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Total Health with Dr. Nick

Total Health with Dr. Nick

Published on 11 months ago

How would you like to enjoy a sandwich on the Keto diet? Who wouldn't, right! But, what do yo do for bread??? Well, here's your answer...Keto Cloud Bread! I get asked to do a video on Keto Cloud bread all the time...so here's the recipe!

THIS BREAD ROCKS! It's great for sandwiches, burgers, grilled cheese, toast and anything else you can think of. Now, it's not crusty and dense like Italian bread, it's like a hamburger bun only lighter...hence the name. You will love it, especially if you season it like I did. It is one of my favorite keto recipes!

This is a must have if you are doing a Keto diet, paleo, low carb diet, looking for low carb recipes or even doing the Paleo diet

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

3 eggs
3 oz. cream cheese
1/4 tsp salt
1/8 tsp cream of tarter
Garlic powder

Macro's per slice:

Calories 85
Fat 7 gms.
Carbs 1gm
Protein 3.8 gms.

Fat 76%
Carbs 5%
Protein 18%

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Comments :

Maggie G.

Maggie G. . 10 months ago

Holy bajeepers! These are amazing!!! I have a story.... I’m not a great cook (therefore, it never really interested me a whole lot). Whenever I “DO” cook, I always ensure I have double the ingredients before I begin because I KNOW I’m always going to do something to ruin the first batch of whatever I’m making.... and if I’m completely candid, ...... a lot of times, I take down the 2nd batch too. 😳 My family is patient & still loves me regardless... & they attempt to eat my finished products anyway. 🤭 It was an even mix of comical & sadness watching them eating my pancakes (made from your recipe) which I completely messed up & they broke apart as I was taking them out of the pan. They just chewed in silence and once in a while they give me a bit of a passive aggressive smile... 🤣 Having said that - they cringed when they saw me watching the cloud bread video... HOWEVER, the first batch I made was soooo good, they were extremely impressed! I couldn’t stop smiling at my little pieces of heaven as I pulled them out of the oven. That light dusting of garlic powder was amazing!! 👌🏻 Because they were soooo good, I decided to do it again... Oh my goodness - the 2nd batch!!! 😊😊😊😊 This time they were so much puffier and looked like little clouds of perfection!!! I just couldn’t believe it! Haha - it makes a difference not getting “ANY” egg yolk in with the egg whites! My first batch, I got the TINIEST bit of yolk in the egg whites & because it was so minuscule, I figured it wouldn’t matter... well, actually, they were pretty good still - but when I compared them to my 2nd batch, it’s unbelievable!! My husband even said that my cloud bread looks almost identical to yours, Dr. Nick!! 😭 That is such a huge compliment - especially for me! 😁 I’m so proud, I could cry! I feel like I should be on the news or something! 😂 Thank you so much for this life changing recipe!!! 😊👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 You’re truly my kitchen hero.... and I sincerely apologize for what I did to your pancakes. 😳
abeer & ahmed abel rahma

abeer & ahmed abel rahma . 20 hours ago

Excellent! Thank you 👍

Taylor . 21 hours ago

Wow, I did it!

SANAmyNAMEis . 2 days ago

Em.. it is baked omlet!

MegaTechno2000 . 2 days ago

It's all Cloud...and no Bread
Paul M

Paul M . 4 days ago

The poor egg
Valerie Pierce

Valerie Pierce . 5 days ago

Do you store them in the fridge or cupboard? Do they have to be eaten immediately?
Shora Barb

Shora Barb . 1 week ago

Is the tarter cream necessary? I don't think my country has it, or at least i haven't seen it
Tracilyn Hidalgo

Tracilyn Hidalgo . 1 week ago

Come cook me bread and serve me in bed😀
Dc Marvel United

Dc Marvel United . 1 week ago

I wanna try this with a nice italian beef cooked in slow cooker
bubu mic

bubu mic . 1 week ago

What is cream of tartar ???
Sandy Gaskett Art

Sandy Gaskett Art . 1 week ago

Awesome! I will have to give it a go! I'm not doing keto, but am doing low carb clean eating. Thanks so much! 💕
Jessica John

Jessica John . 1 week ago

Such a long winded explanation ....good grief , this is good for 6 year olds!
Gary Meadows

Gary Meadows . 1 week ago

I Tell you what Doc, I went out and bought a hand Blender as I have never owned one before then I got down to making the Cloud Bread. I Love my Bread but when I made Almond Bread it never rises and did not like the taste and the same goes with Coconut flour. BUT this Cloud Bread Oh Heavens Above it is so light and it melts in your Mouth, you are a Savior my Dear Friend. I will go and try your Bread Rolls as you suggested and see how I get on with those. Only problem I had with the Bread is that it stuck to the Parchment Paper. Big Thumbs Up to You...👍👍👍
Gary Meadows

Gary Meadows . 2 weeks ago

Defiantly going to try this. Almond and coconut Bread not nice, but this looks something else..
Aloekui Handmade Soap

Aloekui Handmade Soap . 2 weeks ago

OMG i love this video, thanks so much!
Lucy Duenas

Lucy Duenas . 2 weeks ago

Dr Nick I just made your recipe for cloud bread. I didn’t have the cream of tartar so I substituted with 3/4 tsp of fresh lemon juice ( I had to google that substitute). The bread was frankly delicious 😋. Oh my goodness. I also sprinkled some dry garlic as you suggested but also sprinkled some dry basil flakes. Boy thank God they are so darn low in carbs or I would be on carb overload. I did cheat 🤭and added a tsp of some canned hot pepper jam that I’ve had in my pantry for awhile...Lord mercy...please 🙏🏽come up with a keto hot pepper jam to top with my next sandwich!!!!! Thank you
John Genua

