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MEAL PREP WITH ME: Low Carb - Mains, Breakfast + Snack // Rachel Aust

Rachel Aust

Rachel Aust

Published on 3 years ago

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Comments :

moon egypt

moon egypt . 2 weeks ago



arniebarb123 . 3 weeks ago

I.hate reheating proteins (chicken,fish,steak). It forces me to cook my meals daily, its really annoying

Tiny guy Pham

Tiny guy Pham . 3 weeks ago

cute tatto

Fun With the Girls

Fun With the Girls . 3 weeks ago

omg that dressing looks like a game changer lol! I gotta find that!

hello hi

hello hi . 1 month ago

Dont you can get high cholesterol of eating so much animal products? Please let me know thanks

Panda Princess

Panda Princess . 1 month ago

How many days a week do you meal prep for?

Kerry Bennett

Kerry Bennett . 1 month ago

where can I find the recipes please

Don C.

Don C. . 1 month ago

Would high salt seem to dehydrate you?


KHIA CORDERO . 1 month ago

Hello I just want to ask if that meal is for one week?

Ammers Lo

Ammers Lo . 1 month ago

I like how you break up each meal & display your preps... Thank you.

Leah Brigman

Leah Brigman . 4 months ago

Chicken sundried tomatoe and mushroom meatballs with pesto zoodles and roasted red peppers meal prep https://www.facebook.com/groups/whatIeatInaday/permalink/407271086805831/

Product reviewer uk

Product reviewer uk . 4 months ago

I couldn't be arsed to make a breakfast like that. Cereal and milk I'm done


jakic91 . 1 year ago

Arnt peas high protein but also moderately high in carbs? Good video though

Leanne Solieri

Leanne Solieri . 2 years ago

Are the containers you portion your food into oven proof? Do u reheat in the oven?

It’s Kate

It’s Kate . 2 years ago

Do you freeze these meals or all in the fridge?

Moftah Ali

Moftah Ali . 2 years ago

I like this girl this is my forth day in keto dite and I was searching about a meal

Samy Boscolo

Samy Boscolo . 2 years ago

I know you don’t really count calories, but how many you usually eat? I love your meal preps, but I think you caloric intake is higher than mine needs to be, so I would like to know just to have a starting poin

Granny Panties

Granny Panties . 2 years ago

Will you talk about gaining muscle/ your workout routine on keto?

Manal Javid

Manal Javid . 2 years ago

Do you count your calories?


flee-lil-piggy . 2 years ago

I used to eat like this 10 years ago..looking back I feel like throwing up ...so Atkins 🤢


KEVIN THAI . 2 years ago

when meal prepping, should I let the hot food cool down first and then put it into the refridgerator. Or should I instantly put the hot food into the refridgerator?

Júlia Paiva

Júlia Paiva . 2 years ago

Theses are for three days, right? How do you conserve it?


alliwantisapony . 2 years ago

hot beef on fresh lettuce... it wilted instantly!

Eleanna Sofiya

Eleanna Sofiya . 2 years ago

Please make more ketogenic meal prep videos 😢 they are so great

Kia Evans

Kia Evans . 2 years ago

Where are all your fruits and veggies ?!!!!!1

isata baj

isata baj . 2 years ago

Everything was good until I seen you add cheese. My body responds TERRIBLY to cheese so sad cause it’s my favorite. I bloat so bad and have the worst gas 😩

Sarah bearah

Sarah bearah . 2 years ago

sorry i wasn't listening. how many days is this for?

Joanne Walker

Joanne Walker . 2 years ago

Awesome video and we have more in common. I have a Puggle too

KeeKee Flowe

KeeKee Flowe . 2 years ago

So ur saying this is a good meal plan for like weight loss or even keeping track what your putting into your body?

Aynura Djafarova

Aynura Djafarova . 2 years ago

you put frozen vegetables to boiled water, or mix hot ready food with frozen vegetables , also you put hot meat to speant, all it makes cancer, and lose all vitamins.


katrinacharlotte . 2 years ago

where do you get your glass containers?


Breona . 2 years ago

This video helped so much. Thank you

Charlotte Adelle

Charlotte Adelle . 2 years ago

this is so unhealthy!! so much saturated fat and cholesterol

Stephanie Leigh Rose

Stephanie Leigh Rose . 2 years ago

Omg I have PCOS too, just diagnosed in April, you have a PCOS blog? Id love to read it. I just now realized gluten is a no bueno for us


jinhi9005 . 2 years ago

Great Video clip! Sorry for chiming in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you thought about - Dinanlinson Elegant Figure Approach (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a good exclusive guide for uncovering the secrets behind a highly effective low carb diet minus the normal expense. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my buddy after many years got cool success with it.

Joyce Chua

Joyce Chua . 2 years ago

Hi Rachel! Love your videos! Can you do a 'what i eat in a day' video pls? Thanks 😊


cha . 2 years ago

what do you eat the taco bites with? i was thinking chips, but that's not low carb :( lol


MEAL PREP THAI . 2 years ago



WHODO VOODOO . 2 years ago

are your meal prep meals the only thing you have in the fridge along with a few veggies and cooking ingredients?

Karin C.

Karin C. . 2 years ago

I LOVE IT....but once i am a beginner on KETO i need to know how many calories are in each meal that you prepared. Could you add to your meal preparation at the end how much calories ,fat, net carbs,protein PLEASE? thank you

Desiree Deville Knesel

Desiree Deville Knesel . 2 years ago

Does she have her recipes posted anywhere?

You Bet Your Life Jeff Walker

You Bet Your Life Jeff Walker . 2 years ago

You might wanna cool the taco meat before you lay it on a bed of lettuce.. lol

Eskil Flawn Orpana

Eskil Flawn Orpana . 2 years ago

shoot me if i get near that shit food


BluezConcepts . 2 years ago

isn't almond like 22.5grams of carbs per 100grams?

Riley Thomas

Riley Thomas . 2 years ago

Your meal preps are so helpful!

john doe

john doe . 2 years ago

what a cute dog!

alev eratan

alev eratan . 2 years ago

Hi Rachel what are the ingredients in breaky please. great vid btw👌

Mindful Bliss

Mindful Bliss . 2 years ago

@rachelaust I've been wondering about the blood type diet. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it works for some not all? I feel the keto diet maybe a good one to try.

Gloomy Sunday

Gloomy Sunday . 2 years ago

getting some great ideas here! Its breakfasts im struggling with... im just getting really bored of egg haha

Davina Test

Davina Test . 2 years ago

I love these meal preps because they are simple and no fuss and best of all NO constant chattering about other things than meal prep.....I'm fed up of listening to all those Keto diet stories...on and on... so thanks for keeping it simple!

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