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Can Smoking WEED Help You Lose Weight?



Published on 1 year ago

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(Effects of Marijuana on Weight loss) - Can smoking some of the green stuff help you with your weight loss goals? PictureFit does not condone the weed smoking due to its legal nature, but for education purposes, it might be quite an interesting finding to see how cannabis and its constituents (such as THC and CBD) can impact our weight. Let's see what the data currently shows!

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Comments :


PictureFit . 1 year ago

What's youre go-to munchie food?

dino Slayer

dino Slayer . 2 days ago

here's the thing can you lose weight on marijuana with just eating the leaves

J news

J news . 1 week ago

it's true, I quit smoking weed like 1 year ago and I got fat so much in 1 year without smoking instead of smoking weed for 10 years funny but true.

Jake Sarsfield

Jake Sarsfield . 1 week ago

6 months ago I didn't smoke weed and weighed over 230lbs but since I've started I now weigh 190lbs I don't know how but I do conclude now that weed has had a positive affect on my physical body. Anybody experienced anything similar?


Pappaspideraxd . 2 weeks ago

Look I've dealt with this plenty of times if your tolerance gets to high just stop for a month then when you're back it's like it's your first time

Roderick Saint-Victor

Roderick Saint-Victor . 2 weeks ago


Pookiecita OnYoutube

Pookiecita OnYoutube . 2 weeks ago

When I used to smoke I lost over 100 pounds. When I stopped I gained the weight back lol. So I feel that’s true.

Tony Montana

Tony Montana . 2 weeks ago

I gained weight after quitting. U can experiment on me all day

Xotic Reflex

Xotic Reflex . 3 weeks ago

All I Heard was blah blah blah blah 😒

Nyawira Wanjohi

Nyawira Wanjohi . 3 weeks ago

Its because they approaching it all wrong

roseanna lee

roseanna lee . 3 weeks ago

I been using marijuana for the past 4 years and i can't testify to the fact that marijuana has help me loose weight. This was concision decision i made so i gradually increased my tolerance over a long period and now i can smoke and i don't feel the psychedelic effect of the planet. I only feel the benefits

Mike Pitts

Mike Pitts . 4 weeks ago

i lost a good 40 pounds from weed because when i was hungry i’d just smoke 😂

Potater Tots

Potater Tots . 4 weeks ago

No I’m eating too much Frosted Flakes rn :(

Haliey Gibbs

Haliey Gibbs . 4 weeks ago

I smoke a lot and barely have munchies but I’ve gained weight ??????

Me DDe

Me DDe . 1 month ago

i can confirm this. was 90kg/200pounds now im 84kg/187


RH . 1 month ago

Anybody else so high that they're going to need to rewatch?


DEFIANCE NOW . 1 month ago

I lost about 60 lbs in 5 months smoking everyday, I lost my appetite, would eat every two days or so, not healthy, but the chicks really liked it.

Aisha 2 Xclusive

Aisha 2 Xclusive . 1 month ago

so in conclusion smoke more eat less... got it 🤟🏾

hailey rivera

hailey rivera . 1 month ago

I eat whatever tf I wanna lmao I get the biggest appetite 🤔🤔 when I’m stonedddd

Ebony's House of Beauty BE BEAUTIFUL

Ebony's House of Beauty BE BEAUTIFUL . 1 month ago

So it doesn't help you lose weight...


CheezeWuz . 2 months ago

Have you been high? Leaving my house to get snacks is impossible.

Hello Sweetheart

Hello Sweetheart . 2 months ago

Keep in mind weed damages your brains ability to learn and comprehend, etc. Especially before the age of 25. After that it has no effect on the brain.

David P.

David P. . 2 months ago

Less likely to be obese because their money goes to weed instead of food 😂

Cozyboi D

Cozyboi D . 2 months ago

Oversaturation of weed doesn’t exist....

Ted Cation

Ted Cation . 2 months ago

This is good to hear, I went from 280 lbs to 310 lbs in 2 months without smoking weed. In 2 weeks I get to smoke soo I'm finna be fit

WitchWhat ?

WitchWhat ? . 2 months ago

I used to smoke all the time and I wasn't skinny but I wasn't overweight.. I was very active and had energy to go on nature walks or workout but I had my son 5 months ago and been gaining weight like crazy ever since I became sober. :( I'm breastfeeding and a bit scared to start smoking again because I'm worried I will pass that to my baby.


Darwin . 2 months ago

Just eat some healthy munchies you’ll be Ight lol


pudgytrans . 2 months ago

Ive lost around 16 lbs in about 2 months just from smoking weed. I haven’t even really changed my crappy diet. I just am never really hungry. But I was eating brownies (not weed ones) and I was still dropping pounds. Also, I’m less impulsive over all and haven’t been buying as much stuff I don’t need. Weed is constantly healing me and improving my life.