John Genua . 2 weeks ago

never mind I found it Thanks
John Genua

John Genua . 2 weeks ago

Ok Dr Nick......Your Keto cloud Bread recipe does not say how much Cream Cheese to use. Can you let me know how much? Thank you

Frazzled . 2 weeks ago

Is there a good substitution for the cream cheese? I'm seriously allergic to dairy.
John Genua

John Genua . 2 weeks ago

OMG! How easy is that. On the Keto diet I do miss making sandwiches & bread in general. Thank you Dr. Nick. Luv Ya!!

DC . 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the recipe. Will try in the a.m. try beating the whole recipe by hand to burn some arm flab👍
Lucy Duenas

Lucy Duenas . 2 weeks ago

Those look absolutely delicious 😋. Once they are cooked do they need to be eaten right away? Do they freeze well?
Ann Nah

Ann Nah . 2 weeks ago

Looks so gooood !!

XeniasWorld . 2 weeks ago

Anyone use arrowroot instead of tartar?
Linda Hooker

Linda Hooker . 2 weeks ago

Looks yummy, I am new to keto.
Yasmin Naik

Yasmin Naik . 2 weeks ago

Hate to sound mean but cloud bread is the nastiest thing on keto.
Pansy Sabol

Pansy Sabol . 3 weeks ago

You didn’t say how much cream cheese
Jane M Geddes

Jane M Geddes . 3 weeks ago

Why not make bread with almond flour. This is not bread like.
Yo Ruthless

Yo Ruthless . 3 weeks ago


hearttoheart4me . 3 weeks ago

Steven Zarch

Steven Zarch . 3 weeks ago

You're right, Dr. Nick! So good and easy to to put together.😋
Tamra S

Tamra S . 4 weeks ago

Ok... I made these today even though I thought they looked weird. I made them exactly how he did. They are SINFUL❤️. Oh my gosh... warm with butter 😋.. The best part is you only count 1egg and 1 tablespoon of cream cheese for 2 ... because the recipe is 3 eggs and 3 cream cheese. That’s if your counting and writing down what you eat. I also downloaded the APP he suggested in another video, “Carb Manager: Keto Diet APP”... it is helping me enormously. THANK YOU for taking the time to help us learn and give up free advise. Love your recipes and food ideas. 🥰❤️🥦
Kamyar Kermani

Kamyar Kermani . 4 weeks ago

thanks a lot for your helping man...
Timothy Brady

Timothy Brady . 4 weeks ago

I need to try this. I tried making that 90 second ramican bread this morning. Way too dry. Didn't like the taste. Hopefully this will be a great sandwich and hamburger roll
Tamra S

Tamra S . 4 weeks ago

Just starting keto. I’m down to 1 coke cherry zero per day, or diet cherry 7up, or diet A&W root beer from about 7 per day. I wish someone would address keto for someone with gastric bypass. My husband has had the surgery and was hoping to do keto for both of us. I don’t really eat bread but I’m excited to have a sandwich without the guilt. My downfall is chips and cookies.
Janis Dolan

Janis Dolan . 4 weeks ago

Am I right, there is no grain, or nut flour in this recipe?

Verity . 4 weeks ago

How are these different from little omelettes, really? So much keto bread is way too eggy for me.
Lincoln's Mama

Lincoln's Mama . 4 weeks ago

WOC - where did you go to school at? LOVE chiropractic and this video is great also. thank you

Andeedom12 . 4 weeks ago

What if I don’t have parchment paper can I use olive oil or coconut oil or ghee?

Ceut . 4 weeks ago

Heya Dr Nick.
Joshua Apathy Miller

Joshua Apathy Miller . 4 weeks ago

Have you tried this with some yeast mixed into the yolks & cream cheese, omg its bread
Steven Zarch

Steven Zarch . 1 month ago

I'm already the healthiest I've ever been following this Way of eating!
Jodi Pirelli

Jodi Pirelli . 1 month ago

Awesome Simply Awesome
Peggy Yacovone

Peggy Yacovone . 1 month ago

dr. nick, my mama told me, it's good to have shells in your eggs, as they enhance the growth and strength of your bones. r u telling me, my mom was wrong?
Dan Daru TV

Dan Daru TV . 1 month ago

Tried it, it’s gross. It looks and tastes like an omelette, which that’s what it basically is. Any bread recipe with EGGS and CREAM CHEESE is, well, eggs and cream cheese. Yuck.
Alexandra P

Alexandra P . 1 month ago

Is that cream of tartar powder? Never seen it, I’m in Canada
Stella Rakovac

Stella Rakovac . 1 month ago

I love bread! Trying keto diet so this is the winner! Thanks for sharing !
Sheila More

Sheila More . 1 month ago

Wow that looks delicious I wished I could try that that looks delicious maybe I’ll get to thank you for the recipe😋💕
Autumn Leaf

Autumn Leaf . 1 month ago

Looks amazing! I love how you explain everything as you go along as I’ve tried 2 other cloud bread recipes that have failed. Fingers crossed for when I try these tomorrow 😋

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