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Can you actually burn fat and build muscle at the same time? Or do you have to do them separately? Bulking and cutting are the fitness industry's most commonly recommended approach to bodybuilding and putting on muscle and burning fat. But what about recompositioning? Culking (coining credits goes to Alan Aragon) perhaps?

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Comments :

Osmosis Jones

Osmosis Jones . 1 week ago

Culking? Why not cucking?

Shyam V

Shyam V . 1 month ago


William Scott

William Scott . 1 month ago

Guys if you’re overweight, just lose the weight first, then focus on building muscles. Trying to catch two heirs at once results in you catching neither. It’s the same for this.

Gabe Al-Akkawi

Gabe Al-Akkawi . 3 months ago

Well if muscles rely on protein for survival and you cut on food while maintaining the maximum amount of protein for muscles to grow then yes you can lose fat and build muscle at the same time... debunked

Shakie 42

Shakie 42 . 3 months ago

Currently I’m at 58kg. Aged 17 and have a bit of muscle. I am trying to gain weight up to 62kg yet maintain lean and gain muscle. Pls advise me on what to do??

Constant Mayhem

Constant Mayhem . 3 months ago

Basically just do weights 3/4 times a week and have a small deficit of like 100 calories

Andrey Kashin

Andrey Kashin . 3 months ago

I have been doing this for almost a year. It is very difficult. The results and gains are very slow, while I work my ass off in the gym.

Jessie R.

Jessie R. . 3 months ago

I'm trying to body recomp right now, because I lost a nice amount of weight (60lbs, from 180 to 120) in 8 months, but I made the mistake of doing too much cardio/not enough strength training. Oof.

Samsung Grand

Samsung Grand . 4 months ago

Wth are you trying to say?

Kalinda Zsiga

Kalinda Zsiga . 4 months ago

I would love to see more on this subject!

Jr Ortiz

Jr Ortiz . 5 months ago

Awsome helps


Xersus . 5 months ago

It depends


JOHN CARTER OF MARS . 6 months ago

i have a question about the caloric surplus (on lift days) and caloric deficit (on offdays) method. let's say i hit my desired lean muscle mass and fat percentage. is it ok to eat at your maintenance level in your off days and eat at a surplus in your lift days (to mantain lean mass) or will that just slowly increase my fat percentage again?

stu pid

stu pid . 6 months ago

If you can do 30 minutes intense cardio in the morning then do heavy weight training in the evening. Go low on carbs, high on green veg and protein and completely cut out sugar. You will look leaner but still keep hard muscle

TitleStar64 Throttle Fire

TitleStar64 Throttle Fire . 6 months ago

I bet this guy isnt even muscular. Prolly just a stick.....stiiiiiiixk

Jorge Araya Navarro

Jorge Araya Navarro . 7 months ago

let's bulk then

Alfonso López Martínez

Alfonso López Martínez . 7 months ago

You didn't even talk about nitrogen...

Blake Anonymous

Blake Anonymous . 7 months ago

Wait so can someone explain to me what a overweight beginner should do to lose fat and build muscle? I’m confused lol

nick adz

nick adz . 8 months ago

I can say I started training first time in my life at 30 .. over weight ... And in 5 months I've gained tons of muscle and burn lots of fat .. eating very clean at a low caliore intake tons of protein .. 16 an 8 fasting I know eventually I will level off .. but for now it's helping me get to my long term goal

brutalsavage. 1

brutalsavage. 1 . 8 months ago

Yeah this is not accurate at all

Mustafa Alio

Mustafa Alio . 9 months ago

I am culking and it's doing really well! I do fasted cardio every day. Then I eat lots of protein and some carbs. Have a rest. Finally I do resistance workouts, lifting some weight at home. Yes it is slower, but it's the same if you measure the total time of "cutting to bulking" process.

Rez Marks

Rez Marks . 9 months ago

Anyone else tried fasting for 24-48 hours at a time once a week (drink water with sea salt and potassium citrate if you have it). Then eat at a caloric surplus the rest of the week? Fasting burns very little muscle and a lot of fat so I thought I'd try it been a couple months. Ive seen major culking success on this routine. Stayed the exact same average weight while gaining muscle and strength.

