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Eating bananas can pose many health benefits, as they are high in vitamins and minerals, they provide quick energy throughout the day, and they are easy to take on the go. Eat small portions of banana at a time for an instant energy boost with health information from a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist in this free video on healthy eating.

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Mantas Kiselat

Mantas Kiselat . 1 month ago

Click bate bananas

Mantas Kiselat

Mantas Kiselat . 1 month ago


L-Dog The Great

L-Dog The Great . 1 month ago

Crabs in bananas wtf

Meba Story Telling

Meba Story Telling . 2 months ago

Click bait much 😒😒 Lol that's it eat half a banana you got to be kidding me 😒😒😒 I'm trying to gain weight here😐😐


Zalimah . 8 months ago

Who the **** eats half a bananas. Like whos your target audience someone who hasn't moved in 20 years. I walk 15 miles a day 5 days a week and rock climb every other day as well as my normal workouts for climbing and your saying eat only 1 bananas your mental.

duxe swattik

duxe swattik . 10 months ago

Ha ha! She was like I love bananas because... Pause...then.. they are nutritious.. blah blah.. she just likes them because they look like penises...


Nelson . 5 years ago

Half a banana lol my 2 year daughter can eat 2-3 bananas in a hour. Lol that must be advice for people who are sick. Healthy people can eat way more bananas than that. Try eat lest meat and dairy


KMZ SID . 7 years ago

sorry I said this but I can see you love bananas ehhh ^_- I got a big one here looool i joke

kris v

kris v . 8 years ago

im a raw vegan so i eat as many bananas as i want!!!


E . 8 years ago

Protip: Peel a banana from the "bottom" end and you will get none of that stringy stuff.


iLiveonBespin . 8 years ago

If you could only eat half of something so small, then I wouldn't call that food more like poison. LOL /watch?v=fJueUbQVjLU&feature=g-user-u&context=G227beebUCGXQYbcTJ33Ye5VvHUMLGVF2C7iI3vOfhE1HeS7qYbss


Flint1545 . 9 years ago

Not very informative... I didn't really learn about the health benefits of bananas. Also, like previous ppl commenting, I don't understand why bananas are knocked for being too high in carbs. If you're someone with an intense sweet tooth like myslef, but you stick to eating 1 or even 2 bananas instead of a bunch of cookies or chocolate bars, you will be much better off. I eat at least one or 2 bananas a day instead of processed sweets and I am slim.

Randy S

Randy S . 10 years ago

Bananas are high in Potassium...bananas are good brain food. It boosts Serotonin levels in the brain and will make you happy person. I eat bananas 2-3 times a day, and it's really does keep you energized throughout the day.


EssiacHempLaetrile . 10 years ago

Google "whfoods" Enter "Banana"


AstroMen2911 . 10 years ago

Can you get the same benefits with banana chips?


glowingdarkmatter25 . 10 years ago

I'd rather have carbs from a bananna than a doughnut...bananna carbs shouldn't really be knocked. Nice vid though.

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