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Zen Meditation Planet

Published on 3 years ago

Indigo Children - Crystal Children - Star Children - Children of the New Era that possess paranormal, special abilities and a rebellious nature. They occupy old souls and they are here to make our world a better place - safer, kinder, more beautiful and aware for all of us. The concept raised in the early 80's. Since then Indigo Children were born on a bigger scale. They carry extraordinary blue-violet aura - Indigo aura. They step out with a strong will, creativity, intelligence, and curiosity about the world. Let's share nothing but Love with them!

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- MEDITATION - While advanced meditation practitioners (aka monks) are able to reach the state of Zen anytime and anywhere it is not such a piece of cake for most hardworking parents, diligent students and ambitious employees. Using music as a tool for easier focus and faster relaxation is a shortcut then. Moreover, the number of types of meditation practices is probably equal to the number of meditation practitioners themselves. Our meditation music videos can aid your spiritual ascent, and mindfulness.

- Meditation for Beginners playlist: https://mp3download.xyz/watch/JGYwhuMGwU0

- RELAXATION - Recent research shows that the sound of falling rain reduces stress levels by over 60%. Hence our relaxing videos usually feature nature sounds and more often than not, water sounds: be it rain, river, waterfall or ocean waves. If you close your eyes and let the music guide you, you may travel to foreign exotic places and favorite vacation spots. It is also possible that you will discover a melody holding likeness to what you heard in a spa resort, during a massage - it opens a possibility of enjoying a full spa experience while resting peacefully in the comfort of your own four walls.

- Coffee Break - Coffee Nap - Coffee for Ever playlist: https://mp3download.xyz/watch/ya6ennZVME0

- STUDY SESSION - Focus improving music, of the correct frequencies (alpha waves) for your brain to reach "The Zone" - state of light trance, relaxed focus. Your brain recognizes those and without your conscious effort, the knowledge will be absorbed faster or more efficiently. Additionally, what you learn will be easier to utilize. What is more, instrumental, gentle sounds put your mind at easy and make it effortless to concentrate your attention on one specific thing.

- Study Music Playlist: https://mp3download.xyz/watch/1iRQ7eTAXWM


The background music used in this video come from the album:

50 Kids Relaxation Music: Indigo Dreams, Baby Music for Decreasing Stress, Einstein Effect, Anxiety Relief, Stop Angry Thoughts, Birds Sounds to Improve Sleep, by Cognitive Development Music Festival

iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/50-kids-relaxation-music-indigo/id1121985079

Comments :

scorpio 444

scorpio 444 . 2 months ago

Crystal and indigo Child really love this music it's so peaceful💙💚🙏🏼😭feeling Home

Antionette allen

Antionette allen . 3 months ago

Thought this was relaxation music for Indigos. Played before bed now heart wont stop racing 😳

Sandra E.

Sandra E. . 3 months ago

Clay Hostuttler

Clay Hostuttler . 3 months ago


Magnetic Chocolate

Magnetic Chocolate . 4 months ago

This talks to my spirit. Its tough being so warm hearted and sensitive. We are about to awaken. All this pain, humiliation, drug use, people being mean (but we have caused harm too, we didn't understand, but come to) people playing with our mind, never being understood, being alone, feeling unloved, the drug use, and all other negative things for no reason. Our time is coming NO MATTER what you are doing even if you dont feel the change, you WILL be taken care of. You are protected, loved, and you ARE understood. In the name of Allah. We came here in peace, will awaken in peace, and leave in peace. We are the G.O.D.s. In the name of Allah. My sisters, you are the mother of all creation. Your suffering will not go in vain. My brothers, we are the creation. We are going to help those and guide those who are real about it. Your angels will let you know EVERYTHING. Im in drug rehabilitation getting my mind right. It's crazy how G.ood O.rderly D.iscipline (Allah) has chosen us. Even my sins will be rewarded because we CHOOSE our path and the things we do to show people, it is OK! To mess up isn't the end of the world. I love Allah because he doesn't discriminate against ANYBODY. If you only knew.... Love will win and rule forever. We will be rewarded forever. Paradise lies at the foot of the mother....and THEN the father. We must go through terrible hell to get to paradise. Change the negative, or at least try for the time being. Meditate, fast just for one day, then eat the next, then fast, and repeat. Do these things for the time being, then ANYTHING you can think of and things you cant, will be given to you forever. Everything you've been told about G.O.D., everything you "think" G.O.D. is, isn't. Go look in the mirror my sisters, my brothers, G.O.D. is looking back. Be nice, kind, loving, positive in the face of of everything no matter if your in the worst state mind. Do not leave this earth until that miracle happens. And one more thing, if your like me and are an addict, GET YOUR BUTT UP AND GO TO REHAB! AND WHEN YOU GET THERE, FOLLOW IT ALL. MEDITATE AND PRAY. DO NOT LEAVE BEFORE THAT MIRACLE HAPPENS.IN THE NAME OF ALLAH, I LOVE ALL.

Francisco Scaramango

Francisco Scaramango . 4 months ago

I got stopped in the street by this slightly scary old lady this week. She told me I have an amazing aura about me and I am a beautiful indigo star child. I had no idea what this means, I thought she was crazy. She said I need to follow my intuition more and all will become clear. I think I need to learn more on this subject now.

Lord Humungus

Lord Humungus . 4 months ago

I am a dark indigo..once I was like you but now,I am thirsty for the blood of my creator..I promise,I will cut the throat of every astral being and I will be the end of the cosmos! I WILL BE THE END AND I WILL BE A NEW BEGINNIG!!!!

