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6 Keto-Friendly Meals



Published on 2 years ago

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Comments :

vivian wang

vivian wang . 8 hours ago

Too much protein and too much carb!


MsShyKs . 9 hours ago

Those carrots are not keto .


Dream . 10 hours ago

Carrots??? On keto??? You’re insane.

Adam Palovčík

Adam Palovčík . 3 days ago

Hey check out this 28-Day Keto Challenge! https://mmini.me/GetInShapeWithKeto It helped me a lot!


ali40450 . 4 days ago

The “Kαbοnοz Ydα” (Google it) diet routine has given me means about how to lost my abdominal fat in a wholesome method. I never ever regarded this program as useful as this. After that, I have burned FIFTEEN lbs of my very own bodyweight and have developed my figure, a a lot better compared to going to a fitness center. I feel as if it has offered me extra strength. .

Nicko Larsen

Nicko Larsen . 4 days ago

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do good

do good . 5 days ago

A celebrity, one of the worlds famous sports scientists, Dr. Tim Noakes is a celebrated author and follower of KETOGENIC diet. Surprisingly and in fact, Noakes hasn’t even succeeded in curing his own diabetes—as he will tell you. He diagnosed himself, based on his blood-sugar levels and family history. Even after a year on the high-fat, low-carb regimen, his fasting glucose had barely budged; it was still hovering above 125. “Nothing happened,” he said. So he prescribed himself metformin, a common first-line diabetes drug. “He was on two grams a day, which is a massive dose.” When that didn’t work, he added supplements, including berberine, curcumin, and one called N-acetyl cysteine. That finally got his glucose and hemoglobin A1c (another marker of diabetes) under control. “So I’m cured,” he says. “But he not cured, because he still has to take the medicine.” WHY? It is about how many times you eat a day, it doesn't matter what you eat and how much you eat, of course processed foods are a big no and importance of macros cannot be underplayed, OMAD diet and TMAD diet will work and sustainable throughout life. The hormones and calories and carbs and proteins and oils and Keto and extended fasting (think about thin and non obese people) and other lines of discussions are meaningless and confusing. So many proponents for each of them with conflicting stands. Because the reason is not Glucose or Ketones, it is Excess Insulin. Please go through Dr. Joseph R Kraft's videos and his book "Diabetes Epidemic and you" Or go through touchworld.org The beauty is we can measure the insulin patterns and reverse diseases by following OMAD and TMAD diets. Almost all diseases, mental and physical are associated with excess insulin! KETOGENIC DIET supresses the Glucose levels in blood, but does not cure the dormant disease. WHAT is this dormant disease? The diabetes as we know is created by Pharma and almost all doctors, health professionals and people are misled, the truth is it is not glucose level that matters, it is Insulin! Animal PROTEIN has a high insulin response. The reason they are actually never cured of diabetes, it is only their symptoms of diabetes are supressed. KETO followers are happy with lower glucose levels or lower readings of HbA1C. Wake up friends! Dr. Kraft addresses the true disease simply and practically and it is equated with Hyperinsulinemia and measurable. Not only millions of (great) doctors and scientists are mislead, they are looking at plasma glucose levels to determine if you are diabetic, which is totally wrong, they talk of low carb diet/ketogenic or fasting to keep away from glucose. No doubt, a great doctor, Dr. Jason Fung’s 24 hour fasting is nothing but OMAD diet, who is closest to the truth and helps in reducing the chronic high insulin levels in the blood. In KETO, PROTEIN has a high insulin response. The reason they are never cured of diabetes, only their symptoms of diabetes are supressed, with lower glucose levels or lower readings of HbA1C. Wake up friends! Dr. Kraft has clinical data on 14,000 + people collected over 25 years, as proof on what constitutes TRUE/REAL DIABETES. Obesity, diabetes mellitus, dementia, etc are all symptoms of “Diabetes” as defined by Dr. Kraft, which manifest after 7 to 12 years being hyperinsulinemic. Only One meal a day or two meals a day will solve the problem. It works for non obese persons as well, they get CURED of diabetes, hypertension, etc., and most of the mental and physical ailments.

Moja Sudbina

Moja Sudbina . 6 days ago

Http://eunsetee.com/Emcn here you can find a full guide for keto from A_Z

Joshua Henry

Joshua Henry . 6 days ago

I found this dope meal planner https://personalketodiet.food.blog/

1.21 Gigawatts

1.21 Gigawatts . 1 week ago

The avocado egg dish is an excellent idea.

It's always sunny in Goa

It's always sunny in Goa . 1 week ago

Keto and bread lol stick to tasty food that you make

Alvin Govender

Alvin Govender . 2 weeks ago

That bread looks awesome

Keto Diet Guide

Keto Diet Guide . 2 weeks ago


Angelina Smirnova

Angelina Smirnova . 2 weeks ago

Love it! Will add to my cookbook on my shelf, where I have the Keto diet book by Anthony Sum

Raven Whitechapel

Raven Whitechapel . 2 weeks ago

Carrots are really sweet who said they're on the keto diet?


8bitDayDream . 3 weeks ago

Wanna try the bread thing. But I am very skeptical of no grease or parchment paper....

Happy Dish

Happy Dish . 3 weeks ago

Great! Thank you. that looks easy to do.

