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Dua Lipa - Don't Start Now (Coming Soon)

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa

Published on 2 months ago

Don't Start Now is out everywhere! http://dualipa.co/dontstartnow Dua Lipa (Complete Edition) is here: https://dualipa.co/completeedition

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Comments :

yusha rai

yusha rai . 1 week ago

Wow half blonde half black ❤❤❤

Jona Jona

Jona Jona . 2 weeks ago

Omg 😯 super 😍😍

Swish_ Lockz_

Swish_ Lockz_ . 2 weeks ago


The Stamford

The Stamford . 2 weeks ago


Ricardo Ramírez

Ricardo Ramírez . 3 weeks ago

Yo esperando el profe en la mesa del escritorio

500 iscritti senza video

500 iscritti senza video . 3 weeks ago

LOOK my video:D thk- 😂😂❤❤

Ahri Arcade

Ahri Arcade . 3 weeks ago

yay the 5th element outfit just modern 😋

Andres Gonzales

Andres Gonzales . 3 weeks ago

Like si tambien te la jalastes :V

Najbi Estefania Torres De Luna

Najbi Estefania Torres De Luna . 4 weeks ago

Dua México te ama 😍 eres la mejor cantante

Akwarium Dakarus TV

Akwarium Dakarus TV . 4 weeks ago

Nice song 👍 up and 🎵😘

Sulis Sihombing

Sulis Sihombing . 4 weeks ago

I'd love to see your hair black.

Sulis Sihombing

Sulis Sihombing . 4 weeks ago

Dua lipa Love


김참순쓰 . 1 month ago

언니.. 왜 이렇게 됐어..

bercelli galeano

bercelli galeano . 1 month ago

Dua lipa will never have blond hair and will never give ungly hasi


LalisaDragQueen . 1 month ago

Oof she have a teaser wow


MURAT EKŞİ . 1 month ago

oh my got you are so sexy I like it :)

Daniel Assassin

Daniel Assassin . 1 month ago

Demasiado corto no da para paja


meangirldary91 . 1 month ago

Sorry but seeing the waistband from the tights underneath the bodysuit kinda ruins it for me...


ALANA DUARTE . 1 month ago


Giulia Di Leo

Giulia Di Leo . 1 month ago

Does anyone know what she’s wearing? Please tell me the brand of this bodysuit!!!


wilwad . 1 month ago

Put your clothes on idiot

MoMo Ng

MoMo Ng . 1 month ago

im prolly the only guy that is looking at the bad alignment of her bodysuit. the style lines dont match up on her left side... LOL

Arpovk Alexandr

Arpovk Alexandr . 1 month ago


The Truth

The Truth . 1 month ago


Isaiah Zunder

Isaiah Zunder . 1 month ago

You ar soooooooooo sexy sexy girl or women


SERDAR ÖZGÜMÜŞ . 1 month ago



BeatZmakerchile . 1 month ago

Un manjar!!

REAL istic

REAL istic . 1 month ago

It’s an 70/80s jukebox sound :)

Teven Moodley

Teven Moodley . 1 month ago



Job . 1 month ago


Tomáš Bouzek

Tomáš Bouzek . 1 month ago

Comming here to see beautiful Duas body, staying listening her music...

Pop Dissected

Pop Dissected . 1 month ago

Hey everyone, I posted a video reviewing "Don't Start Now", and I'd appreciate if anyone were to check it out! ❤️

Fukkinator 69

Fukkinator 69 . 1 month ago

Most beautiful woman righ here !


김도현 . 1 month ago

Sorry im vegan

Weezy Kay

Weezy Kay . 1 month ago

Hummm wish I could all oiled hrr n tickllickymassAge that ass


B B . 1 month ago


Rafael Franco

Rafael Franco . 1 month ago

Muito, maravilhosaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

[SG] joyder

[SG] joyder . 1 month ago

Dua so sexy uwu


raze . 1 month ago

It's NNN come on Lipa

Beatrice Leong

Beatrice Leong . 1 month ago

thanks dua i got a lady boner watching this

Sebau loulou

Sebau loulou . 1 month ago

Comment je la baise.

Bill Redfields

Bill Redfields . 1 month ago

ZIONIST PUPPET show to distract the WORKSLAVES and to KEEP them sedated !

Armando B.

Armando B. . 1 month ago

Oh, such a great body

Simran Kanu

Simran Kanu . 1 month ago

She knows what works👀👀😂

Faby Gonzales

Faby Gonzales . 1 month ago

Fart and Poop in my Mouth Dua.

Tekk Luthor

Tekk Luthor . 1 month ago

so, let's do that Kanye video but instead it's a white chick (who doesn't do it justice)

Camila Leandra Martins

Camila Leandra Martins . 1 month ago

Don't do it Madonna. Get ur ass done soon, dear! I mean ...soon! On the Next long break u have available!

D k

D k . 1 month ago

And there goes my no nut November

otrabixa mais anonima

otrabixa mais anonima . 1 month ago

ta atrasada

otrabixa mais anonima

otrabixa mais anonima . 1 month ago

hora hora rita....

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