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A Week On the Lose 14lbs in 7 Days Diet Day 3

Mike Jeavons

Mike Jeavons

Published on 6 years ago

WARNING - contains footage of a snake eating.
Also, if you have started this diet please don't continue with it!

Day 3 of the challenge... and things are not going well.

Comments :

David C

David C . 2 months ago

This is insanely depressing

Jonathan Rodd

Jonathan Rodd . 4 months ago

No, slices of grapefruit are not pudding.


David KNELL . 5 months ago

What a woo woo

Herbert Pell

Herbert Pell . 10 months ago

That is one of the dangers of these diets, it is an indication that you are missing a lot of the nutrition you need for a healthy body.

Michael Clark

Michael Clark . 1 year ago

Look at those panda eyes, you look like my avatar

Ellem MYB

Ellem MYB . 1 year ago

You didnt have to show the mouse :|

Kitten Lyric

Kitten Lyric . 1 year ago


A lethe ia

A lethe ia . 2 years ago

ok so mike looks like 15 years older than he is because he eats shitty.. so much meat, urgh. well at least its chicken, so risk of colon cancer ain't as high as people do who eat a lot of read meat-and the salmonella dies off when burning the dead flesh, so thats fin,


DIAZ52 . 2 years ago

Mine was the coveted 500th Like.


DarkWestern . 2 years ago

Those strawberries are looking a bit anemic..

Anthony A

Anthony A . 2 years ago

Lol I was on my treadmill while watching this video but I gotta hop off real quick because, LOL HE SPELLED LAMB CHOPS as "Lamp" chops, hahahahaha, what the fuck!? :D I didn't know they sold chopped lamps. Just messin' with ya mate.

Geek Chorus

Geek Chorus . 2 years ago

Just detoxing, flushing out the toxins, always feel like crap during that process

Drake Loki

Drake Loki . 2 years ago

Pretty sure those eggs were soft boiled and not hard boiled.

Vlad Klimovich

Vlad Klimovich . 2 years ago

just got instructions from WooPep website and I'm ready for the my diet :D

Kevin Hills AKA West-Luv

Kevin Hills AKA West-Luv . 2 years ago

Yes dude it's a HORRIBLE FEELING the headache just doesn't stop it goes on till the next day.......... OUCH!!


LexieDi . 3 years ago

This reminds me of the Minnesota Starvation Experiment... though they got to eat more than this, I believe.


ECL28E . 3 years ago

I think the water is the problem. COnstantly drinking water expands the stomach, making you hungrier

Kelly Brys

Kelly Brys . 3 years ago

seeing that snake getting food was everything

Cyber Spinosaur

Cyber Spinosaur . 4 years ago

Is that a corn snake you have? What's its name?

Disney Gym Girl

Disney Gym Girl . 4 years ago

I bet you probably wanted to ask your snake if he wanted to trade with you right?

dorian grey

dorian grey . 5 years ago

if the center is runny like that its not hard boiled its soft boiled

Virulent Ivyz

Virulent Ivyz . 5 years ago

lol lamp chops with salad

Layth Kamal

Layth Kamal . 5 years ago

such diets are crap and are actually BAD for your body. No body follow this. Thanks Mike for the experiment

Ben G

Ben G . 5 years ago

Tempted to try this just to experiment. My one concern is that I will just be shitting like a mad man from all the fruit though.


killemusen . 5 years ago

hard boiled, those are smiling at best.

Johnny John

Johnny John . 5 years ago

Pineberry is a strawberry cultivar. As such, despite its pineapple-like flavor and white coloring, it is merely the product of hybridization between different strawberry cultivars that growers selected for appearance and taste qualities.

L. Wolf

L. Wolf . 5 years ago

Can't tell if this is a real diet... or some kind of cruel joke.


Stormwolf420 . 6 years ago

Lamp chops? XD


miss1sparkle1pants . 6 years ago

I like how you are having 'lamp chops'with the salad for tea


InKY09 . 6 years ago

I hope those are exclusively used for snake feeding.

Spazztica Fantazztica

Spazztica Fantazztica . 6 years ago

You could have tried filling up by eating a lot more fruit for lunch.


rahrahryn . 6 years ago

Bizarrely enough, Mike, how you're feeling sounds a lot like how I feel on a regular basis. (I have a chronic fatigue problem which means I count as disabled.) Difference being that I don't starve myself (although I AM a terrible cook) and I never eat salad... Dunno what it means but it's certainly interesting. 


