max swam

max swam

Published on 2 years ago

Idigo boy Boriska Kipriyanovich about past life on Mars...
operator Maxim Lebedev, spiritual abilities:

Hi people, during 2 years this boy lived in apartment of professor Vladislav Lugovennko (died 2013) town Troitsk near the Moscow and this videorecord did personaly me. Find english information about this professor if you interesting. His russian interview on radio Mayak about indigoВладислав+Луговенко&showads=1&lc=ru-ru&lg=ru&rg=ru&rip=ru

Interviews organizer Maxim lebedev, Skype: timecops

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max swam

max swam . 2 years ago

Hi people, during 2 years this boy lived in apartment of professor Vladislav Lugovennko (died 2013) town Troitsk near the Moscow and this videorecord did personaly me. Find english information about this professor if you interesting . His russian interview on radio Mayak about indigoВладислав+Луговенко&showads=1&lc=ru-ru&lg=ru&rg=ru&rip=ru Personaly me remember past lifes more than 200 millions years ago. I spend thousands hours for special processes like advanced meditations to clear MIND, SOUL, SPIRIT. Check this information


shonkyboy . 2 days ago

if this kids so super intelligent how come he speaks bugger all english. If hes from Mars im from Your anus

To Yang

To Yang . 2 days ago


Jamie Levert

Jamie Levert . 4 days ago

I would have loved to just hear the boy talk instead of all these annoying questions.. This woman should have never conducted this interview. She is abrasive and to insistent and pushy everyones in that boys bubble one on one would have gotten way farther...

ji honey

ji honey . 5 days ago

is that justin bieber


56NatioN . 6 days ago

Pediatric or psychiatric

Mobile Players

Mobile Players . 6 days ago

We all know you can't remember anything from past life even if there's existence. This dude is fake.

H1k4 Gaming

H1k4 Gaming . 1 week ago

Send him to Mars already 😁😁😃


LobotomyMeat . 1 week ago

He's a liar. I know I'm over thinking this, but he describes a memory from his life on Mars, during which he claims to have been 14 or 15 years old. Why the hell would martians have a "year" as a unit of measurement? That's a length of time unique to how long it takes the earth to rotate around the sun.

Chernobyl Bomber

Chernobyl Bomber . 1 week ago

Im here because of the beautiful lady in russia

Michael Hood

Michael Hood . 1 week ago

I listened and it sounds like he described reptilian beings I have gathered information from many remote viewers About wars on mars with , reptilian pleadian they used Advanced nukes on each other A a space society now they are Underground growing barley for food many races They have stealth technology and technology to block remote viewers there is much More here and there than you Could imagine 👹👹👹

T Shuppert

T Shuppert . 1 week ago

Just curious definitely a believer do you think maybe him being from Mars he might be able to pick up a second or third language asking for a friend

Lisa G.

Lisa G. . 2 weeks ago

Lots of pressure on kid his age. The interviewer needs to go down to personal lever make a relationship and slowly take it from there

Lisa G.

Lisa G. . 2 weeks ago

Mom seems to give signals via ear grab crosses arms rolling ring i believe him maybe anxiety concerning 🇷🇺 gov. Also kids know moms body language

Michael wtf

Michael wtf . 2 weeks ago


GeminiMoon Child

GeminiMoon Child . 2 weeks ago

Oh the professor

GeminiMoon Child

GeminiMoon Child . 2 weeks ago

Wait.. You said he is dead ❓ @Max

Ramona Kent

Ramona Kent . 2 weeks ago

I think this little boy is full of 💩👽borscht-schitt... I mean it’s so obvious he is making up the stuff as he goes on. You can tell he’s lying because he’s looking down at the floor he’s fiddling he’s twisting his hands he’s twisting in his chair he only answers pretty much in yes or no answers he does not elaborate. It’s as though he forgot everything that he had claimed or he just didn’t want to talk about it anymore because he knew that it was a bunch of Kafka! Also, I thought the professor was just about to fall out of his chair from boredom. So yeah, just saying!🛸🚀💫☄️👽🛸

Brian Machado

Brian Machado . 2 weeks ago

Not much actual info. Questions all over the place. disappointing.

bryan moffat

bryan moffat . 2 weeks ago

The woman sitting on the far right is the most Russian looking woman in the world 😅

Minivan Mike

Minivan Mike . 2 weeks ago

This boy is telling the truth. I was a neighbor of his on mars.

Anthony Hattersley

Anthony Hattersley . 2 weeks ago

Not such a child genius if he can't even speak English.

