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Top 15 Best Foods for Diabetes



Published on 4 years ago

http://www.yuhealthy.com Top 15 Best Foods for Diabetes
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15 Best Foods for Diabetes:
1. Apples.
2. Asparagus.
3. Avocados.
4. Beans.
5. Blueberries.
6. Broccoli.
7. Carrots.
8. Cranberries.
9. Fish.
10. Flaxseed.
11. Garlic.
12. Kale.
13. Melon.
14. Nuts.
15. Oatmeal.

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Kelly Havens . 10 months ago

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Learn how to build things yourself

Learn how to build things yourself . 10 months ago

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Betty Williams

Betty Williams . 3 years ago

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Noikken Noikken

Noikken Noikken . 3 years ago

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Jerry Siaw

Jerry Siaw . 3 years ago

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Huju Samuel

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Pedro Alb

Pedro Alb . 3 years ago

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Percy Ferry

Percy Ferry . 4 years ago

A lot of these foods are high in carbohydrates - carbohydrates are poison to diabetics. Diabetes is also known as carbohydrate intolerance, so why isn't the removal of carbohydrates recommended? Melons are particularly dangerous to diabetics, they are FULL of sugars! All sugars and carbohydrates, including sweet fruits must be avoided.

shohag hossain

shohag hossain . 4 years ago

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