Nigel Cabrera

Nigel Cabrera . 9 months ago

I just did that and I'm a beginner. I do Keto and IF while working out.


Meltoss . 9 months ago

I'd love to know how ripped the creator of this channel is.

Orange Monk

Orange Monk . 9 months ago

culking sounds like watching your wife get fucked by someone else.

Joe Dhanota

Joe Dhanota . 10 months ago

I didn't understand a thing he said

Santiago Zepeda

Santiago Zepeda . 10 months ago

Can you build muscle with high intensity cardio?

Freedom 420

Freedom 420 . 10 months ago


Bijaya Gurung

Bijaya Gurung . 10 months ago

Can Jump rope help? plz answer

David Arenas

David Arenas . 10 months ago

ME: I’ll take option “c” for 1000 points Bob. BOB: Is it better to cut or bulk? ME: What is steroids? BOB: correct! for 1000 points!

Luis Alberto

Luis Alberto . 10 months ago


brayen brian

brayen brian . 12 months ago

You first said bulking and then culking so if the question is if it either should start with a B or a C well then my answer would be B (lol double bee) (THERE'S A BEE?!?!) and then utting instead of ulking since we secondly said utting instead if ulking.... Butting yum


K B . 1 year ago

Honestly if you're a fat beginner, just cut until 12% body fat or lower, try to eat a gram of protein per pound of your goal body weight. Don't bother recomping, aka occasionally eating at a surplus for short periods of time. Of course cheat meals are inevitable. Try the progressive overload but if you find yourself stalling just deload and keep on going. You're better off trying to gain muscle when you are already at a low body fat, then to try to lower your body fat percentage by increasing muscle mass.

brayen brian

brayen brian . 1 year ago

I have a question, can someone please answer. After a workout in the gym (training the muscles) I come home and eat what I need to eat. The next day I'm hungry and I got muscle soreness (obviously) but I choose not to eat (for just an example) will I then loose muscle? Because I got an empty stomach plus muscle soreness.

Kevin Lorimer

Kevin Lorimer . 1 year ago

You said all the right things but missed one big part...You forgot to give the answer to the question.


RUS- -SIDI . 1 year ago


Dark Drift0r

Dark Drift0r . 1 year ago

Whats your opinion on athlean-X's idea of both gaining muscles and losing fats?

Ashfaq Tamim

Ashfaq Tamim . 1 year ago

I am a fat begginer I am building muscle and losing fat at same time


H L . 1 year ago

Ok what? Can you start again please?


Stephanie . 1 year ago

For beginners to lose fat and gain muscle at once, do we eat at a deficit?

Abhishek Saharan

Abhishek Saharan . 1 year ago

How to gain muscle while not gaining fat ?

Vincent Prawira

Vincent Prawira . 1 year ago

You can by Intermittent Fasting

symbolic red

symbolic red . 1 year ago

I’m pretty skinny but still have Belly fat and also I want to be able to gain muscle any suggestions ?

mert ozdinc

mert ozdinc . 1 year ago

FML im probably to fit for this...

Luisa Tuy

Luisa Tuy . 1 year ago

Wow. You're confusing.

Mario Duenas

Mario Duenas . 1 year ago

show us the research bro

Feliĉa Porko

Feliĉa Porko . 1 year ago

But HOW MUCH slower? Slower by 10% or 90%? Has there been any research estimating the relative increase in strength gain when comparing a training periods consisting of bulking + cutting and lean throughout? Even though bulking increases muscle gain, how much is its effectiveness reduced when counting in the muscle loss / slower gains during cutting? It's quite useless to know something is better if you don't know how much so.

Yusuf Bahar

Yusuf Bahar . 1 year ago

But how? No channels explain this, how can we build muscle while losing fat, so you know any vida to explain that guys?

Nathan Leibel

Nathan Leibel . 1 year ago

Confused. So I should eat more?

pablo escobar

pablo escobar . 1 year ago

i am a begginer and started going to gym , i want a diet to lose fat andgain muscles

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