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OZZY OSBOURNE - "Under The Graveyard" REACTION

Tools of Rock

Tools of Rock

Published on 4 weeks ago

We Hope you enjoyed our first impression of "Under The Graveyard" by OZZY OSBOURNE!
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Hey guys, welcome to our channel! We're rock/metal musicians sharing our honest reactions to new and interesting music!

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Comments :

Mike Mason

Mike Mason . 17 hours ago

zakk Wylde was on guitars... okay millennial?

Dickum N Lickum the V: Emperor Of YouTube.

Dickum N Lickum the V: Emperor Of YouTube. . 23 hours ago

Glad you guys enjoyed the song, but if you EVER start off a video making fun of Ozzy again, I swear I'll kick your asses.

Cousin IT

Cousin IT . 4 days ago

Fat boy needs to catch up on the mighty Sabbath

Jose Tarifeño

Jose Tarifeño . 2 weeks ago

Volver a los orígenes... siempre positivo 🤩

Timothy Karnes

Timothy Karnes . 2 weeks ago

It's Ozzy and this song is off the chart.his voice is awesome!🙏wow

Hope Garrett

Hope Garrett . 3 weeks ago

You should react to another called straight to hell it's by ozzy

Axel 249

Axel 249 . 3 weeks ago

They speak a lot while the song is playing😡

Shikari Fox

Shikari Fox . 3 weeks ago

Ozzy just released a song called Straight to Hell, look forward to the reaction, gives me vibes from the Paranoid album.

Bruno Araújo

Bruno Araújo . 3 weeks ago

This song to me is just like a last goodbye from Ozzy to us just like David Bowie did before his death.

Andrew Castillo

Andrew Castillo . 3 weeks ago

Definitely black sabbath and it's amazing lol

trans am

trans am . 3 weeks ago

Ozzy Rock n Rolls

David Hull

David Hull . 3 weeks ago

Its Sabbath without sabbath. ..


MasterMind . 4 weeks ago

Actually Ozzy Osborne you can subscribe to his site. I believe it's his site or someone running in for him. Nevertheless, November 8th it came out.🍺🍺

Ponyboy Curtis

Ponyboy Curtis . 4 weeks ago

reminds me of his days in Black Sabbath

Ponyboy Curtis

Ponyboy Curtis . 4 weeks ago

album Ordinary Man comes out in January 2020 this is an early release. after collaberating on Post Malone song this album is his inspiration, Duff McKagen on Bass of Guns N Roses and the drummer is from Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Toneless Mog

Toneless Mog . 4 weeks ago

He is the Wizard

Jesse James

Jesse James . 4 weeks ago

You guys should do a reaction of black sabbath Master of reality album

Tyler Risteca

Tyler Risteca . 4 weeks ago

only thing i dont like about this reaction is everytime you guys talk the song muffles.

Marcus Ring

Marcus Ring . 4 weeks ago

They're trying to focus in the beginning to see if there's something wrong with the song but Ozzy controls them and their heads start to rock🤣🤘🤘🤘

Angel D. Torres

Angel D. Torres . 4 weeks ago

This sounds like a modern take on the Black Sabbath's "Technical Ecstasy" style... AND I LOVE IT

No One

No One . 4 weeks ago

Btw, Andrew Watts is the guitarist & was also the guitarist on the Post Malone song that featured Ozzy

No One

No One . 4 weeks ago

A recovering addict can DEFINITELY relate to that first line after a relapse, “Today I woke up and I hate myself, death doesn’t answer when I cry for help, no ‘High’ could save me from the depths of hell, I’ll drown my mind until I’m somebody else”, he later references “one SIP away from everything I fear”. He’s clearly writing about the struggles of addiction. Great song! And yes, has a very old school Black Sabbath vibe! 🤪

Shikari Fox

Shikari Fox . 4 weeks ago

People say there's autotune on this song, but Ozzy has sounded this way live for 49 years, so they obviously came from TWYW and have only heard him with autotune. He doesn't use it on any albums, he has more integrity than that. Love the Ozzman.

Anthony Dailey

Anthony Dailey . 4 weeks ago

Band is Andrew Watt- Guitars Duff Mckagan-Bass Chad Smith- Drums

Stone Cutter

Stone Cutter . 4 weeks ago

So glad Post Malone could give this new Artist a chance at fame

pool of sharks

pool of sharks . 4 weeks ago

Listen to fit for a king, "oblivion" or "the price of agony"


jtmenniti1 . 4 weeks ago

This song Andrew Watt is playing guitar. He produced the album.


Lunar . 4 weeks ago

Can you please react to skillet not gonna die or sick of it. Sick of it is one of there heavier songs

Richard Centkowski

Richard Centkowski . 4 weeks ago

Ozzy is 70 and as you can see the prince of darkness isnt done. He still has it ....... hail OZZY!!!!!!!!!!

michael hoback

michael hoback . 4 weeks ago

Hey can you react to Darth Vader: Shards of the Past by Star Wars Theory ?

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