Anna Kilbride

Anna Kilbride . 5 months ago

I am 13 and an indigo child. I also feel connected to Andromeda. I have been diagnosed with autism. Now I understand myself. And how others label me for being different. We are all connected together, and we can choose to heal or to harm each other.I`m in my awakening process. My soul feels very old.


TAMA ! . 8 months ago

I'm feel comfort with this music ☺️

Xx music man xX

Xx music man xX . 9 months ago

I feel the love from this and feel this in my heart😋😍

Xx music man xX

Xx music man xX . 9 months ago

I know for sure I'm a starseed and thanks for the video much kindness🙏🙏

Mitty Smitty

Mitty Smitty . 10 months ago

I'm indigo have known since 12 yrs I'm now 40...many visit's and lesson's... But in 2018 the universal god came to me and has said 2019 is the start of awakening soul's and raising the frequency at a very fast pace. ..I manifest and I'm told to awaken humanity all over the world...this is my purpose and I have 4 year's which tells me in 4 years we will live in a different dimension with a whole different way of life... The greedy and corrupt and evil are left behind stuck in the lower dimension

ícҽís թհօҽղíx

ícҽís թհօҽղíx . 12 months ago

My cosmic connection is calling me. Its time to leave my human body again and transcend. This time I choose not to be reincarnated. I dont want to come to earth again. I want to remain in the realm between. Its light and lofty there. 💙🌼💙

Moises Huaman

Moises Huaman . 12 months ago

I'm a adult indigo

Ryan Camargo

Ryan Camargo . 1 year ago

If you feel like you are an indigo child, you are. Stop wondering and start changing the world. Even if you aren't..You still can help change this world an YOU can still be the change we need. Let's do this together.

Fifa World

Fifa World . 1 year ago

We all need to wake up really really soon EARTH needs us more than anything right now

Steven Marriott

Steven Marriott . 1 year ago

um i was born 1990 am i part of it indigo?


Rnnd . 1 year ago

Anyone can see ghost?

Lion Cage

Lion Cage . 1 year ago

This is beautiful!!👋👋👋👋

YWHV YHVH Xoac Tak Tayk stay free people

YWHV YHVH Xoac Tak Tayk stay free people . 1 year ago

Has any1 seen the video about how anonymous acknowledged indigo children's existence and said they had no problem with them I was blown away because I'd only heard that name whispered before I had zero clue it was this widespread


Ruddiness . 1 year ago

ⴶⵔⵓⴹ ⴷⴹⴸⵉⵏⴻ ⴰⴱⵔⴰⵛⴰⴷⴰⴱⵔⴰ

ⴶⵔⵓⴹ ⴷⴹⴸⵉⵏⴻ ⴰⴱⵔⴰⵛⴰⴷⴰⴱⵔⴰ . 1 year ago

I feel like I just receive amount of energies from the music

Amelie T

Amelie T . 1 year ago

A beautiful hill, a mountain river, laying in the grass, enjoying the life around me ♡

Amelie T

Amelie T . 1 year ago

Directly in the heart ❤🙌 namaste

Hizenberg Slim

Hizenberg Slim . 1 year ago

Unified Conscious is the key to our awakening. In mass numbers we can change global events with just our unified concentration and energy. We jave to first develop the understanding that all religions stem from the same source and all religions preach the same thing. The practice of entering the mind and learning to cleanse the ego and the unification of the the sub conscious and conscious. Next this practive will have to be done with multiple people, and so on. We are greater then every technology ever created. We are the blue print of all that is created. But we are distracted by everything most importantly ourselves.

Jeannelle Tillery

Jeannelle Tillery . 1 year ago

Is this supposed to make my head hurt? Does that mean it's working?

Nicholas McClain

Nicholas McClain . 1 year ago

I will continue to evolve as an indigo child , and always go passed and above my limits


PrinceOfKings . 1 year ago

First music that hits my heart the most.

amirani Chyonia

amirani Chyonia . 2 years ago

o sheeet

amirani Chyonia

amirani Chyonia . 2 years ago

o sheeet


jnxe . 2 years ago

i can feel the power of this going through me i am an indigo child aged 17 with an 81% opened third eye chakra

Dorian Grey

Dorian Grey . 2 years ago

crystal adult here

Andy Here

Andy Here . 2 years ago

Good :) thanks :)

charles johnson

charles johnson . 2 years ago

EL AMEN~Sela'| H | !!!!!!!

A Random Person Oof

A Random Person Oof . 2 years ago

I am definitely an Indigo Child, thx 4 the video and sorry for my spelling

indigos legendario

indigos legendario . 2 years ago

mava la amici noi indaco siamo angeli caduti buoni e si abbiamo doni particolari: )

Ivana Sago

Ivana Sago . 2 years ago

I think that I am an indigo child,but i am not sure/sorry for my bad english/


BrainyCesarin1 . 2 years ago

Nice music video!!!. By the way, i am an ASPIE ADULT with ADHD, and dislexia too, this is the perfect mix of indigo music that i was looking for relaxing!!!. Congratulations for this channel!!!.

The Lexi Show

The Lexi Show . 2 years ago

I appreciate this I am an indigo :) here

Valentina Gama

Valentina Gama . 2 years ago

Thank you, Zen Meditation Planet!

Valeria Citera

Valeria Citera . 3 years ago

I have autism and adhd i don't know if I am,but I sometimes I dream about the pleiadians or ufos.the pleiadians are humans like us and are very kind to me.I remember that almost all of my dreams I dreamed about the pleiadians was in my house😄❤


6EKYUME . 3 years ago

I think I'm an indigo child

Wayne Lewis

Wayne Lewis . 3 years ago


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