Reverie . 6 years ago

On Day 3 of this same diet. Turned out pretty great! I'm not starved and I'm not suffering any fleeting inclinations to turn my cat into a delicious dish. Though I did wind up wasting two eggs this morning during my breakfast endeavor, because one broke and another cracked during the boiling process. Otherwise, I learned that I am pretty damn badass at making lamb! I even bought an extra one to savor after the diet is done so I can make one with seasoning and such, but for now I settled on adding flavor with some lemon juice (which is allowed). Also I LOVE tomatoes, celery, and cucumbers, so the salad at the end of the day is fine by me. I think it helps during lunchtime to heed the fact that the diet says "any amount" on the fresh fruit. Me? I freaking love fruit. I've had fruit for lunch many times, so this is a piece of cake. So far so good. Not looking forward to day 4 and 5 with its prescribed 1 slice of dry toast for breakfast, though.

Conoway Seastride

Conoway Seastride . 6 years ago


Jessie May

Jessie May . 6 years ago



AKindChap . 6 years ago

Would have been nice to mention that you were going to feed a mouse to the snake...


Opinion-Ville . 6 years ago

The more carbs constituted your daily diet the worse you will feel. Basically it's sugar withdrawl. If you've cut back on your caffeine intake it could be withdrawl from that as well...which is fucking miserable.


ChesuMori . 6 years ago

Out of curiosity, what was the Batman lanyard for during dinner?

radio rayman

radio rayman . 6 years ago

it's all in the mind, Mike!

Twisted Puppet

Twisted Puppet . 6 years ago

If this is supposed to be a chemical based diet, they sure fucked up by not giving you enough protein throughout the day. The fruit, is nothing but sugar. All they are having you eat is pretty much sugar. Good for a short burst, won't keep you going. Sugar boosts your energy, protein maintains it. All this talk about complex carbs is bullshit because what makes the carbs burn slower is the protein you eat with them. I bet your blood sugar levels are off the chart right now.  At the end of the week, don't be surprised if you gained weight because you are basically on a starvation diet. I would also go see your doctor after the week is up. Steve Jobs used to do that all fruit diet bullshit. Ashton Kutcher tried it out for a week while he was preparing to play Jobs in that shit movie. Kutcher got taken to the emergency room over it.

Twisted Puppet

Twisted Puppet . 6 years ago

Hunger headache. Just like the time you were eating the food from Iceland's.


cheezeofages . 6 years ago

Also, on the bright (and bad) side days 3 and 7 of a purge are the hardest for most. after the 3rd your body starts to adjust, but on the last you start anticipating freedom.


cheezeofages . 6 years ago

Fair warning Mike, when you get off the diet and return to a regular eating pattern, keep the meals a little lighter than you would eat before. Going right back to a heavy meal or harder to process foods after a purge like this can be... unpleasant.


akabiscuitwaffle . 6 years ago

it's just a low sodium diet.... He's just loosing water weight.

Doing the Homework

Doing the Homework . 6 years ago

He's got this. Day 3 was cake for him, and Day 4 will be nothing but a speed bump. Smooth sailing from there, only sorry he has to suffer through GRAPEFRUIT of all fruits. Truly the worst fruit.

thomas dickinson

thomas dickinson . 6 years ago

Looked more like a lamb steak (rib eye maybe) than lamb chop to me..... But the way this "diet" is designed i don't blame you for going for something that fills you up. Good luck mike this is definitely the worst iv ever see!


kramcas2 . 6 years ago

Im eating a taco pizza while watching this.


RayneSaltair . 6 years ago

Pineberry. They are pineapples crossed with strawberrys. Very posh here in the States and you can only buy the plants at maybe 3 places. I've got some in my back yard.


culwin . 6 years ago

Unless you take a 14 pound dump during the week, this isn't gonna happen.


Yugoxgc . 6 years ago

Talk about a shitty diet.. Seriously if you feel worse than from a week of consuming what was basically fast food  than its not a diet you should be having especially when it leads to being tired all day & dozing off at 8 pm

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