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Green Tea Fat Burner | Update #1 I lost 5 pounds !

Yadira Cisneros

Yadira Cisneros

Published on 12 months ago

Comments :

Ivonne Anahí

Ivonne Anahí . 5 months ago

Please say some in spanish about that please.
Tessa Jeanine

Tessa Jeanine . 7 months ago

Hey, how long did it take for you to lose 5 pounds? And how much did u lose now
Tatiana Pickett

Tatiana Pickett . 11 months ago

How long were you taking them? How much did you way before? Were you excising while using them?
Red Z0ne

Red Z0ne . 11 months ago

Yeah I started these pills today more so in the afternoon when I got them and I'm feeling nauseous but I was assuming it's my body trying to get used to it so you would suggest keep taking them in the morning? I also think it might be because I had some coffee in the morning before taking these and these have caffeine in them as well

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