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Ciano Farmer SELVAGE DENIM [ The Boot Guy Reviews ]


ABOUT THE JEANS: Okayama Denim remains on top of the best selling Japanese denim of all time. This denim has absolutely the most beautiful fades after being worn over time.

Okayama has a rich history of producing textiles, and Kojima is credited as the birthplace of "Made in Japan" jeans.
This is our favorite denim here at CFDCo. and we get excited when we get a small roll in to make this jean.
The images above and below are examples of the 15oz JPN Indigo Kojima Selvage.
When raw, the denim is an off shade deep blue/green indigo and wears to the expected blue fades everyone desires. This denim does have a great vertical grain when worn in
Choose either our 905 Regular fit, 997 Miner fit or 901 Slim fit.

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varun009 . 2 months ago

Personally, I don't buy selvedge. Can't afford even $100 for a pair of jeans. I get mine made to measure for the equivalent of about $12 a pair here in new delhi. It's still raw denim so it looks good.


KPOP SCENARIO . 3 months ago

Fuck you five months not that long

sachin singh

sachin singh . 10 months ago

Is it a stretch fabric?

Jon Stern

Jon Stern . 11 months ago

Beautiful looking jeans

Jürgen Brandt

Jürgen Brandt . 11 months ago

I wish a 36 regular denim would fit me like that, but my thighs are to big -.-

jay unitedwestand

jay unitedwestand . 1 year ago

the jeans on this website and almost 300 bucks, i don't see anything for 100 dollars...who can pay 300 for jeans..not me

Mike Malley

Mike Malley . 1 year ago

Sorry, but if you're going to spend that kind of money on a pair of denim, there should not be any kind of chalk marks or mistakes in the stitching like we see on the hem. Also, you should be waiting 6+ months to wash a pair of raw jeans... Folks, I'm sure this guy means well, but don't go by this video if you're just getting into raws, look elsewhere.


Samuel . 2 years ago

why would you run those through a washer and dryer? you ruined the way they will age. Do a hot soak and then hang dry them outside in the shade.That takes up all the possible shrinkage of the jean and If you need a hem you get them hemmed....what a waste.

Christopher Rounick

Christopher Rounick . 2 years ago

Be careful when you order from this guy. Paypal will not protect you against custom made items. Ciano sent me someone else's order and an item with errors. He did nothing to rectify the problem.

DscrappyLoco Golani

DscrappyLoco Golani . 2 years ago

Under a 100 bucks...for a pair of trousers designed to be used by men at work?! Nope, that's not weird at all...and it's not pronounced salvage, it's selvege...a contraction (of self edge)

Michael Hazinski

Michael Hazinski . 2 years ago

Bespoke? Not even made to measure.

Krisco Dangus

Krisco Dangus . 2 years ago

Their jeans are now $225+...

mark v

mark v . 2 years ago

I love your channel!!!!

Humberto Yepis

Humberto Yepis . 2 years ago

I really like these jeans, thanks for the great review


Ethan . 3 years ago

Also, all the rivets and leather washers and stuff adds a lot of weight, they are sweet looking, but it's all really heavy and imo they don't really don't fit well for people who move a lot the way most mass produced stuff fits.


Ethan . 3 years ago

Got jeans and the ranch jacket, some of the stitching on the pants has come off but overall ok, the jacket fits bizarrely and they gave me the wrong lining.

Kenan K

Kenan K . 3 years ago

Now that's what I call a review, well done! I also think the long legs are a plus. Just get them shortened to your exact length and you're golden.


killamist420 . 3 years ago

Very nice denim, Shame they’re not available in the UK. Shouldn’t have washed them so soon,

Devon Sacre

Devon Sacre . 3 years ago

more denim reviews!!!!

Diogo America

Diogo America . 3 years ago

It looks good on you! Once I started to buy raw denim I became addicted to it.

C Wise

C Wise . 3 years ago

too tight.

Get Me Out of Here

Get Me Out of Here . 3 years ago

Don't think I've ever seen a raw pair of jeans. It looks stiff as cardboard.

Chris Zietz

Chris Zietz . 3 years ago

The details on these jeans are beautiful.


Chris . 3 years ago

Once they start to honeycomb they'll shorten up a little more. To get rid of the monster cuff youd have to hem and taper the leg from the knee down quite a bit. Make sure if you do ge them altered to find someone who wont destroy the selvage


dimihamuzu . 3 years ago

raw Selvedge jeans looks amazing with moc toe wedge boots..

saleem waheed

saleem waheed . 3 years ago

I don't know how they can make a Japanese selvage denim for $100 . All my raw Japanese denim cost at least $250 a pair! These jeans look fantastic. I'll put my order in now and have my pair for the fall. As a matter of fact Im gonna order 2 pairs! And because the price is so low for the jeans, I can get those beautiful roofer boots also.


DRUNKENPOT . 3 years ago

nice pair of jeans I'm on the market for some new jeans do to weight loss lol

General Nappa

General Nappa . 3 years ago

Don't you have to wear raw denim for a year before you wash it?

Brynn Ashcroft

Brynn Ashcroft . 3 years ago

Bootguy!!! I respect you so much for you addressing the whole wash thing. I waited 6 months before I washed my first pair. Checked out the website and I saw the time frame you where talking about, it is a little bit of a wait but I'm going to give them a try. Awesome review and I think I'm going to wash the next pair I get right away and do the whole 24 hr thing like you. Being comfortable is King!

Maxwell House Ranch

Maxwell House Ranch . 3 years ago

Nice, review! I really like the jeans 👖. I'll look into a pair. Out of the box question...?? What brand belt it that? Very cool 😎


Newman151 . 3 years ago

Nice jeans! Seems like a great company too I like that!

Cargen Shepard

Cargen Shepard . 3 years ago

Levi 511 is what I rock everyday they're great....a bit on the pricy side I might add though bout $50 on sale

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