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Coconut Flour Pie, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Wheat Free

HomeMade Healthy

HomeMade Healthy

Published on 6 years ago

4 large eggs
1 14 Oz can coconut cream (not light milk)
1 tablespoon vanilla
4 tablespoon butter
1/4 cup coconut flour
1/4 teaspoon kal stevia(try erythritol for a sweeter flavor)
1 cup shredded coconut (unsweetened)

Place the eggs in a large bowl. Whisk the eggs until frothy. Place the rest of the ingredients into the bowl. Blend until well combined. Pour into a greased, 9" pie dish and bake at 350 degrees for approx. 1 hour or until set well.

Total in the whole pie: cal 1,527, carbs 39, protein 34, fat 141

Comments :


Darmok . 2 days ago

... almost everything. Coconut sugar--I need some copper.

Astrid DS Arango Muñeton

Astrid DS Arango Muñeton . 4 days ago

Awesome and healhty. Thank u. 😋 👌👏👌 but I don't like butter, can I used coconut oil?

Marilyn Whorton

Marilyn Whorton . 2 weeks ago

I was so excited about this recipe until you added stevia. My husband and I despise stevia. We stay away from artificial sweeteners also. Sugar has never affected my seizure condition. I have cut out sugar almost completely. If I did add sugar, how much would I add. The low carb part of your recipe is fabulous.


DebbieTDP . 4 weeks ago

Bananas? Did you take a sliced cake to the party? 🤗🤔😁

Bonnie Cotman

Bonnie Cotman . 2 months ago

Looks yummy! I’m a definitely try it!


CRISTINA v . 2 months ago

this is amazing!. easy as pie lol but so yummy. However I don’t think it’s 1500 g of carbs for the whole pie I really don’t I think it’s less way less

ken wood

ken wood . 2 months ago

Subscribed, making today, thanx!

Connie Doan

Connie Doan . 4 months ago

I am so excited to find your videos with such great recipes I can use. I have severe RA , and I just started the Kaufman Diet three days ago. (It's anti- fungal) I had a couple recipes for cookies , one for a dinner roll , but now I have more options with your recipes. Thank you! So much. This is similar to a Keto diet , and with having such a severe disability , I need easy recipes that don't keep me on my feet forever. Can't wait to try your recipes. 👍

mark l

mark l . 5 months ago

Looks delicious, I hope that's not the one you're taking to tomorrow's barbeque!

Myca Walters

Myca Walters . 5 months ago

Excellent video. Thank you for the recipe and the included stats on the pie.

Glaucia Beauty

Glaucia Beauty . 6 months ago

I’m making this recipe right now 🙂 Thank you very much!

Richard Moyer

Richard Moyer . 7 months ago

Just made this wonderful taste, but while cooling the middle shrank what happened?

Michele Mcnaugh

Michele Mcnaugh . 8 months ago

Lovely thankyoy


ОКФ . 10 months ago

Perfect recipe! My husband is tipe 2 diabetes. Gonna make it tonight! Thank you so so much!

Larry G

Larry G . 10 months ago

Can you use almond flour?

dian kreczmer

dian kreczmer . 10 months ago

So. You are taking a coconut pie that you took a piece out of to your friend

Scott Nyob

Scott Nyob . 10 months ago

I used to have a weakness for Mounds bars....so I made this, put it in the fridge for a few hours, then poured a chocolate ganache' over it... Then back in the fridge til it set up.😜


N.M. . 11 months ago

No baking powder?

kate sand

kate sand . 1 year ago

I made this tonight. Exact steps it looks so good but it tasted terrible. It tasted like an omelette


Seereene1 . 1 year ago

I made it for Thanksgiving. Super easy and incredibly delicious..thanks!

