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Doing a another land clearing job for a food plot.
This job has some timber on it and nuts319 was in town to have me some much needed help

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Chris Healey

Chris Healey . 1 month ago

Really informative good natured video mate. Atb from Shropshire.

Justin Mills

Justin Mills . 1 month ago

Experience and knowledge makes all the difference, between doing a great job fast are working your butt off.


TheCelltek . 2 months ago

Quite interesting from about 9 mins. on , learned a little.

Ken actOFkindness

Ken actOFkindness . 2 months ago

hope u went to the buffet after work, great film, thank so much for the entertainment, may give u grief /tease, but your top notch guy with great family

Jim Brown

Jim Brown . 2 months ago

I guess that safety glasses have not made it to this part of the world. There is nothing worse that a one eyed tree cutter.


JasonWorksAlot . 4 months ago

So when you come out to visit I should be “conveniently” in the middle of a concrete project?



I use to be a tree trimmer cutting from power lines. I have to say I do not miss that kind of work....only kind of tree I want to mess with is the one I hang on my rear view mirror.😁😁😁.. more great content be safe.

Elite Earthworks LLC

Elite Earthworks LLC . 4 months ago

Really cool seeing you guys working together! What are the odds he shows up in this job 🤣. Nutsy for the win!! 👍🏻

Chuck Stevenson

Chuck Stevenson . 4 months ago

Good informative video. Thanks for sharing.


BurningDinosaurs . 4 months ago

That was great! I tried to keep up with what he was saying... learned a few things, but man he knows his stuff! Great video! Thanks for sharing!

Squirrelly Acres Where nuts come to gather

Squirrelly Acres Where nuts come to gather . 4 months ago

That was outstanding video. That was some very good information you have shared with us.

Gary West

Gary West . 4 months ago

Good ol boy. Salt of the earth, you not to bad yourself sir.

David Haley

David Haley . 4 months ago

You guys make a great team !!! Nice video!

William Harris

William Harris . 4 months ago

Been cutting trees for 45 years and now I know why I screwed up a bunch of them! Gonna’ go do some schooling on Pete’s channel. Thnx


lakesideranch . 4 months ago

Very cool you guys were able to hook up on that job. What a nice guy to explain things to ya and help you out. Doug@ the "ranch"

Jacob William Kemp

Jacob William Kemp . 4 months ago

Nothing like a good bit of logging, we've been doing a bit lately for firewood, until one of our truck drivers stuck his hand in the processor were he shouldn't have, less one thumb and NZ Work Safe is making the paper work a bastard

Trevor Dennis

Trevor Dennis . 4 months ago

Probably the most interesting video you ever put out. He really knows his stuff, and I will be subscribing to Nuts319 for sure. I like Buckin' Billy Ray Smith's channel, but I am nut so sure he is quite as expert as the likes of Nuts, and I always fast forward when he gets to preaching — he's a great guy, but barking mad. So a great collaboration, and a real education from Nuts. You should bring your little ones out to help sometimes. They are both great kids, but your little girl with those HUGE glasses is adorable.

Stephen Galway

Stephen Galway . 4 months ago

That fella knows his shit great to hear the sound of a chainsaw working.what is the wood used for after being furniture building grade

Pete Lyczek

Pete Lyczek . 4 months ago

See any american chestnut trees growing it them woods? Its a great choice for food plot.

Swamp Diver Outdoors

Swamp Diver Outdoors . 4 months ago

Ahhh beverages at the end of the day. Lol that guy has his priorities straight.

Blu Ice

Blu Ice . 4 months ago

I bet Stevie was in hog heaven seeing his sticker on Nutzy's saw.

Fire Captain Tom

Fire Captain Tom . 4 months ago

You need the right equipment to get things done. Your equipment on this job came from PA. Way to take advantage of Pete's visit.

Andy Moss

Andy Moss . 4 months ago

Finally have the A team together. Ain't a tree or hill safe with you 2 around

Dermot Byrne

Dermot Byrne . 4 months ago

Good job guys and I learned something too, thanks. 👍👍🐕🇨🇦❤️


Oldmaninthewood . 4 months ago

nuts is a good man

Man With A Plan

Man With A Plan . 4 months ago

Nice video, love the visit!


D C . 4 months ago

Mike awesome video and live stream with you guys work together all the time 👍🇺🇸

David Fisher

David Fisher . 4 months ago

Awesome video and awesome live stream last night. I am know a subscriber of nuts319


nuts319 . 4 months ago

this was so cool mike! awesome video buddy and it was my pleasure to help! Ya'll are good people! wish we were closer so i could be around to help more!!!!


jmwilson614 . 4 months ago

Subscribed to nuts319!

Hot Rod

Hot Rod . 4 months ago

pro tip: Try not to spin the skidsteer in the rocks too much. The rocks get between the rollers and the track and tares up the rubber on the inside of the track. At least that has been my experience. When I spent $4000 on tracks I started trying to be more careful with how I turn and what surface I turn on. I'm at 1000 hours on my current tracks and they are in much better shape than the previous set at the same hours.


raylz19 . 4 months ago

I saw the live stream this morning with nuts319. He gained a new subscriber. Great video with him helping you with your project.

DigginLife 18

DigginLife 18 . 4 months ago

🔥Awesome video my brother🔥

casy casy

casy casy . 4 months ago

what a great great video, the way he explains cutting it was great you were right last nite i went to his channel .now i have more to watch

ian s johnson

ian s johnson . 4 months ago

What a guy !! That nuts319 is some axeman. I could listen to him all night-not crazy like the usual tree fellers !

John Schmidt

John Schmidt . 4 months ago

You need to watch a few of bigdeal18 clearing videos. Love the channel keep up the good work.


StumpjumperVideos . 4 months ago

ol nutzy,s one hellava cutter , been logging dam near 40 yrs aint seen none better !!!


StumpjumperVideos . 4 months ago

cool beans you got a visit from super sqautch !!! i think he is the missing link lol !!! great vid buddy ! he,ll learne yah !

Allen Breedlove

Allen Breedlove . 4 months ago

Awesome video thanks for sharing !


VideosByAl . 4 months ago

You guys work good together. Pete could start his own " Where's Waldo " series . Just it would be Where's Pete .

John Warren

John Warren . 4 months ago

Pete is a heck of guy.look watching his channel

George O'Brien

George O'Brien . 4 months ago

boy am I glad you got good help, I have been watching Nuts318 for some time now and I am glad you got him to help you

Bruce Blais

Bruce Blais . 4 months ago

I watched also nuts 319 he does know his stuff, like his house to thanks for the video.

barry hansen

barry hansen . 4 months ago

Pete's logging school came to town, I bet you learned a heap off him and we will see you practice what you learnt, he is one great cutter.


mrbakerskatz . 4 months ago


Badgermatt75 2016

Badgermatt75 2016 . 4 months ago

It was fun saying hi to you guys last night! Cool I got subscribed to Nuts too!!

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