... Started today with this... Could do it only for about 15 minutes before going completely breathless but I'm so glad I did it! The relaxing in the end really helped! Tell me, is it ok if I do just this every morning?

Kirsten _Kk

Kirsten _Kk . 1 week ago

Does it help lose double chin? My aunty wants to know


TECHNO Chainz . 1 week ago

I started to have a serious crush on a girl, and it has motivated me to work hard to get a good body.

General John Gaming

General John Gaming . 1 week ago

I tried one for five minutes it was pretty refreshing and is pretty good doing it everyday so I decided to do it every morning before going to school

John Patmos

John Patmos . 1 week ago

Love the encouragement!

La bier

La bier . 2 weeks ago

I like this my first time trying it tonight and I nearly vomited but she’s so motivational

Florence Nalowa

Florence Nalowa . 2 weeks ago

Txs my dear for this video, is amazing.

zenith designstudio

zenith designstudio . 2 weeks ago

Day 1 with you :) so much sweat

Alejandra Ramirez

Alejandra Ramirez . 2 weeks ago

Did the whole video 😋 doing this everyday

Rekha Shree

Rekha Shree . 2 weeks ago

Can I drink water in between the excersice

Suman Bairwa

Suman Bairwa . 2 weeks ago

Very nice good morning


mem . 2 weeks ago

Okay! I'll try to keep these moves in mind

Teagon McTague

Teagon McTague . 2 weeks ago

I am not gonna lie but I'm a kid trying to be strong and healthy so I can be a better basketball player. 🏀

Pratikshna Singh

Pratikshna Singh . 2 weeks ago


Zon Don

Zon Don . 2 weeks ago

I told God i wanted a flat stomach Unfortunately, he thought the "L" was silent.

Mohamadufahim Mohamadufahim

Mohamadufahim Mohamadufahim . 2 weeks ago

You reyall beyouteful you teach coming herat to heart you gifting to kiss gifing

Lazygirl 09

Lazygirl 09 . 2 weeks ago

So If i did this my family is gonna MAKE FUN OF IT EVERDAY -_- its a tiny bit weird

Sadie Deangelis

Sadie Deangelis . 2 weeks ago

This video helps me alot! Im super lazy and this is easy to do

Kidz TV

Kidz TV . 2 weeks ago

Thankyou so much . My weight is 70kg. For how many days does it take to loose atleast 15 kg by doing this exercise. plz reply

Livvy K

Livvy K . 2 weeks ago

So I’m going to start today. And today I actually feel like I’m being attacked by swords... Anyways I think this might help, idk, well see, But I think I’m actually going to lose weight. I can’t promise any updates but I will definitely try.....😂 Wish me luck😂 Week 1: Week 2: Week 3: Week 4: Week 5: Week 6: Week 7 I’m going by weeks and not days😂 I’ll update every Sunday *(I’ll try)* Every Sunday at 3:00. So.

Third Space

Third Space . 2 weeks ago

Go go

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