Dark Sparkle

Dark Sparkle . 1 year ago

Can I use ghee in place of the 4 tablespoons of melted butter/coconut oil?

sharnee mcneal

sharnee mcneal . 1 year ago

Thumbnail looks like a piece of corn bread


SMCD014 . 1 year ago

I just made this......AMAZING. I"m from NZ and coconut cream pie thing is not familiar to us but in your taste testing you mentioned it was like a coconut bread, that got my attention. I didn't have enough coconut flour so I thought I'd put in a little almond flour and accidentally poured in more but figured it'll just thicken the batter up a bit. OMG out of the oven hot....it is like what we'd call a steamed pudding. I wish I had custard or a yummy sauce to serve with it. And I was really surprised that cold its just as good like a light cake. THANKYOU SO MUCH ...... a new addition to my low carb recipe repertoire:-)

Daniel Jimenez

Daniel Jimenez . 1 year ago

Can you find all ingredients for this at Trader Joe’s ?


michpet72 . 1 year ago

I just love anything coconut! I don't have Stevie though, can I use an alternative type of sweetener instead?


yuzugold . 1 year ago

can i do this without shredded coconut? i cant find any :( would i have to add more flour to make up for it?


3minchy . 1 year ago

Hi thanks for the recipe, can I substitute coconut oil?

Susana Reddecop

Susana Reddecop . 1 year ago

I made this turned out so good, thanks

Patti Jesinoski

Patti Jesinoski . 1 year ago

Cream and full fat coconut milk are not the same. There is canned cream, full fat milk, and light fat milk. Written recipe says cream.

Arfan Ahmed

Arfan Ahmed . 1 year ago

whats kal stevia? i use xylo sweet, how much to use?

Watta World

Watta World . 1 year ago

Stevia is death............ use natural sugar

andres barba

andres barba . 2 years ago

oops i mean the coconut oil !!!!! haha

andres barba

andres barba . 2 years ago

nice recipe ty just a suggestion you could warm the coco's milk up before pouring it in the mix be careful not to boil the coco's milk otherwise you'll end up with sort of scramble egg

Miranda McCuistion

Miranda McCuistion . 2 years ago

Just made this delicious recipe this weekend - thank you! I added some lime zest and juice from half a lime to the recipe. Super yummy. I might try adding some cinnamon next time I make it.

Heather Keeton

Heather Keeton . 2 years ago

Thank you for your recipes! It’s a life-saver 😆 I’m losing excess weight and eating wonderful food. Thank you x 10!

Patricia Beetschen

Patricia Beetschen . 2 years ago

Coconut milk - just the coconut white solid part (if it has separated in the can) or mix it all together or buy a product that just says coconut cream?

Vince Skypala

Vince Skypala . 2 years ago

for those on candida diet just add xylitol instead of stevia

Kakee Chan

Kakee Chan . 2 years ago

can you use swerve sugar replacement instead of stevia sugar replacement if you can't find it

Susan Elena Loiacono

Susan Elena Loiacono . 2 years ago


Edward Natale

Edward Natale . 2 years ago

the. pie has 39 carbs. ?the 14 oz.cream of coconut   cream. has 216. CARBS by itself. now I know why my low carb is not working

Alex Freire

Alex Freire . 2 years ago

I can teach you to get that right! let me know!

Virginia Hoffman

Virginia Hoffman . 2 years ago

This looks like the best part of coconut creme pie.

Graca Brown

Graca Brown . 2 years ago

I made this pie and it was not sweet at all. The texture was a little to moist. Is the coconut milk the regular one? My was the coconut milk , not cream. It was soggy.


victoreeee33 . 2 years ago

How much sugar should I use instead of stevia??


Neta . 2 years ago

Did not enjoy! Found it to be disgusting.

denshizzle 05

denshizzle 05 . 2 years ago

Can i use fresh coconuy milk


BeeBee . 2 years ago

Hi.. It's very difficult to find pure stevia in the place I reside. Could you please suggest an alternative?


Queen . 2 years ago

Can i use coconut milk? Thai kitchen brand

Patricia Lee

Patricia Lee . 2 years ago

I tried it and it rocks!! I so loved that you add the list of ingredients at the top!!

Evangelina Matteucci

Evangelina Matteucci . 2 years ago

Thank you so much for all your videos 😉 Just one question... I saw that you use stevia on all your videos, can I use coconut sugar?...

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