Nick . 2 months ago

This is yet another reason why I smoke weed every single day.

Natas Ozborne

Natas Ozborne . 2 months ago

I never get the munchies maybe it's because I'm a fiend who smokes a bong bowl every 10 to 15 minutes. Anybody know how I could stop coughing so I can smoke more LOL... seriously tho

Sydney Sacino

Sydney Sacino . 2 months ago

It is a good weight loss tool for sure, I definitely have decreased appetite after smoking weed all day everyday for a year

Jude Frey

Jude Frey . 2 months ago

When i smoke i feel like i need to work out

Shane Brodeur

Shane Brodeur . 2 months ago

No not at all lmao


MUSIC IZLIFE . 3 months ago

I lost so much weight since i started smoking weed damn 😣😣😣😕😕😕😕😕

Jack Skellington!

Jack Skellington! . 3 months ago

if i smoke in bong does it make me skinnier then smoking a joint?

Majessty _

Majessty _ . 3 months ago

I wanna die

Ruben Ortega

Ruben Ortega . 3 months ago

It speeds up your metabolism

He Who Stabs U

He Who Stabs U . 3 months ago

Blue Dream strain is the best to lose weight, it's guaranteed in my book.

No Name

No Name . 3 months ago

I was so baked when I watched this and I didn’t get any of this shit. I was hearing a lot of words that had me thinking note: im high ass fuck right now

Julian Depaepe

Julian Depaepe . 3 months ago

did I hear discord at 1:00?

Aquilis Blasco

Aquilis Blasco . 4 months ago

Coming from me, here’s my history with marijuana. Skip this if you like, it’s just my experience. I was 14 the first time I ever smoked. I was a freshman in high school. At this point in life, I was an active kid. Played several sports and all. Always had played football most of my life. I never really smoked, but this was my first time. I rarely smoked. Some of my heavier years. I weighed about 240 and I was 5’9”. I still am. Several years passed and I only smoked a few times. Probably could count all the times on one hand. Come the age of 21, I start smoking daily. Come to find out, my younger brother smokes as well. So it became a daily thing. I was weighing more than I did in high school of course. I was about 280. Still 5’ 9”. Fast forward to 23. Still smoking daily and had chosen to really only drink water and still binge on munchies during/after smoking. Regular diet, didn’t change much. I had a big tolerance to THC and smoked plenty everyday. I was weighing 225 pounds. I was probably my lightest I’d ever been. Just smoking and drinking water, but still eating like shit. 24.5 now... I stopped smoking as much as I used to. I kinda had to give it up for a job. Gained weight. Now I’m about 250. Looking on the heavier side. As I type this, I’m 28. Watching this video. Still as active as I was at 24-25. Working and doing my thing. No weed whatsoever. Had to give it up completely for the job I have. I eat the same, but still only drink water. I haven’t drank a soda in so long. Stressed with everyday life, I don’t sleep too well. I have a 9 month old daughter and my gf and I somewhat live together. I come and go for work. I currently weigh 340 pounds, but I’m active, I have normal blood/sugar levels. Normal blood pressure, heart rate and all. Cholesterol level is alright. I’ve really thought about working on my diet, but with work I just don’t have the time. In all this, I think... the years where I smoked most, I lost weight without really trying. It was crazy and I always thought weed had a lot to do with it. Maybe I was right. I still never know for sure because I was never tested for anything. I don’t know for sure, but I feel weed is a good thing in life. Wish the USA would flat out legalize for so many health reasons.


RuuFiss . 4 months ago

everyone i know lost weight since we started smoking weed. and none of us have really changed our diet too much.

Bryan Dejano

Bryan Dejano . 4 months ago

One mistake people make when smoking weed and then going to the gym. If you have a low tolerance from marijuana, example if you get high af from less than 5 hits, don't smoke and work out. It's not for you and you will not enjoy your workout. You need to be a daily smoker to have a tolerance, to use the benefits of marijuana while working out.

Shanda Phillips

Shanda Phillips . 4 months ago

I got really skinny smoking weed


Wavvy . 4 months ago

When I was 15 I used to smoke weed on the daily for like 6 months and I was 5'5 and 97 pounds and I struggled maintaing my weight so I quit smoking completely and its been like a month and I already gained 4 pounds

Heeed Heel

Heeed Heel . 4 months ago


dino elevator

dino elevator . 4 months ago

even with SEVERE munchie attacks I've still lost and kept off 40 pounds. cant explain it. maybe I'm smoking tape worm extract lol

John Smith

John Smith . 4 months ago

I crave good food when I'm high!!! Healthy food!!!

Michael Donatello

Michael Donatello . 4 months ago

Smoking weed just kills brain cells just stick to healthy eating and working out regularly

deanne maree

deanne maree . 4 months ago

coughing after smoking bongs is the reason why i have a toned stomach

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