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Oasis - The Hindu Times - HD [High Quality]



Published on 9 years ago

Oasis Live Yoyogi Taiikukan Tokyo Japan - 29th September 2002

Comments :

Mi ahmed

Mi ahmed . 3 months ago

cos God gimme soul in your rock'n'roll (babe) Cos God gimme soul in your rock'n'roll (babe)..... f***** out of this world ....

Ak Wilson

Ak Wilson . 5 months ago

No parka?

Gavin Walker

Gavin Walker . 9 months ago


Gary R1872

Gary R1872 . 1 year ago


Juan Ignacio Bitar

Juan Ignacio Bitar . 1 year ago


utkarsh shrivastava

utkarsh shrivastava . 1 year ago

Bass line from 3:34 👌👌

Robin Geldof

Robin Geldof . 1 year ago

2:24 wow !

Jean Jean

Jean Jean . 2 years ago


King Louie

King Louie . 2 years ago

Taringa, D’ya have the entire gig?

Matias Pizzi

Matias Pizzi . 2 years ago



Beth . 2 years ago

My god how epic is Liam's look and standing position here.

Davide Terrasi

Davide Terrasi . 2 years ago

Something of magic wow

Lee Maloney

Lee Maloney . 2 years ago

How feckin is liam

Nick Bonnes

Nick Bonnes . 2 years ago

Why has Gem a mic?


gussstavo . 2 years ago

Liam sounds like shit

Chavo Nardo

Chavo Nardo . 2 years ago

I love that shit

Everss Iguado

Everss Iguado . 2 years ago

2002 and Liam's voice still so fuckin' powerful, good times


Lightning . 2 years ago

Gotta love Andy on here, Guigsy never did that, ever. This people who said oasis was better with the original line up is lame, just Liam's voice was better, oasis improved a lot musically with Gem and Andy, Noel stopped playing lead in a lot of songs also.

Areli Gunner

Areli Gunner . 3 years ago

I love this song, but Liam keeps stealing my attention.

wawa zuzzy

wawa zuzzy . 3 years ago


Good Guy

Good Guy . 3 years ago

I get up - when I'm down I can't swim - but my soul won't drown I do believe - I got flare I got speed and I walk on air Cos God gimme soul in your rock'n'roll (babe) Cos God gimme soul in your rock'n'roll (babe) And I get so high I just can't feel it And I get so high I just can't feel it In and out my brain, runnin' through my veins Cos you're my sunshine you're my rain There's a light - that shines on Shines - on - me - and it keeps me warm It gimme peace - I must say I can't sleep - cos the world won't wait

Marsh 130

Marsh 130 . 3 years ago

Liams voice is mega here, sounds like a true rock star

Marsh 130

Marsh 130 . 3 years ago

Heathen chemistry- most underrated oasis album

New Thought

New Thought . 3 years ago

Not a good performance but quality track.

Matteo Carta

Matteo Carta . 3 years ago

sound of drums are awful

Iain Guthrie

Iain Guthrie . 4 years ago

Not the best performance of this song but still quite good.

Андрей Головлев

Андрей Головлев . 4 years ago

Bell plays bass like a guitar ... but I like it

M Eusha

M Eusha . 4 years ago

Wow! Whatever is wrong with Liam's voice? Goodness. What an embarrassment.



rock made with spirit!

Sunil Keshari

Sunil Keshari . 4 years ago

ॐ relaxation music


CARLOS ZARATE . 4 years ago

Wow great song!

Adam Corraliza

Adam Corraliza . 4 years ago

I love this performance. Liam is too cool for this planet.

Sebas Vega

Sebas Vega . 5 years ago

the best song !!!

Teddy Kissinger

Teddy Kissinger . 5 years ago


John Cusato

John Cusato . 5 years ago

Euphoric rock n roll, the way they did it best for a while...


MrInsensibile . 5 years ago

my fav band ever but in 2002 liam's voice was gone

Otto Lancelle

Otto Lancelle . 5 years ago

Its just magic

Mutasim Billah

Mutasim Billah . 5 years ago

Andy's bass-playing @_@


DearBear . 6 years ago

This is fucking mega.

Lisa Thatone

Lisa Thatone . 6 years ago

Liam looks good here; nice shirt.

Rafael Augusto Domingues

Rafael Augusto Domingues . 6 years ago

deadly performance!!! really good! Andy is skinny as fuck! hahaha


cecco327 . 6 years ago

what does he have in his mouth? A potato?

Mariano Carral

Mariano Carral . 6 years ago

Solo pido que se vuelvan a juntar. Abrazo desde Argentina

la honorable sociedad

la honorable sociedad . 6 years ago


billie de aguinaga

billie de aguinaga . 6 years ago

oasis, please come back :'(


sonetlumiere12345678 . 6 years ago

They totally stole the stereophonics riff. If you haven't listened to the album "Word gets around" you should check it out. They were probably the best two UK bands of the early 00's.

Carlos Espitia

Carlos Espitia . 6 years ago

I think Liam is the 90% of the song


PercySt89 . 7 years ago

Love how Liam looks there... how hot he is with that haircut???

Nico Llanos

Nico Llanos . 7 years ago

underated oasis song

Ling Jien

Ling Jien . 7 years ago


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