Published on 3 months ago

I knew I wanted to cover one of the licensed tracks from Episode 4, and since there’s only one in the episode… This is the one! Once again, it’s a song I wouldn’t usually attempt, but that’s what made it interesting and fun to arrange/record. Let’s RAWK it up!

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Comments :

Sasha Garnaulova

Sasha Garnaulova . 2 months ago

OMG, it's amazing, lol 💕

Trash Mix

Trash Mix . 2 months ago

Idk about you but the guitar ruins it somehow it's still better than I can do it's maybe a lil too fast

Selia Grace

Selia Grace . 2 months ago

This is such a amazing cover! ❤️ A rock version of this song works surprisingly well!

John Joseph Lyoko

John Joseph Lyoko . 3 months ago

I love this song

Matze :]

Matze :] . 3 months ago

So gut!

Kika Lari

Kika Lari . 3 months ago

It's amazing how good every song chosen to be put on Life Is Strange is good, bringing so much feeling. Loved the cover ♥ ️


GingerBeardMan . 3 months ago

Great rock version, very well done. I dig the bass sound in this one. Tasty bass line and nice growly sound. You got a new bass? Or just new bass strings? (Haha yeah you bass players out there (no offense I'm one too), listen to Glenn Fricker, change your strings once in a while or it will sound hella dull)

Raighnan O'reilly

Raighnan O'reilly . 3 months ago

Great job as usual. It's the perfect song to use for chilling out

Laura James

Laura James . 3 months ago

Amazing. You always do so well.


Vertiser . 3 months ago

Amazing cover, as always! ^^ Thank you for sharing this song!

Kristopher Wickline

Kristopher Wickline . 3 months ago

This was a really neat ending song.

[K]aldo [D]e [P]osho

[K]aldo [D]e [P]osho . 3 months ago

Very Good

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