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Arizona Zervas - Roxanne (lofi remix)



Published on 1 month ago

Prod. LLusion

ALL Artwork: @six_xoxx



TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@llusionmusic
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5XBb04uBpKPWPWC2jXgGqb
Apple: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/llusion/1232930591

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/llusionmusic

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Comments :


Nathan . 1 month ago

This hits differently when you just ate five pounds of ice cream


astrozuum . 5 hours ago

the song said roxanne really slow and I was just about to comment that it was horrible because it was too slow but then I realized that my video speed was at .25

Joel Finny

Joel Finny . 5 hours ago

At first I thought that was the same lady from the progressive adds

s a d b o i

s a d b o i . 8 hours ago

omg you should do ophelia lofi remixx


Xxdxlan . 14 hours ago

This song comes with the fortnite creative warrior starter pack

Low Energy Juice club

Low Energy Juice club . 1 day ago

By all known laws of physics This is *awesome*

lxynee vlogs

lxynee vlogs . 1 day ago

dope ass song, love it ♡

Powerguard 298

Powerguard 298 . 1 day ago

disliked, this isn't a lofi remix it's a chill trap remix

Aesthetic_ Anime

Aesthetic_ Anime . 1 day ago

Perfect vibe to this song- sunny lighting, sitting by your aesthetic desk , sipping some bubble tea

Twisted X

Twisted X . 1 day ago

This hits differently with fake AirPods

sTrAngEr tHinGs

sTrAngEr tHinGs . 2 days ago


Jaida Jaida

Jaida Jaida . 2 days ago

when it was flashing I felt that


BabyBoyEnergyNamjoon . 2 days ago

I’ll use this song when I’m crying later

WisAm Bruuuh

WisAm Bruuuh . 3 days ago

tourourou tou tourourou

Diaz Lite

Diaz Lite . 3 days ago

rock sand, rock sand, all she wanna do is part alright

XøtikAz ıı

XøtikAz ıı . 3 days ago


Skyler Keck

Skyler Keck . 3 days ago

The original is already pretty lofi


Vepro . 3 days ago

so realy god dude is very god

l e m o n g i r l

l e m o n g i r l . 4 days ago

Me this hole video:🤠🔫🌞🥀✨🙃

Djemayley Vernet

Djemayley Vernet . 4 days ago



ahbeybabe . 4 days ago

Great remix 😍 Can I use it ?


dejavuwu . 4 days ago

rock sans

addie jenkins

addie jenkins . 4 days ago

roxanne after you took a xan

Zahria David

Zahria David . 5 days ago

0.75x speed is so relaxing tho

Zahria David

Zahria David . 5 days ago

Play this at 1.25x speed it hits different

Zahria David

Zahria David . 5 days ago

Let's just have a moment of silence for the people who researched "rock sand" 😔


Allowi . 5 days ago

I like the part where it’s lofi remixed


Pillow . 5 days ago

finally your channel comes up now when u type LLusion

Eva YO

Eva YO . 5 days ago

Ok wait a sec is this my new favorite thing ever

Willow Playz

Willow Playz . 5 days ago

Comment: THis HitS diFfEREnt

KuNai Haxoruz

KuNai Haxoruz . 5 days ago

Rock Sand 10/10 nice

remy kounkel

remy kounkel . 5 days ago

This song makes big stonks

Rashed Nuaimi

Rashed Nuaimi . 6 days ago

LLusion does the best lofi💖


KNAX_ TRYHARD . 6 days ago


Dutch Gold

Dutch Gold . 6 days ago

This song has a good vibe coming from it💗💫🌌

HypeR Tickz

HypeR Tickz . 6 days ago

Nobody who just wants to listen to the song regularly: Fortnite players (not excluding me): iT's FrEe ReAl EsTaTe


Iguana . 6 days ago

Is it on spotfiy

Duck Ducky

Duck Ducky . 7 days ago

Ooo la la by Rozie

Venom Cxhfin

Venom Cxhfin . 1 week ago

What happened to met her at a party in the hills ye

- Cheri Błøøm -

- Cheri Błøøm - . 1 week ago

V I b I n g ? Y e a : >

Gabriella Bolvito

Gabriella Bolvito . 1 week ago

You have a YouTube channel??? Whaaaaa instant sub

- xdeditx -

- xdeditx - . 1 week ago

This shits what I need🥰🤩

Lil Miea

Lil Miea . 1 week ago

I will never call my friend Roxanne anymore. I'll call her Rock Sand ok bye


klassy . 1 week ago

Who else just ate like a bunch of ice cream

Bangtan Luv

Bangtan Luv . 1 week ago



Sezarity . 1 week ago

Rock sand

Roksanaah g

Roksanaah g . 1 week ago

When everyone at ur school be singing this cuz ur name is Roksana

Smada Gaming

Smada Gaming . 1 week ago

Put it on spotify

Dora The Explorer

Dora The Explorer . 1 week ago

When your name is *Roxanne* this hits differently

beatriz thomazini

beatriz thomazini . 1 week ago

I've never been so relaxed in my life

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