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Published on 1 year ago

Meal prepping made easy with a step by step tutorial of a FULL WEEK. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.
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Comments :


BullyJuice . 1 year ago

Want to see more videos like this? SMASH THE THUMBS UP!!!

Capt. Caveman

Capt. Caveman . 2 weeks ago

DOPE Video Bro. I'm late to Bully-Nation, but I'm a fan of content. I love the simplicity of the meals. I'll be sure to SUBSCRIBE.

cluckey monkey

cluckey monkey . 2 weeks ago

Is a good snack between breakfast and lunch a Gatorade protein bar?

kikonda serge

kikonda serge . 3 weeks ago

I definitely want to see more of these!!!!! You the man brotha!


ItsJR516 . 3 weeks ago

What do you recommend to someone that's stuck in a truck from 7am to 3pm? I want to stay away from the fast food in the streets.

patrick Mullineaux

patrick Mullineaux . 3 weeks ago

Make more prep videos!

Shawn McCormick

Shawn McCormick . 3 weeks ago

I liked video. Show me more of this plz but different meals

Gaming IO

Gaming IO . 4 weeks ago

Your videos are entertaining, short, efficient, easy and straightforward I love it man. Keep up the good work. Ty

Frank Matthews

Frank Matthews . 1 month ago

You keep messing around you're gonna have me all up in yo kitchen digging through your refrigerator like bruhman from martin 😂.


MR CHISPA . 2 months ago

More videos about how learn to cook and vegan food please good idea this videos i can learn something i dont know cook 😥😶☺😮 sorry for my english im from Colombia i speak spanish☺ im thinking maybe enlist but i dont know if i can pass the exam ASVAB 😥😯😐 thanks for this tips

Mario Chavez

Mario Chavez . 2 months ago

Keep these videos coming bro! They've been a tremendous blessing for me man. I'm not much of a cook, so I can use all the help i can get from these vids.! God Bless bro..

Kevin Young

Kevin Young . 2 months ago

Great video 👍🏿

Hegnis Rivera

Hegnis Rivera . 2 months ago

I just watch the video! It is really helpfull. Thanks. But you should do another video about the dinner.

J Smith

J Smith . 2 months ago

Eye opener

Demerius Morgan

Demerius Morgan . 2 months ago

Keep it coming. I’m doing good in the gym but I haven’t completely done well with my diet. #Work in progress.

Leon Bennett

Leon Bennett . 2 months ago

Watch my video on water

Beast J

Beast J . 2 months ago

Love you my man and much love from Palm Springs. You ever need a spot to stay for Coachella I got you 💪🏼💯🔥

Cha Dun

Cha Dun . 2 months ago

I always use unsweetened almond milk for my smoothie. And I just started freezing the fruit instead of using ice. Would this green juice add too many calories since Im leaning down?


ZoofSkillzFishing . 2 months ago

My Brother!!! Thank you for the inspiration... I used to be very fit about 10 years ago but just lost the plot... after watching your vlogs... I have decided to continue a healthy life style. Much love and respect all the way from South Africa!!!

From Nothing2Something

From Nothing2Something . 3 months ago

Do u eat at a certain time a day or just when u get hungry

marcus roussy

marcus roussy . 3 months ago

I use to do power lifting back when i was 20 years old. I use to be in shape, I had a kid I'm 37 now and I feel like shit with no energy or motivation. I need to get back into it. I love your videos, very informative with out that steroid jacked crazy mentality that most body builders have.

Beryce Byles Jr

Beryce Byles Jr . 3 months ago

Great video im on a smoothie kick to definitely gonna try your recipes. Do you add protein powder to your smoothies.I have that same lunchbox its a lifesaver when keeping your stuff cold.

Curtis Baller

Curtis Baller . 3 months ago

Hell ya! More food!

Gutt Twist

Gutt Twist . 3 months ago

So are you growing? I was looking at the food intake. About how many calories are you getting in aday?

Kruega DiorVEVO

Kruega DiorVEVO . 3 months ago

Dope video Bro

Lil Hæt

Lil Hæt . 3 months ago

This nigga eat the same thing every day tf

Darnell Brewer

Darnell Brewer . 3 months ago

Yo, this is the kind of video I've been looking for. Meal prep is one of the hardest things for me because of my insane schedule. But like you said...it starts in the mind. I definitely have to transform my way of thinking and just do those things that I'm uncomfortable doing. Appreciate this bro.

corey blevines

corey blevines . 4 months ago

I'd love to see more videos like this, so I can get a good platform and be a bully like you.

Luh Manny

Luh Manny . 4 months ago

Keep up da work , love these vids

LT Greenwood

LT Greenwood . 4 months ago

What is that thing you used to cook the chicken? Can you post a link?

Harold Darling

Harold Darling . 4 months ago

Love to see more options yes

Thomas Delgado

Thomas Delgado . 4 months ago

More videos on meal prep

Zacharias Velazquez

Zacharias Velazquez . 4 months ago

big fan

Jose Contreras

Jose Contreras . 4 months ago

Delicious! And simple!


DSNCB919 . 4 months ago

What's the price per week of your meal prep? I dont snack inbetween meals so I could do this and save a lil

John Hernandez

John Hernandez . 4 months ago

Yeah please sow I can prep


coopdvillkc . 4 months ago

Good video giving me ideas for myself

brandon oneal

brandon oneal . 5 months ago

Keep coming with it

Ryan Heard

Ryan Heard . 5 months ago

Be careful with those bottled waters. It is said that buying water in plastic bottles carry the risk of certain diseases. Science suggest the healthiest way to consune water is to buy a water ionizer machine and use it to make alkaline water.

Woods And Associates

Woods And Associates . 5 months ago

Love this only I would suggest stay away from naked products just simple research you'll see why king. I followed your every word but actually added the kale leaf, spinach leaf, and wheatgrass to each bag

Rich Moore Jr.

Rich Moore Jr. . 5 months ago

What's the link to the bag? I need one. If you don't mind.

k d

k d . 5 months ago

Let's make love to my lunch💯💯😩

Ken M

Ken M . 6 months ago

@BullyJuice Invest in some clam shell containers, you might have to buy in bulk but most are microwave and dishwasher safe. You'll never have to worry about lids again!

renzo loo

renzo loo . 9 months ago

Bro I just found you, cause I was looking up video about the Canadian army cause I will be applying soon , but yo bro , your a huge motivation, NO CAP,!!


TastyCrats . 10 months ago

Awesome video


Mstroza99 . 11 months ago

How much do you roughly spend? I still live in the dorms but I just wanna meal prep to be consistent

Miguel Devaughn

Miguel Devaughn . 1 year ago

Bully, try a trail mix from Food Lion when you get the chance. It is their brand and its called caramel and nuts or something like that. Ill send you a pic of the bag on Instagram!

Pharaoh Wolfie

Pharaoh Wolfie . 1 year ago

I’m shipping out in 30 days ! I’ve been binge watching your videos. You’re such an inspiration and i want to adopt your healthy lifestyle! I just don’t know where to start! Gains? When to work out? what to do.. protein shakes? Supplements? A lot of info I see on YouTube lol. Maybe do a beginner or basic video to entering this lifestyle

Kevin Guzman

Kevin Guzman . 1 year ago

Bro when you meal prep and the food in containers and into the fridge, it doesnt good bad as the days pass by? I always had that question but never knew the answer. if you could reply it would be much appreciated

Linda Thomas

Linda Thomas . 1 year ago

Yes would love to see more videos i actually trying to do weight loss meal prep what u suggest

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