High Class Lifestyle

High Class Lifestyle . 3 weeks ago


Shannon Hughes

Shannon Hughes . 3 weeks ago

Some of these meal plans are ok, but won't suit everyone. The one that works better for me is this one: https://youtu.be/wtXXWeeR1qk

Raven Whitechapel

Raven Whitechapel . 3 weeks ago

All the peppers in the salsa doesn't look like it belongs in the keto diet which is really the Atkins diet a form of...

Joseph Lopez

Joseph Lopez . 3 weeks ago

The music lol


TRISH M . 3 weeks ago

Anyone know how long the pasta has to be in the refrigerator prior to hitting the boiling water that's shown on the video? And how long to actually leave it boiling?

Cheryl Taylor

Cheryl Taylor . 3 weeks ago

Carrots and tapioca flour are hard no on keto.

SantiagoBella Garcia

SantiagoBella Garcia . 3 weeks ago


Moja Sudbina

Moja Sudbina . 3 weeks ago

http://eunsetee.com/Emcn here you can find a full guide for keto from A_Z

Ihavedoneit. Iguess

Ihavedoneit. Iguess . 3 weeks ago

Cheese has a bit of carbs in them so. Not Keto friendly.

Kim Chaeri

Kim Chaeri . 4 weeks ago

You need to stay away from Bell peppers and Carrots in this diet

Raieisha elphage

Raieisha elphage . 4 weeks ago

Great Video! I too wanted to lose weight, heard about keto , tried it, but my first month we sooo hard! i struggled for a while and did a little more research to figure out what i was doing wrong.. Turns out Most people on a new diet have no plan. They learn what to eat... and not to eat. They try new recipes...But they DON’T have a daily plan to carry them through that critical first month.thank God i found this website! it helped me TREMENDOUSLY! i just want to share my blessing with someone else..hope this helps https://mmini.me/KetoDIET


Genesis888 . 4 weeks ago

Mayo and Caesar dressing is not keto friendly

Luis Mora

Luis Mora . 4 weeks ago

Sorry to ruin some fun but tomatoes are not keto friendly also onions please do some research on certain foods and do not misinform people it’s more harmful to them than not being on the diet at sll

Dinesh Kukreti

Dinesh Kukreti . 4 weeks ago

Where is High Fat, All this is high Protein Only

Aashin Dangal

Aashin Dangal . 4 weeks ago

I've been doing it for 6 days and I just wanna fucking eat 2 pizzas loaded with fucking everything that's delicious

Swarup Das

Swarup Das . 4 weeks ago

Wtf starting is only non veg...



Send help my address is 123HELP Two weeks on keto and almost died seeing bread

Andreas mathiassen

Andreas mathiassen . 1 month ago

Never seen anyone cook like this. This is interesting.

Kristine Day

Kristine Day . 1 month ago

I am trying to be Vegan and do Keto . Not to easy being from a hunting family and raising our own chickens , hunting wildlife etc . Little steps though

Trigo Alline

Trigo Alline . 1 month ago

http://eunsetee.com/Emcn here u can find a full guide for keto from A_Z

28 Day Keto Challenge

28 Day Keto Challenge . 1 month ago

Wow, Very delicious .

Two sicilian sisters

Two sicilian sisters . 1 month ago

4 pounds down craving candy bar ugh

Rizu Chan

Rizu Chan . 1 month ago

Carrots are not keto...

Kitty Kitty

Kitty Kitty . 1 month ago

Im doing my keto diet for 2weeks now and this the only diet Im so excited to tackle on. First i have a keto flu coz my body is confused by not not eating rice bread or any rootcrop for my carbo as I switch to other form of food with a very low carb level but after that I can feel and see my body losing weight and Im not always hungry as I always hydrate myself! I loss almost 6 kg in just 2weeks!

Matthew Marain

Matthew Marain . 1 month ago

Carrots are keto now? Interesting

Live Eat Laugh Love

Live Eat Laugh Love . 1 month ago

Thanks for the video. It really helps for keto diet beginners.

Quốc Hoàng

Quốc Hoàng . 1 month ago

Like and share for me! https://www.facebook.com/ketodiethealthy/?modal=admin_todo_tour

Two sicilian sisters

Two sicilian sisters . 1 month ago

So confused about this diet How can keto diet be good for cholesterol?

Beautiful Mind

Beautiful Mind . 1 month ago

People complain about keto that its not working for them, its because they have no proper plan, usually, people jump on any diet without a proper plan, Diet without a plan, it’s too easy to fall for peer pressure... to be unprepared... and to make bad decisions. I have a 28day challenge plan if you want you can email me and if this plan followed will make you lose weight and get healthy. after 28days you are looking thin and healthy and it makes you love continue that kind of lifestyle.


Lemonz1989 . 1 month ago

Ugh... Hate all these keto "breads". Nothing more than eggs with some other stuff mixed into.

Jess G.

Jess G. . 1 month ago

People are so clever

Technical Support

Technical Support . 1 month ago

Easy & Simple Keto Diet Weight Loss Meal Plan For 7 Days www.whounknown.com I Lost 57lbs On The Ketogenic Diet—Here’s How 27 Health and Nutrition Tips That Are Actually Evidence-Based. Top 9 tips to reboot your body and kick start weight loss A Shocking Number Of Adults Suffer From Chronic Pain.

Areole Ham

Areole Ham . 1 month ago

Can someone just do all the work for me im too lazy but also too fat...SN anyone try that custom keto thing? I hear its way easier but havnt tried yet https://bestdiet.health.blog/

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