Agave Bob

Agave Bob . 2 weeks ago

He has realized he shouldn't be too descriptive because it's dangerous to him if people find out the truth about Mars, certain "agencies" do not want you to know what's up there. Check out YouTube channel : the Real Jimmy Roberts, he shows pictures of Mars taken by NASA which reveal artifacts of an ancient civilization and of a nuclear war that happened.


Robin . 3 weeks ago This YouTube video is the proof.

Saucy Wench

Saucy Wench . 3 weeks ago

Gah, they just had to someone from Cali. This was the best they could do? As an American this is embarrassing. He's just a little boy, give him something to fidget with.


erhudreamer . 3 weeks ago

Interviewer.was horrible. Really not prepared with good questions


ladyrob4110 . 3 weeks ago

"Coochie coochie coochie"... Yeah, he's from Mars!!!


J4TiDotCom . 3 weeks ago

Audio is lopsided, the mic must be so near her, but too far away from person translating = bad interview. She says we are no big deal, which says I am such a big deal from california but try to not think the way I do.

Larry W

Larry W . 3 weeks ago

Has this boy told this to a head shrink they have medicine that can help


2eganja1 . 3 weeks ago

If everything he said is true about being here to safe us, I'm curious about his well being. How is he today2019? I hope the government ain't using him as lab rat. As an adult now I think, I Wonder with his full potential with his mindset, I wanna know what's his mission and safe us from what? That's what I wanna know. Bless him though, wish everything is good with him as of right now🙏 hope he can say to himself he had a great life here living on earth instead of being interrogated throughout his life

BT5782 Gaming

BT5782 Gaming . 3 weeks ago

Is this true or no?


Michael . 3 weeks ago

Идиго, я сейчас здесь. Рядом находится Фарен, но она нас не помнит. даже здесь есть замечательное сходство, как у братьев и сестер.

Ray Navarre

Ray Navarre . 3 weeks ago

Well I came from Pluto... minor planet Pluto, and a boring one.

Unique Truth

Unique Truth . 3 weeks ago

and i am from the pleaidis ! the question is how did he get here? and where is the ship he got here with? and why does he not tell about tht ship? where is it? and why has noone talked about the ship! who believes this must believe in the easterrabit aswell!

lola montez

lola montez . 3 weeks ago


Stevie Murdoch

Stevie Murdoch . 4 weeks ago

Great idea tho unfortunately it's fake however I would offer his mum a Visa for her acting skills


vegetto . 4 weeks ago

If remember all that then he has to remember how to speak the language I'm wondering what's his blood type

Matt Wright

Matt Wright . 4 weeks ago

Kerry is not very good at this. Geeeez

Fixing the 97 Honda civic

Fixing the 97 Honda civic . 4 weeks ago


Vai Hiro

Vai Hiro . 4 weeks ago

Wow Jai Shree Krishna

Tommy Pickles

Tommy Pickles . 4 weeks ago

He's holding back purposely... He needs interrogated and secured. He could be a worldwide threat... Sent here only to study our technology.... Or to warn or help us find what destroyed mars and may be hiding on earth. Either way, interrogation, extreme interrogation would get him talking. I'm sure. Call me sick but this kid is holding back knowingly.... Laughing at the camera man... Mocking the old man next to him..... Wake up people.




Aureus Francisco

Aureus Francisco . 4 weeks ago

mom thinks : wierd my kid is an alien

Angelina Carrasco

Angelina Carrasco . 1 month ago

The boy is uncomfortable with the women. She is too aggressive for him.


JAFO . 1 month ago

Who believes this shit?

Samantha Youngblood

Samantha Youngblood . 1 month ago

Should show Words or commentary at the bottom of screen, this is terrible! Can’t hear or understand anyone except the Loud lady from The States! Would otherwise be interesting video.

Alison DiLouie

Alison DiLouie . 1 month ago

This mother had exploited her child for some sought fame. I have no doubts he is highly intelligent, but I don't buy the Mars Story. Watch her body language. She is incredibly anxious during the interview while he is answering the questions. Boriska is not comfortable at all doing this.


KIRMUT SALTER . 1 month ago

Is this John Titor's son?

Peace Within

Peace Within . 1 month ago

I have a lot questions for this boy.

Tyler Kidder

Tyler Kidder . 1 month ago

I wish I wasn't so interested in hearing what Boriska had to say because this interviewer @Kerry Cassidy is making it hard for me to even watch! By far the worst questions, they sound like she asked a 3rd grader to write them for her. I started to get more interested in what "dumb" questions she was gonna ask where I had to skip back to listen to what Boriska had to say. Boriska is a wiser man than me, says he doesn't like talking bad about people but i'm sure once Kerry left he was like... bye felicia!

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