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Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe/7 day diet plan.



Published on 2 years ago

Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe:

1 head of green cabbage
2 carrots
1 parsnip(optional)
2 green bell peppers
4 stocks celery
5 green onions( you can use yellow onion or shallots)
2 cups of sliced white mushrooms(optional)
1 bunch of parsley
1 bunch of celantro
1 bunch of dill
2 (14oz) cans of diced tomatoes( or 4 fresh tomatoes)
1 (12oz) can of V8
5 cloves garlic
½ cup of mild salsa(optional)
2 table spoons of soup base like Vegeta or Lipton Onion Soup mix
dry herbs to your taste
½ tsp salt(optional)
½ tsp pepper
couple shakes of Cayenne Pepper(optional)

For Original Cabbage Soup Diet recipe and plan visit: https://www.cabbage-soup-diet.com/

You might alter original recipe to your personal taste.

I wish you success in all your weight loss plans.
If you are not planning to follow this diet, I hope you enjoy my soup recipe.

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Vegeta Soup Seasoning: https://www.amazon.com/Podravka-Vegeta-Natur-Seasoning-Ounce/dp/B00FS39VTU/ref=sr_1_4_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1522206320&sr=8-4&keywords=vegeta%2Bseasoning&th=1

Comments :

veronica moorman

veronica moorman . 15 hours ago

I hate bell peppers can I eliminate them all together


K.A. GORDON . 4 weeks ago


Malaz Khamis

Malaz Khamis . 4 weeks ago

Can you have avocados on this diet and if so which days?

Wendy Hernández

Wendy Hernández . 1 month ago

Does anybody know how many servings this makes?

macbirdy 9

macbirdy 9 . 1 month ago

nice trick with copping celery

Justin Kilgore

Justin Kilgore . 2 months ago

On my second day of eating this soup I went for a short walk got cramp in my legs and felt like I was going to faint , don’t know if I’m gonna be able to keep going on this diet and have enough energy to work my job

Dudu Ador

Dudu Ador . 2 months ago

I’ve tried this diet it really works I lost 5 kilos in one week

Peggy Dennison

Peggy Dennison . 2 months ago

Where did you get the lid venting guy on the side of you pot? I need that!

Christopher Vargas

Christopher Vargas . 2 months ago

As a society we should abolish the words wieght loss and replace with fat loss

Big Tyler

Big Tyler . 2 months ago

I like everything about the soup except the cabbage

robert wolf

robert wolf . 3 months ago

where did you get the garlic mincer?

Joey O

Joey O . 4 months ago

I need this but I need protein too..

Evelyn Garcia

Evelyn Garcia . 5 months ago

I love your presentation and the tone and pace of your voice, it made it easier to take notes! I uses this diet long time ago and will try it again!

Timou Tim

Timou Tim . 5 months ago

The problem with this diet is that after a while the soup will start to taste disgusting


Gypsy . 5 months ago

I'm your newest subscriber 😍😍😍


Gypsy . 5 months ago

Hi, this is a great video and I loved your presentation.... the way you explained 👌 I'm doing this diet...wish me luck🤗🤗🤗 Btw, would you please tell me where I can buy that garlic crusher ( in BC, Canada).. I haven't seen it in any Walmart or Target or Superstore.

Lynn Martin

Lynn Martin . 6 months ago

Subscribed definitely going to try this to shift the last few stubborn pounds that aren’t going to beat me, great video Thank you xx💚

K Mcy

K Mcy . 6 months ago

Does anyone know why you have to eat that other stuff in conjunction with it?

Dora Tiscareno

Dora Tiscareno . 6 months ago

Lose the weight.... Break the bank.... Thats alot of stuff to buy everything is so dam EXPENSIVE...

Kerry Lacey

Kerry Lacey . 6 months ago

Hello from your newest subscriber , this is the best cabbage soup YouTube yet 🙏🏻 Thankyou

Shanali Davila

Shanali Davila . 7 months ago

There should be any salt, in any cabbage soup diet recipe. Defeats the purpose.

Mentally Beautiful Vlogs

Mentally Beautiful Vlogs . 7 months ago

This is the most comprehensive video on the topic thank you and you are a beautiful accent

Juan Aragon

Juan Aragon . 7 months ago

Way too much sodium in this recipe....it defeats the purspose of health matters...just saying!


LurkerDood . 7 months ago

Why only 7 days? Is it bad to drink it for say like 1 month?

Yvonne Attard

Yvonne Attard . 8 months ago

Looks yummy , im so doing this soup 🍜

Robin Nelson

Robin Nelson . 8 months ago

soup base is full of MSG...which causes weight gain.


starlite2021 . 8 months ago

Where did you get that garlic tool? It works so much easier then one I have.

John Donoghue

John Donoghue . 8 months ago

I am a bit confused We made the soup and drank it for 7 days then she says "Now we are done with our PREP work. we will make the soup" What have I been drinking for the last 7 days?


MALNOURISHED . 8 months ago

I lost 15 pounds in two weeks on a Snake Diet fast. Its free! Fasting will cleanse and heal your body.

Bonnie Cotman

Bonnie Cotman . 8 months ago

Cabbage soup is the bomb! Super duper yummy. I love making it. I can’t wait to have some more cabbage soup after my water fast is over.

Joseph David

Joseph David . 8 months ago



rbeaviens . 8 months ago

How long does a pot of soup last? Or how long is it good?

Marir Victor

Marir Victor . 8 months ago

I am going to try it! It looks good.

Joseph Antony

Joseph Antony . 8 months ago

Thanks once again. That's exactly what I'm cooking for dinner, but my one has a few vegetables and spices. This Soup reminds me of the Atkins diet.😊.Bye the way i didn't find your email address.Is it somof.a@.....? I was expecting Nastassja..❤️

Carolyn Jordan

Carolyn Jordan . 8 months ago

I,m going to try the it looks, really good.

Iris Eiselt

Iris Eiselt . 8 months ago

Thanks for this great recipie how can i get the recepie in written please?God bless

Raniah wehbe

Raniah wehbe . 9 months ago

She already put diced tomatoes, why did she add v8?


Brightheart . 9 months ago

This is really the best & most accurate cabbage soup diet video. Thank you

Jory Lory

Jory Lory . 11 months ago

Thank you!you are the only one on youtube that mentioned what to eat each day along with the soup!!I done this diet in 1997&completely forgot the plan!!Thanks a million

Jenny Neskes

Jenny Neskes . 2 years ago

Sounds good! I will give it a try!

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